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Crimson Publishing Catalogue.

Crimson Publishing Catalogue.



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Crimson Publishing Autumn Catalogue Crimson Publishing Autumn Catalogue Document Transcript

  • bUSineSS CaReeRS PaRenTinG TRaVel Crimson Short Walks
  • Entertaining and revealing – the ultimate guidebook The Mail on Sunday The course-listings bible The Guardian A great read The Bookseller Finally a book that tells you what you REALLY need to know 5 star Amazon review A great read… it got me excited! Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2
  • about us We are an ambitious, fast growing publisher specialising in quality, non-fiction titles that improve the way you live. All our books are practical, easy-to-use and most of them are unique. We mean to be different from other publishers in a number of ways, starting with the subjects we publish books about, but also going to the heart of how each book is created, from its planning to its research and writing, to its layout and design. This comes from a belief that books can deliver more than they often do. We publish within 6 specialist imprints detailed below: IMPRINTS Crimson specialises in White Ladder is an innovative Pocket Bibles are our business and travel books. publisher of parenting best-selling pocket sized Our business list is tailored and family health books, gift books. Packed with for people considering, characterised by our friendly, practical tips and fascinating starting, running and accessible, informative trivia, they are the ultimate growing small and medium style. We address issues pocket companion. This sized businesses. And our that really matter, often growing series covers travel list comprises the providing a different and gardening, pregnancy, popular Best of Britain and unique perspective to cooking and many more. Live & Work in series. We existing titles on the market. consistently deliver quality, We help our readers take up-to-date, expert advice. their next step in life. Vacation Work is the world’s Trotman continues to The best-selling Pathfinder leading gap year and strengthen its position as Guides and Short Walks working holiday publisher. the UK’s leading careers Guides are the perfect Founded over 30 years ago and higher education companion for country we have built a reputation publisher. Trotman have walks in Britain. Each for quality, authoritative provided quality, guide contains tried and content offering unrivalled up-to-date education and tested walks for all abilities information to help plan career books for 40 years. and features Ordnance working holidays of a lifetime. We strive to ensure our Survey ® maps, as well products and services help as beautiful photography. our readers make informed They are the trusted choice and appropriate decisions when exploring Britain. about their academic and professional careers. 1
  • BUSINESS Crimson are experts at business. For over 10 years we’ve dedicated our time to producing quality InTernaTIonal information for entrepreneurs besT-sellers running small businesses. Our portfolio includes the award- n How They Started: winning, Growing Global Brands p7 Business – the most popular magazine for entrepreneurs, a n Starting Your Own Business p6 range of sell-out business events and a growing list of worthwhile n Successful Business Plans p5 business books. n Bright Marketing p8 Our passion for business and n Successful Presentations p5 quality ensures that we are the trusted choice at every stage of business life. The best book on starting a business. The Business and IP Centre, The British Library on Starting Your Own Business 2
  • Key New titles 3
  • tHe suCCessFul seRies Get bRilliaNt Results Fast This brand new series from Crimson is designed to help you become Successful in whatever you do. Whether you need to learn a new skill quickly, overcome a new life challenge, or impress colleagues with improved knowledge, Successful will help you. Written in an accessible and lively way, every book is suitable for a self-starter or for someone wanting to brush up on an existing skill. The series covers core business skills, personal development and life skills. Each book will help the reader learn about a subject quickly and easily Use clear, jargon free language presented in an easy-to-read format be practical and useful with examples and exercises to complete within the book offer help to solve common problems in an accessible q & a format 4
  • NEw bR aN SER D iES ! 978 1 85458 483 0 | £9.99 978 1 85458 479 3 | £9.99 Michael Anderson & Jane Khedair Brian Lomas | August 2009 August 2009 216x138mm, 208pp 216x138mm, 208pp SalES ISBN: 978 1 85458 486 1 | | £9.99 978 1 85458 484 7 | £9.99 978 1 85458 546 2 | £9.99 Brian Brown | October 2009 Pauline Rowson | August 2009 Jeremy Lazarus | March 2010 216x138mm, 224pp 216x138mm, 192pp 216x138mm, 224pp 978 1 85458 526 4 | £9.99 ISBN: 978 1 85458 481 6 | £9.99 978 1 85458 482 3 | £9.99 Frank Atkinson | October 2009 Pauline Rowson | August 2009 Pauline Rowson | August 2009 216x138mm, 216pp 216x138mm, 224pp 216x138mm, 216pp 5
