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4    Press Enterprise        Saturday, January 2, 2010
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Dan Washburn in the Press Enterprise, Bloomsburg, Pa., January 2, 2010


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Dan Washburn in the Press Enterprise, Bloomsburg, Pa., January 2, 2010

  1. 1. CAPITAL WON FOR PSU PAGE 7 PRESS ENTERPRISE SERVING BLOOMSBURG, BERWICK, DANVILLE, MILLVILLE, ZION GROVE, SLABTOWN S A T U R D AY, J A N U A R Y 2 , 2 0 1 0 75¢ Child’s 9-1-1 call untraceable Even deactivated cells can make Officials: Fruitless search shows cell-phone failing By SUSAN SCHWARTZ At first, Luzerne dispatchers thought He searched around, but found noth- emergency calls, dispatcher says Press Enterprise Writer the caller was in Salem Township near ing. Police also tried several houses Beach Haven, he said. Then, when they before giving up, Whitenight said. No While cell phones can’t for Columbia County. Police and dispatchers in two coun- and the phone company tried to get a other calls about the matter came in, be pinpointed as accurate- That causes problems ties fruitlessly searched for a child call- signal from the phone again, they and Luzerne County 9-1-1 supervisors ly as land lines, they can sometimes when parents said they closed the call as untraceable. ing the Luzerne County 9-1-1 center on a thought it was coming from Berwick, always be used to call 9-1-1, give what they believe is a “We did everything we could,” cell phone Tuesday night, highlighting Whitenight said. even when they are deacti- deactivated phone to their Criminal Investigator Jason Fisher Whitenight said. one of the limitations of the devices in vated, 9-1-1 officials said. children to play with, he emergencies. was called after another attempt to But the deactivated said. The little ones some- Columbia County Dispatcher Tyler determine the phone’s location placed it Land lines accurate phones are impossible to times call 9-1-1, then hang Whitenight said the 9-1-1 center in Briar Creek Township. When you call on a regular phone, or trace, said Tyler up. And that leaves dis- received a call from a screaming child At one point, emergency personnel “land line,” 9-1-1 dispatchers have a Whitenight, a dispatcher Please see CALLS back page transmitted from a cell tower in Hollen- thought the signal was coming from the database that automatically shows back Township. middle of a cornfield, Fisher said. Please see 9-1-1 back page PPL: Price Doe falls through ice on bog of lighting streets is going up Power hike accounts for a fifth of Bloom’s 14 percent tax jump, town official says By PETER KENDRON Press Enterprise Writer BLOOMSBURG — Municipalities that own their own streetlights will pay up to 50 Press Enterprise/M.J. Mahon percent more to keep them lit next year, A DOE struggles after falling through the ice Thursday afternoon while walking across the Espy bog. Police and rescuers observed the deer and the according to PPL officials. In Bloomsburg, that condition of the bog while deciding how to bring in the animal. The deer was finally rescued, but its legs were broken. More photos, back page. means homeowners will be  Berwick hit by electric rate deregu- a bit in lation twice: once in their household power bill and Rescuers finally bring in flailing dark on lighting once on their property tax bill. A fifth of the town’s 14 deer, but injured animal has to impact Back page percent property tax increase for 2010 is to pay for an increase in streetlight be put down after Espy mishap expenses, said Town Administrator Carol By KRISTIN BAVER put down, police said. Mas. Press Enterprise Writer After sinking into the freezing The town purchased its streetlighting waters about 50 yards from the system from PPL for $700,000 in 2002, and ESPY — A doe struggled for shore, the deer tried and tried to for the past seven years has been paying at least two hours after falling get back atop the ice and out of thousands less each month to power the through the thin ice covering the water. But every time the deer lights than if it would have leased the the Espy Bog Thursday night as would briefly get its front legs lights from PPL, Mas said. rescuers weighed their options onto the ice, the force and