Singleton week 2 project


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Singleton week 2 project

  1. 1. MemorandumTo: Dr. LeonardFrom: Stephanie Singleton ( July 7, 2011Subject: Southern Polytechnic State University Android ApplicationThis memo outlines the changes for the original Southern Polytechnic State University’s Prospective Students website.StakeholdersSouthern Polytechnic State University represents the main stakeholder in this project. The school as a whole will benefitfrom this application but mainly the admission office who would supply the main information and communication. Finan-cial aid along with Student Services will also provide information to the application for prospective students. The suc-cess of the application will demonstrate to the user that Southern Poly is a school on par with technology. Southern Polywants to encourage students interested in technology to their school. With a successful application this can be achieved.If the application proved to not be successful, the school reputation would be on the line.Redesign changesThe initial design was created for a mobile website. The update was adapted for an application. In the original design,a navigation bar appeared across the top of the site. To fit the standards from Android, the redesign moved the menuto the hard menu button standard on the Android mobile device. The new menu features the “Visit Us, About Us” and“Contact Us” buttons similar to the original design but also includes an academic calendar, a home button and an addi-tional button to allow users to access more information.The redesign also features a connection to Facebook and Twitter so that prospective students can access Southern Poly’ssocial network sites to follow the university. This will allow users to learn more about the university outside of the ap-plication.New assumptionsTalioring the application to the Android OS changed some of the initial assumptions. Originally the design used thedimensions of an iPhone. Upon research, the dimensions of the an Android large screen, medium density phone ( This is currently the most common screensize used in theAndroid Marketplace.In the redesign, the dimensions were adapted to the Android’s most popular phone. Android provides a small, normal,large, and extra-large screen. The most popular phone dimensions for the Android among users is 480x800. The markupwas created with the dimensions of the large size phone but the markup will be adaptable to all dimensions.To stay consistent with the standards of the Android OS, the menu was placed on the hard menu button of the phone.The standard Android application does not include a navigation bar but a menu bar that is accessed through the phone.The menu bar is the same throughout the Prospective Student site. Changing the menu bar to fit with the Android stan-dards allows user to have a familiar experience in their navigation of the site.The following images represent the redesigned markup. See the appendix for the original design.
  2. 2. Figure 1. Homepage Figure 2. Homepage with menu
  3. 3. Figure 3. Homepage (landscape)Figure 4. Homepage with menu (landscape)
  4. 4. Figure 5. About us page
  5. 5. Figure 6. About us page (landscape)
  6. 6. Figure 7. Form page
  7. 7. /ssFigure 8. Form page (landscape)If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at /ss
  8. 8. Change log document– Can be viewed in landscape and portait orientation– Changed navigation bar to a standard Android menu– Added “Application status”, “Academic calendar”, “Events”, and“News”– Added Facebook and Twitter connection– Removed branding on ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ page– Added Action bar with search and home button