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Intro to Soc_Race and Inequality
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Intro to Soc_Race and Inequality


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Racial Stratification

Racial Stratification

Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. Week 6Shih-Chi Lin
  • 2.  Open book quiz on chapter 9 The meaning of RACE The Race Literacy Quiz The racial wealth gap in U.S. Video: Mirrors of Privilege—Making Whiteness Visible
  • 3.  1. Humans have approximately 30,000 genes. On average, how many genes separate all members of one race from all members of another race? A. None. B. 1 C. 23 D. 142 E. 1008 F. We dont know Answer: A. There are no characteristics, no traits, not even one gene that distinguish all members of one so-called race from all members of another race.
  • 4.  2. Members of a race can be identified by their: A. Blood group B. Skin color C. Ancestry D. Genes E. None of the above F. All of the above Answer: E 3. Skin color correlates most closely with: A. Hair form B. IQ C. Risk for sickle cell, Tay Sachs and other genetic diseases D. Geographic latitude E. Continent of ancestral origin F. Jumping and sprinting ability Answer: D
  • 5.  4. According to a 1993 study, 86% of suburban whites lived in a community where the black population was: A. Less than 5% B. Less than 10% C. Less than 1% D. More than 10% E. More than 15% Answer: C 5. Today, the median net worth of the white family is how much compared to the black family? A. Three times as much B. Eight times as much C. more than ten times as much D. Twice as much E. The same Answer: C
  • 6. Race: Myth and Reality Myth 1 - Idea That Any Race is Superior ◦ All Races Have Geniuses and Idiots. ◦ Genocide Still Around Myth 2 - Idea that Any Race is Pure ◦ Human Characteristics Flow Endlessly Together. 6
  • 7. Ethnic Groups Race Refers to Biological Characteristics. Ethnicity Refers to Cultural Characteristics. ◦ Common Ancestry ◦ Cultural Heritage ◦ Nations of Origin 7
  • 8. Constructing Racial- Ethnic Identity Sense of Ethnicity ◦ Relative Size ◦ Power ◦ Appearance ◦ Discrimination Ethnic Work and the Melting Pot 8
  • 9. Sense of Ethnicity 9
  • 10. Prejudice andDiscrimination Learning Prejudice ◦ Prejudice vs. Discrimination Discrimination is Action Learning from Association 10
  • 11.  Prejudice is an attitude and discrimination is unfair treatment. Individual discrimination is the negative treatment of one person by another. Institutional discrimination is the discrimination built into society’s social institutions. It focuses on human behavior at the group level. Examples: mortgage lending practices, health care and car loans.
  • 12. Global Patterns of Intergroup Relations Genocide Population Transfer Internal Colonialism Segregation Assimilation Multiculturalism (Pluralism) 13
  • 13. Global Patterns of IntergroupRelations: A Continuum 14
  • 14. Race and Ethnic Relations in the United States15
  • 15. Race-Ethnicity & Comparative Well-Being 18
  • 16. Race-Ethnicity & Education 19
  • 17.  The wealth gap between whites and African Americans increased from $20,000 to $95,000. In 2007, one in ten African Americans owed at least $3,600, almost doubling their debt burden since 1984. At least 25% of African American families had no assets to turn to in times of economic hardship.
  • 18. Projections of the Racial-Ethnic Makeupof the US Population 24
  • 19.  The Privilege of Having “No Color” Racial Transparency Why whiteness is normative and invisible?