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WolfPack and other Safetower products

WolfPack and other Safetower products

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  • 1. Is a small veteran and ex-law enforcement ownedcompany created to provide adaptable, highvalue, surveillance, security, and targetingsolutions to law enforcement, military, homelandsecurity, and many other agencies and companies.
  • 2. Industry leading 5 year warranty (Excluding Thermal Camera)No one else comes close.
  • 3.  imagingcapabilities support abroad range ofmission objectives.
  • 4. Perimeter/ Stowaway/ Security Fugitive Covert Evidence EOD Vehicle Detection Surveillance Recovery Sweeps Searches IntruderContraband Detection Weapons Force Interdiction Protection/ Counter Drug Search SurveillanceOperationsSite/SafetyMonitoring Hostage Search Rescue Combat/ & Tactical Water Rescue Building/ Confined Space Rescue Clearing Covert/ Confined Bldg. Sniper Fire Tactical Space Collapse Observer Surveillance Entry Aid
  • 5.  High mobility, man-portable imaging. • A single expandable architecture. : if it fits together – it works.
  • 6.  Every Wolf Pack system component fits every Wolf Pack ever built: • Over 10 years of field experience. • Over 10 years of system expansion. Capabilities as needs and budget allow. Reduced training intensity. Extremely resistant to obsolescence.
  • 7.  Ongoing environmental testing. • Temperature. • Pressure. • Shock and vibration. • Blowing dirt and sand.
  • 8.  LAPD-SWAT  Grenschutzgruppe 9 (GSG-9) Hostage Rescue. Tactical Operations  TF3 - Heavy Urban Search Charlotte N.C. SWAT and Rescue Tactical Operations Disaster / CBRNE response. Miami Beach PD  US Army – 4BCT, 1st Cavalry Tactical Operations Division Recon / Scout Applications in Iraq. Central Ohio Drug  Canada Border Security Enforcement Agency Tactical Operations & Interdictions Agency Border Security / Contraband Interdiction
  • 9.  “Since the receipt of [Wolf Pack] it has been deployed on every critical incident call-out without fail.” - Captain Charles T. Cabiniss, SWAT Team Leader – Rock Hill (SC) Police Department “This is definitely the kind of equipment that will save lives.... I strongly recommend your [Wolf Pack] system.” - Deputy Miguel Vazquez, US Marshall Service “In my opinion [Wolf Pack] is a life saving tool. The system has excellent utility in interdiction operations due to its simplicity of use, and officer focus.” - Andre Cote, Senior Program Officer – Contraband Technology Division, Border Security “Wolf Pack is an outstanding ISR tool kit for soldiers. Its design, engineering and durability are second to none. This is a system that can make a significant contribution to operational effectiveness.” - General Jean Boyle (Retired), Chief of Defence Staff – Canadian Armed Forces
  • 10. Complete end-to-endtechnical and deployment training.• At Brunswick GA training facility or at customer site.• Standard and customized training programs available.
  • 11. •Increase effectiveness of interdictionoperations to reduce the flow of illegal guns. •Without compromising the flow of goods. •Using available human resources. •While maintaining high levels of officer safety. •Minimizing inconvenience to both US and it’s border citizens. •Demonstrating active deterrence to those considering running guns and other contraband across the border.
  • 12. Heckler & Koch Colt AR-15MP5K submachine gun. assault rifle Glock 17 handgun SIG SAUER 226 handgunWeapons are easily concealed on vehicles and difficult and sometimes almostimpossible to find using conventional search methods.
  • 13. Heckler and Koch MP5K Many undercarriage concealment locations are undetectable with mirrors and other standard search tools.The gun smugglers tools;a commonly available garagehoist and some zip ties.
  • 14. Colt AR -15 The third-row seating in this Yukon XL provides an excellent location for concealment with its seat- back frame suitable for securing large weapons.The gun smugglers tools; a couple of zip ties.
  • 15. Glock 17The conventional methodfor finding contraband indoor voids is physicalremoval of the door panel. The gun smugglers tools; a little mechanical knowledge and some basic hand tools.
  • 16. SIG 226 and Berretta M9 Simple concealment under the dash, behind a console or under a seat (particularly electric ones) is fast, easy and requires little imagination on the part of the smuggler.Even in these positions,contraband can still can be hard tofind.The gun smugglers tools;none.
  • 17. Compromised safety and effectiveness.● Hands in blind spaces.● Physically difficult body positions.● Lack of tools combined with physical and mental fatigue leads to missedcontraband.A slow process that increases human resource requirements, and inconvenienceto travelers while reducing the fraction of traffic search
  • 18. Addition of mirrors and tools for vehicle disassembly can still compromisesafety and definitely compromises effectiveness.● Very small apparent object sizes (subject) reflected on mirror surfaces.● A lack of effectively targeted illumination in mirror application.● Physically demanding body positions with both mirror use and in disassemblyprocedures.● Physical and mental fatigue can lead to missed contraband.Continuing slow process that increases human resource requirements andinconvenience to travelers while reducing the fraction of traffic searched.
  • 19. ●Wolf Pack significantly increases the probability that an officer will find hidden contraband concealed on a vehicle undercarriage during a careful search. ● In this under-vehicle search,● The hidden MP5K a mirror is rendered virtuallyhas been identified useless by the concealmentusing a Wolf Pack location of the weapon.CL-1d day/night ●Wolf Pack impacts speed andcamera mounted on effectiveness of searchan E8d extendable 6 operations through increasedsearch pole. comfort, reduced operational fatigue, and enhanced safety.
  • 20. ● The extremely high spatial and temperature resolution ofWolf Pack CT series thermal imagers detect hiddencontraband in a number of vehicle locations.● The hidden AR-15 has been detected in the seat backusing a Wolf Pack wide-field thermalcamera mounted on a CA8d pistol grip.● The suspicious temperature pattern caused ●Wolf Pack impacts speed andby the hidden AR-15 results in close inspection effectiveness of search operationswith a compact day/night camera through increased comfort,inserted through an opening at the edge reduced operational fatigue, andof the seat fabric. enhanced safety.
  • 21. ●A standard Wolf Pack system allows an officer to search interior spaces in a vehicle from a safe and comfortable position.●A SIG SAUER 226 is foundconcealed under the drivers seat. It ●No more hands in blindcan be particularly hard to see (or feel) spaces. No more difficultcontraband under electric seats given body positions.the position of electrical andmechanical components.
  • 22. ●High resolution Wolf Pack Nanoflex™ probes provideofficers with the ability to quickly and easily view intovehicle door voids and other hard to reach placeswithout a requirement for disassembly.●Although it is difficult to see the Glock 17 wrapped initsbubble pack, the C8d provides a clear indication thatfurther examination is warranted.
  • 23. Wolf Pack imaging capabilitiessupport a broad range of missionobjectives. Wolf Packs highmobility, man-portable systemarchitecture makes it the “SwissArmy Knife” of imaging tools.
  • 24. Complete Command Center TrailerNEMSiS Precision Targeting Software Pan& Tilt Cameras Thermal Weapon Sites 360 Radar Force Protection Sniper Status System
  • 25. LRAD RX, Rader, Laser Dazzlers, Lights etc.