Paula deen and her celeb diets


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Paula deen and her celeb diets

  1. 1. Deen and her Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets
  2. 2. Paula Deen and her Celeb DietsIn Hollywood, a lot of the celebrity weight loss secrets havehealth reasons as a motivating factor. Six months afterrevealing her Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, Paula Deen hasjoined the bandwagon of celebrities who lose weight,specifically, 30 pounds loss. The celebrity chef who is mostfamous for her abiding love of all things buttery, cheesy andfried told People Magazine: ―I do think differently now. I’mmore aware.‖
  3. 3. are her celebrity weight loss secrets? A lot ofcelebrities lose weight by making some adjustments intheir diet plan. One of Paula Deen’s celebrity weightloss secrets is that now she eschews favorite comfortfoods like mashed potatoes in favor of fish and salads.―If you make a few small changes, they can add up tobig results,‖ she said to People about hercelebrity weight loss secrets.
  4. 4. Food Network star announced her Type 2diabetes diagnosis only six months ago, thoughshe’d been living with the disease for three years.Unlike most celebrities that lose weight, Deen wascriticized. Critics think that unlike other celebritieswho lose weight, hers was financially motivated, asshe’d signed a multi-million dollar deal to be aspokesperson for Victoza — a Type 2 diabetes drugmade by Novo Nordisk.
  5. 5. other celebrities lose weight through a simplecombination of exercise and diet, Deen’s celebrity weightloss secrets are a combination of Victoza and lifestylechanges. Deen reveals to People that like a lot of celebritieswho lose weight, she’s been making a concerted effort,eating healthier and even exercising which are veryimportant as part of any celebrity weight loss secrets andmain treatments for Type 2 diabetes.
  6. 6. Deen has not revealed whether her celebrity weightloss secrets have meant that she can cease taking the drugshe endorses, Victoza, which is used in conjunction withdiet and exercise. Obesity and lack of physical exercise aretwo of the most common risk factors for Type 2 diabetes.
  7. 7. Paula Deen’s Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets: Celebrities Lose Weight through a Meal Adjustment PlanLike so many celebrities that lose weight, people want toknow the details of her celebrity weight loss secrets. When itcomes to food, her latest obsession is that she is hookedon smoothies.―I’d just as soon have that as a milkshake.‖
  8. 8. queen of comfort cooking has changed the way she eats as part ofher celebrity weight loss secrets since coming to terms withher diagnosis and dropping 30 pounds.Celebrities that lose weight have a lot of challenges to overcome. Forany celebrity weight loss secrets to be told in a juicy manner, Paulaneeded to take on these weight loss challenges. One of her lastchallenges was learning the importance of having a healthy morningmeal. ―I was bad about missing breakfast,‖ admits the FoodNetwork star, 65. ―I always felt like if I start the day eating, I’m going tofinish off the day eating.‖
  9. 9. part of her celebrity weight loss secrets is that she went moretowards the salad end of the spectrum and less towards the fried foodsthough she admits she still has some of that food on rare occasions –which is how it should be. Sharing her own celebrity weight loss secrets,―I’m redoing the way my plate looks. I’m doubling up on salad orvegetables and putting smaller portions of carbs and all that.‖Paula also said she is easing up on sugary treats such as cakes andsweet tea also as part of her celebrity weight loss secrets.
  10. 10. Deen’s Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets:Celebrities Lose Weight through ExerciseAdditionally, Paula divulges that exercise is included in hercelebrity weight loss secrets just like plenty of othercelebrities that lose weight successfully. She tries to walk atleast 30 minutes a day. Fitness and exercise is veryimportant in any lifestyle change and is always expected tobe part of any celebrity weight loss secrets.
  11. 11. who want to lose weight need a support team tocheer them, that’s another key part of any celebrity weightloss secrets. Paula talking about fitness as part of hercelebrity weight loss secrets said her son had given her apedometer as a way of supporting her new found lifestyle.Additionally, Paula shares that social media is included aspart of her celebrity weight loss secrets. She regularly postshealthier meals and a photo of her on the treadmillon Facebook.
  12. 12. like so many celebrities who lose weight, Deen told her fans, ―It’samazing how good getting up and moving makes you feel.‖Indeed like many celebrities who lose weight, Paula Deen’scelebrity weight loss secrets are incredibly amazing as the celebritychef is shrinking in size.Summing up her celebrity weight loss secrets story, Paula told theAssociated Press, ―I am who I am. But what I will be doing is offering uplighter versions of my recipes.‖
  13. 13. shortens your life by 8 to 10 yearsJust like Paula Deen was, there are 1.5 billion people that areobese or overweight according to the World Health Organization.Being obese or overweight means that you have 3 times higherrisk of death compared to others that are not. For every 33 extrapounds, risk of early death increases by about 30%. Lookinggood is a great reason to lose weight, BUT staying alive is themost important reason to lose weight.
  14. 14. overweight or obese happens when excess calorieconsumption overwhelms the body’s ability to expendcalories as energy. As a result, you accumulate body fatand your blood glucose level increases. That is how somany overweight people also developed type 2 diabetes andit also how Paula Deen has developed also type 2 diabetes.
  15. 15. Oz has been raving about a supplement called greencoffee bean extract, which has a compound calledchlorogenic acid. This compound in green coffeebean extract has been proven to reduce the absorption ofcalories. In other words, it does not allow as many caloriesto be absorbed by the body. Additionally it reduces yourcurrent fat and it decreases your glucose level which meansthat you are lowering your chances of getting type2 diabetes.
  16. 16. reason that Dr. Oz is recommending this product is because it was reportedin January of 2012 in a placebo controlled study that green coffee bean extractproduced weight loss in 100% of the overweight participants. That means thatevery person that took the natural supplement lost weight. Some lost more thanothers but the average weight loss from all the participants was 17.6 pounds andthey reduced their body fat, after taking the supplements for only 22 weeks. Thiswithout any of the participants going on a diet or exercising more. In otherwords, after 22 weeks of taking this supplement, without any diets or exercise,they lost an average of 17.6 pounds.There is one company that sells this green coffee bean extract supplement andthey offer a 100% money back guarantee, so if you try it and it does not work foryou, you can get your money back. That is why we recommend you buy itfrom them.