Science 6 P11


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Science 6 P11

  1. 1. REDBRICK 1310 / 23rd MARCH Features 11 Weird Science Some Like It Hot A day in the life of... Rachael Dolan provides an CO2 emission of A reality TV addict 120g/km. In 1997, the overview of global warming: its United Nations drafted by Alex Fisher the Kyoto Agreement politics, consequences and which came into effect in 2005. By 2008-2012, solutions countries that signed have to reduce their GHG emissions to 5% below their 1990 levels. On a national level, UK air duty prices were Simon Bishop raised in an attempt to discourage unnecessary travels to deep- air travel, since on aver- age, one aeroplane trip THEY say the first step watching reality TV, but est, darkest uses 20% of the yearly to curing an addiction is I think at the end of the carbon footprint per per- admitting it. So here I day it is entertaining, Powys son. The UK Climate go… My name is Alex, and no matter how Change Bill was released and I am a reality TV much people deny LAST Friday, my girl- on 13th March 2007, addict. Not the coolest watching it, you can’t friend and I travelled to entailing a mandatory thing to have to admit in help but get caught up Machynlleth, Wales, sim- 60% cut in the UK’s car- the university newspa- in the drama of ply because it had an bon emissions by 2050 per, but I feel by writing Celebrity Big Brother exciting (though unpro- (compared to 1990 lev- about my addiction I (especially this year) or nounceable) name and els). This was a result of will be able to help whether Ray or Leona because we could. After cross-party political pres- many other struggling was going to win The X confounding the lady at sure and a mention of a students. Factor. the ticket booth with Bill in the Queen’s Speech Being a third year A typical week in subtitles, we boarded in November 2006. history student, most the life of a reality TV the train and sat back as A recently compiled people would assume I addict begins on lazy the Cambrian Mountains Climate Change Map dis- am uncontrollably Sundays with provided a magnificent played that, as tempera- bogged down with a Shipwrecked. Monday backdrop to a journey ture will increase, so will 12,000 word disserta- night is fashion night into the unknown. the number of illnesses, tion as well as many with America’s Next Top Our sanguine spon- epidemics and deaths. other essays and pieces Model, watched by many taneity paid off immedi- There will be severe of coursework, and they only to see how insane ately, having landed in flooding and drought in would indeed be cor- Tyra Banks is going to an idyllic retreat in the places, reducing the rect. However, being a look or act that week. countryside, a town with amount of clean drinking reality TV addict, I have Coupled with the highly an Aga shop and impec- water and malnutrition the added woe of man- addictive Project cable manners, including due to crop destruction. aging my time and sub- Catwalk with robotic an apparently uncouth In the Andes and Asia, sequently, my never presenter Kelly gang of spiky-haired where water is extracted ending pile of work, Osbourne, and the new youths defying stereo- from glacial ice, the rising around a TV schedule. series of The Simple Life, type and holding doors temperatures will cause I don’t know what it Monday nights could open for visitors. It was serious water shortages is, but ever since the not be better. Tuesdays lovely. But this is a sci- as the ice will melt, and turn of the millennium are full with Gillain ence column, so I shall Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth tackles the once it’s gone, it’s gone. and the barrage of reali- McKeith’s You Are What get to the point. reality of global warming In Peru, they obtain water ty TV programmes hit- You Eat (she is a scary Machynlleth is home from glacial fossil ice and ting our television woman) and WAGs to the Centre for GLOBAL warming is a real released into space, since the increasing tempera- screens, everything else Boutique (what will they Alternative Technology issue with real conse- they increase the atmos- tures have led to a 25% has become second think of next?). (CAT), a project offering quences, and it affects phere’s opacity and also reduction in the amount best. Wednesday’s favourite solutions to the chal- real people. Impossible absorb infrared radiation, of drinking water avail- I seem to have an in our house is lenges facing the planet, to get away from, it is in keeping it inside the tro- able. The World Health irrepressible joy in see- Relocation, Relocation from pollution to the the papers nearly every posphere and warming Organisation, WHO, esti- ing members of the pub- with Kirstie and Phil new obsession - climate day and there are con- the Earth. mates that five million lic humiliate themselves (geniuses) and change. It aims to stant reminders about Over the