weight But that was partially because the utili- for trying to help the deer. would break through the thin ty wasn’t charging customers like Blooms- Eventually, rescuers used a shell, sending the animal plung- burg for the cost of generating power and canoe to steady themselves, las- ing back into the chilly depths. Press Enterprise/M.J. Mahon having the capacity to store that power, soed a rope around the animal Slowly, the doe managed to and brought it in. But both of fight about halfway to shore, SCOTT TOWNSHIP OFFICER GLEN MILLARD, left, and Brian Metheny, said Teri MacBride, PPL’s regional com- the doe’s front legs were bro- breaking a narrow path through Bloomsburg, watch from the railroad tracks as a deer struggles to escape munity relations director. Once power is deregulated, Bloomsburg ken, and the animal had to be Please see DOE back page the icy waters of the Espy Bog, located along Route 11. Please see LIGHTING back page Baby New Year is a boy Edward, left, and Golf writer: Woods aloof WEATHER TODAY: Windy, frigid HIGH TEMP: 24˚ “I guess life was much simpler back Megan Gusick, But focus makes Tiger top then for him,” Washburn joked. PRECIPITATION: 50% Bloomsburg, pose The Shanghai tournament preceded with their newborn player, says Bloom native by less than three weeks TONIGHT: Windy, frigid LOW TEMP: 18˚ Woods’s notorious Black son, Brecken Anthony Gusick, Friday after- covering Shanghai tourney Friday SUV crash that set  Photo PRECIPITATION: 30% Details, Page 6 off round-the-clock media Page 4 noon at Geisinger By MICHAEL LESTER scrutiny of the world’s Press Enterprise Writer greatest golfer and spawned reports he Medical Center. The Gusick boy was born had cheated on his wife. INSIDE SHANGHAI, China — Bloomsburg With Woods facing top rival Phil at 5:55 a.m., making native Dan Washburn shadowed Tiger Mickelson in Shanghai, Washburn fol- Daily Digest ............ 2 him the first baby of Woods around a golf course here during lowed them for 18 holes, documenting Obituaries............... 5 the new year in the a November tournament, observing the their interactions (or lack thereof) with Sports................ 7-11 area. Brecken Antho- superstar’s every move for stories he each other and fans. To Your Good Health 14 ny weighs 7 pounds, was writing for Please see GOLF page 4 Horoscopes........... 14 10 ounces and is 22 Opinions ............... 15 inches long. Both par- ents work at the Danville-area hospi- Leaks damage BU buildings Religion ................ 16 Comics.................. 18 Classifieds ....... 19-21 tal, the father as a Official: Water reached 16 of newest campus apartments 30 Seconds ........... 24 second-year resident Tracking Yesterday 24 By PETER KENDRON university spokeswoman. in internal medicine and the mother a cert- Press Enterprise Writer  Photo Sprinkler pipes in the attics of  the Delaware and Monroe build- fied registered nurse BLOOMSBURG — Water Page 4 ings of the Jessica S. Kozloff practitioner in the leaks in two of the newest stu- Apartments sprung leaks some neurology depart- dent housing buildings at Bloomsburg time on Wednesday evening, said University damaged 16 apartments on spokeswoman Rosalee Rush. ment. Brecken Antho- upper campus, and crews have spent Water coursed down through the ny is their first child. PHOTO BY M.J. MAHON the last two days cleaning up, said a Please see BU page 4
  2. 2. 4 Press Enterprise  Saturday, January 2, 2010 STATE Mummers BU in the sun Continued from front page ceilings and floors of four floors of apartments. “Some had more water than others,” Rush said. It’s winter break at BU, and only one student was living in the buildings when the leak occurred, she said. Once the leak was discovered, crews shut off the fire alarm and sprinkler system to make repairs, Rush said. It wasn’t clear how much student property had been dam- aged by the leaks or if any extensive repairs would be need- ed, she said. The maintenance department was working Thursday and Friday to mop up water, and they may have to move some furniture to make repairs, Rush said. On Friday, large Dumpsters stood in front of both apart- ment buildings, which were filled with what appeared to be insulation. Workers from Duraclean Environmental Servic- es were working inside. No fire alarm While the sprinkler systems are once again filled with water, university police are keeping a 24-hour watch on the Members of the Jesters New A Mummer performs during the New Year’s Day tradition. The sun shone on the 110th annual buildings because the fire alarms are still down, Rush said. Year’s Brigade march during Mummers Parade as organizers and city officials made a last-minute decision to give it the go- Students who planned to return to their apartments early the Mummers Parade in ahead after initial fears of bad weather. – prior to the start of class on Jan. 19 – have been told to wait Philadelphia on Friday. ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTOS for notification that their apartments are ready, Rush said. Opened in fall The apartments are part of a $31 million apartment com- plex that 544 students moved into for the first time this fall. Golf ‘He’s just so focused on the task at hand’ The university will be examining what caused the leak to make sure it doesn’t happen in any other of the apartment buildings, Rush said. Continued from page 1 Kevin Maguire,’s Hawaii with an Contact Peter Kendron at 387-1234, ext. 1312, or at senior editor for golf. editor led Washburn to the Washburn, 36, wrote on “Dan’s coverage of golf Chinese golf beat. that Mickelson will certainly continue with Washburn, in China since came off as the good guy — great storytelling of the up- 2002, was visiting family in outgoing and approachable. and-coming players from the Honolulu, where his older Mickelson won over both world’s most populous brother Dave is an executive fans and media. nation.” director for Habitat for Woods, meanwhile, was Humanity. The Washburns’ the player most fans wanted ‘Less of a sports story’ father, retired Bloomsburg to see. But Woods was stand- On the same day Woods University education profes- offish, disappointing his crashed his Cadillac sor David Washburn, also admirers. He was described Escalade, Washburn provid- lives in Hawaii since his in one Chinese publication as ed his insight on the future of retirement. “cold-blooded.” golf in China for a story pub- Special to Press Enterprise/Cathy Mar The editor, Jason Sobel, a “They didn’t exchange one lished in the Wall Street DAN WASHBURN and his wife, nephew of a family friend, word,” Washburn said of Journal. Woods and Mickelson. happened to be there, and Bliss Khaw, pose in the hallway “Golf will continue to Washburn discussed a possi- “There’s definitely a rivalry grow in participation in of a building in Shanghai on ble job. Dec. 6. there.” China as the economy While Mickelson playfully As a freelance writer, grows,” Washburn told the Press Enterprise/M.J. Mahon chatted up fans at times, Washburn says he has to be Journal. “But I don’t think Dan tries to get home at Woods kept to himself, said persistent in pitching story A DUMPSTER and an environmental services truck are shown Fri- it’ll become a mainstream least once a year. Washburn. ideas to editors, if he wants to day outside the Delaware building at the Jessica Kozloff Apart- game because of the His mother, Sandy, still “He’s just so focused on the stay busy and pay the bills. resources necessary. It’s Sometimes editors approach lives in the Market Street ments on the upper campus of Bloomsburg University. A water task at hand,” Washburn said going to be an elitist and pro- home where he grew up. leak inside damaged 16 apartments, a spokeswoman said. of Woods. “The reason he is him with ideas. hibitively expensive sport in “Bloomsburg has some of the golfer he is is that every- China for the foreseeable A chance 2002 meeting in the nicest people in the thing else is secondary.” future.” Shanghai also led Washburn world,” Washburn said. “It’s Washburn fired a few Washburn has been writ- to his wife, Bliss Khaw, a a friendly town. Coming questions at Woods during a ing about golf in China since native of Washington state. Shortly after moving to from a city like Shanghai, Mayor, 19, follows in grandma’s footsteps press conference, but he did- 2005, and he has been you learn to appreciate open Shanghai, Washburn ASHVILLE (AP) — The new mayor of the tiny western n’t get any one-on-one time. researching the topic for a spaces. One of my favorite Pennsylvania borough of Ashville is 19-year-old Justin Seese. future book. arranged to have dinner with things to do when I come ‘Smoking a cigar’ But his legacy of public service is much older than it first Golf is a relatively new a guy who ran an English- home is to pick a small appears. Washburn has also become sport there. It’s been played only Web site about Shang- country road, and I just ride That’s because Seese, who was sworn in Wednesday to lead preoccupied with golf. only about 25 years, Wash- hai. Washburn wanted to my bike. I just love that the community of about 280 residents, is the grandson of one The 1992 Bloomsburg burn said. meet him and thank him for area.” of the town’s former mayors. That woman, 75-year-old Lav- graduate, who grew up on “It’s less of a sports story,” his help getting acclimated to Washburn said a return erne Passanita, was mayor of Ashville for 12 years in the 1960s Market Street in town, does- he said. “It’s a story that says the city. move to the states is always and 1970s. Before that, she served on borough council along n’t play the sport. But he did something about the changes The Web guy invited Bliss in the back of his mind. with her husband, Joseph — she for 12 years and he for 25. take lessons a few times. China is going through today. to dinner that night too. He Seese was 18 when he won the Democratic primary in (As a kid, he was always Golf is a very symbolic activ- knew Bliss because his Contact Reporter Michael May. He also won a seat on borough council in November, the designated cart driver, ity, symbolic of the country’s nephew was in an orchestra Lester at 387-1234, ext. 1311 or but decided to serve as mayor instead. He works full-time as “smoking a cigar,” while his economic rise. It also runs up with her. at a laborer. buddies golfed at area cours- against many of the issues es like Arnold’s.) China is facing today. Land ‘Friendly town’ Washburn has become a use issues. Environmental Like Bliss, Washburn had guy U.S. media turn to for connections to Georgia, so issues. The gap between rich perspective on golf in China. the Web guy, turned match- and poor. It’s a very political- Besides, the ly charged activity. ” maker, figured they’d get freelance writer has had arti- along just fine. Asked if he is the media’s cles published in Baseball go-to guy in China when itWashburn worked for The America, Golf World and Times, a daily newspaper comes to the development of Outside magazine’s Go publi- outside Atlanta. Bliss had golf in that country, Wash- cation. lived in Athens, Ga. burn said, “I’m reluctant to Washburn said he has a During a visit home for call myself an expert in any- cover story in the works for thing. New Year’s 2006, Washburn the January edition of Finan- proposed to Bliss at the Inn at “There are few other peo- cial Times in the United Turkey Hill near Blooms- ple, especially journalists, Kingdom about efforts to covering this issue. There are burg. turn Hainan, a tropical Chi- definitely people involved — They’ve been married nese island, into a golfing architects, construction com- since September 2006. (Bliss resort. The U.S. edition of the panies, executives. I guess I kept her maiden name.) magazine will publish the would be the person that peo- Dan and Bliss have no story in an inside section, he ple would call. Nobody else is children. They have two dogs said. doing these stories. It’s a win- — mutts: Ozzie and Tux. “What Dan brings to his dow into China that not many Bliss works for what Dan reporting is a perspective and people have thought of yet. described as a “privatized an expertise to golf in a por- It’s quite a unique topic that CIA.” She investigates Chi- tion of the world that, by all delves into so many issues.” nese firms for Fortune 500 accounts, is expanding expo- companies in the U.S. looking nentially during a worldwide Meeting with love to do business in that coun- economic slowdown,” said A chance meeting in try. Because your success is PROGRESS part of the entire story. Published: Saturday, February 27 BUSINESSES!!! Now’s the chance to share your story with 43,000 readers! You help make the region prosper, take this opportunity to While Supplies Last Thru Jan. 31st! share your expertise! Call 387-1234, x1210 today! 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