past centu- severe illness cases per on national TV simply Thursday’s is 10 Years inspire, inform and how we are ‘destroying ry, average temperatures year are due to climate by living in a house Younger. Friday nights enable, to help visitors the planet’ in the media. have risen by 0.74°C and change and this will dou- together, celebrities are always entertaining and businesses reduce Until recently though, are still rising. The ble by 2030. attempting to sing or with American Idol and their environmental despite its coverage, result is longer summers, In February 2007, dance without embar- finally Saturday’s impact and hopefully politicians have been less snow in winter and New Scientist magazine rassing themselves, and extravaganza Dancing avert disaster. It even denying its existence. melting polar ice caps. published an article on most importantly on Ice. And while the lat- has a water-powered cliff However, now that scien- The melting ice caps have the use of lunar dust Americans, always the ter is finishing this railway. tific opinion is almost caused sea levels to rise clouds as a protection Americans, trying to get week, a reality TV addict We all know we’re unanimous in believing and affected the water against the Sun’s rays, to famous one way or can always rely on the destroying the environ- the phenomenon, it has cycle. Extreme weather, prevent further warming another; modelling, fact there is another ment. It’s a topic we can- been the subject of many flooding and longer peri- of the Earth. Curtis singing, dancing, cook- reality TV programme not escape. political discussions. ods of storms are expect- Struck states that “lunar ing, anything you can being lined up to take Unfortunately, by and Three things control ed. dust particles are the think of. its place, particularly large, we do not care – global temperature: solar In 2006, England right size and would scat- What is the attrac- this week with what can our conveniences are emission, volcanic emis- experienced the hottest ter sunlight if hit”. tion I hear many of you only be described as often preferable to sion and greenhouse summer ever recorded; When mined and cynics ask? My honest car-crash-but-com- change, so apathy per- gases (GHGs). Solar and whether it was a good or placed in two strategic answer would be that I pellingly-addictive-TV, sists. Yet change needn’t volcanic emissions have bad thing, it spurred the places in the moon’s am not exactly sure. It Comic Relief Does Fame be drastic: wilfully recy- not increased significant- politicians to improve orbit, they would form could be the “schaden- Academy (none of them cling or choosing an ly recently, so the main their manifestos and as a stable clouds and would freude” concept; revel- can actually sing!) energy-saving light bulb cause are the GHGs. The result, the “Go Green” block the Sun for 20 ling in the misfortune of While I may have over Edison’s original is increase in the amount of campaign was launched, hours once a month. others, and watching Z- tried to quit on a num- a significant start. fossil fuel consumption is to improve recycling and There was conjecture that list celebrities such as ber of occasions, it has Indeed, the humble tung- causing an increase in reduce carbon footprints the dust would reflect the glamour model Jordan proven to be too hard. sten design is to be Greenhouse Gas emis- left by people. sunlight at unusual times, or washed up pop singer Reality TV is entertain- phased out of the UK by sions, including C02, Programmes such as Meet but Struck is adamant Peter Andre eat bugs in ing, funny, and for a 2011. NO2, CH4, and CFCs. the Hawksworths aim to that it would reduce the the jungle, seeing one of student the most attrac- This week, Rachael The Earth gets its improve awareness and overall amount of sun- the aspiring models on tive thing about it has to Dolan gives us an heat from the Sun provide advice on how to light. America’s Next Top be it requires no brain overview of Global through infrared radia- reduce their carbon foot- Lunar dust is just one Model fall over on the power! Maybe in July Warming. Once you have tion: 30% is reflected back print. solution, but we must catwalk, or one of the when I am thrust into finished reading, think to space and 70% is On the 7th February, reduce our carbon output Dancing on Ice stars trip the real world of a 9 to 5 about the changes you absorbed to warm the 2007, the EU Commission before resorting to such and fall down in a most day job my addiction can make, and put them surface. With more GHGs, proposed that by 2012, measures. So, switch off entertaining fashion. will fade, but for now I into action without the reflected radiation all new cars must corre- a light, recycle a bottle That is certainly one think I will accept and delay. has further to travel to be spond with the target and help save the planet! of the reasons I enjoy enjoy it!