  • staRt up booKs Start Your Own Starting Your Own Business 99 Businesses to Business 2010 Start at Home The good the bad and the unexpected The ultimate step-by-step guide Inspiring ideas for a new working life Taking you step-by-step through each stage of This is the definitive guide to starting a The only book on the market with practical the start-up process, this comprehensive guide business for all entrepreneurs. This first-class advice on real businesses you can start at will not only help you open a business, but book reveals what it is really like to start up home. Jobs covered include property developer, also teach you how to make it a success. Be your own business and uniquely combines pilates instructor, music teacher, dog walker, inspired by start-up stories, and learn tips from comprehensive practical guidance with childcare, setting up an online boutique or B&B the experts. extensive and informed real life examples. and many more. 978 1 85458 489 2 978 1 85458 401 4 978 1 85458 475 5 £17.99 £12.99 £12.99 David Lester Kim Benjamin October 2009 December 2007 April 2009 234 x169mm 234 x 156mm, 272pp 234 x156mm, 264pp SERIES ›› Starting Your Own The Starting Your Own series from Starting Your Own Starting Your Own takes you step-by-step Coffee and Tea Shop Restaurant through each stage of the business start-up process. Each guide is crammed with practical advice from people who have been there and become a success. 978 1 85458 477 9 £14.99 978 1 85458 436 6 £14.99 .uk Emma Mills & Michelle Rosenberg Sara Rizk Startu uk’s March 2010 November 2008 is the ular 234 x 156mm 234 x 156mm pop most r sma ll Starting Your Own Starting Your Own web site fo es Online Business Shop ess busin 978 1 85458 478 6 978 1 85458 435 9 £15.99 £14.99 Kim Benjamin Matt Thomas July 2009 November 2008 234 x 156mm 234 x 156mm 6
  • busiNess stoRies How They Started in a Recession How They Started Global Brands How 25 companies started and thrived during an economic crisis How 21 good ideas became great global businesses 978 1 85458 549 3 978 1 85458 447 2 £12.99 £12.99 Kim Benjamin David Lester January 2010 October 2008 234 x 156mm 234 x156mm, 224pp Building on the success of How They Started and How They Started Hot on the heels of the hugely successful How They Started, this next Global Brands this inspirational and highly topical book profiles 25 well volume takes the question one step further and asks ‘How do you turn an known businesses that started, survived and thrived during a recession – idea into a global business?’ From adidas to eBay we reveal how some of showing budding entrepreneurs that they can too. the world’s biggest international businesses got off the ground. How They Started The Lonely Planet Story How 30 good ideas became great businesses 978 1 85458 449 6 978 1 85458 400 7 £9.99 £12.99 Tony & Maureen David Lester Wheeler June 2007 September 2008 234 x156mm, 256pp 198 x129mm, 400pp Business Nightmares Hitting rock bottom and coming out on top Paperback Hardback 978 1 85458 474 8 978 1 85458 409 0 £7.99 £17.99 Rachel Elnaugh Rachel Elnaugh April 2009 April 2008 198 x129mm, 256pp 234 x156mm, 224pp 7
  • RuNNiNG a busiNess / peRsoNal developmeNt Resilience The Success Factor How to Grow Your Bounce back from whatever life throws Master the secret of a winning mindset Business at you Resilience takes a positive and dynamic This dip-in, dip-out unique style personal A no-nonsense, practical guide to growing your approach to surviving whatever life throws at success book identifies business organically or by acquisition, this title is you, exploring the range of skills, attitudes and 100 personal traits crucial to success. for businesses wanting to expand and develop. It abilities you need to survive and thrive in difficult Benefiting all areas of your life, it helps people covers assessing growth potential, foreign markets, times, both personally and professionally. harness their potential and develop a confident launching new products; the pros and cons of mindset, for amazing results. growth by acquisition; preparing and sustaining growth and much more. 978 1 85458 544 8 978 1 85458 550 9 £10.99 £12.99 978 1 85458 411 3 Jane Clarke & Dr John Leach £18.99 John Nicholson March 2010 Edited by January 2010 216 x 138mm, 208pp Trevor Clawson 216 x 138mm July 2009 234 x 169mm Making it Work at Home Bright Marketing A practical guide to working from home Why people should bother to buy from you 978 1 85458 438 0 978 1 85458 404 5 £12.99 £12.99 Anna Wright Robert Craven August 2008 July 2007 234 x156mm, 208pp 234 x156mm, 224pp 8
  • CAREERS Trotman have provided quality up-to-date careers and education books for over 40 years. We strive to ensure that our products InTernATIonAl help readers make informed besT-sellers and appropriate decisions about n You’re Hired! Interview p11 their academic and professional careers, be it their first job or their n Winning Cover Letters p12 first day at university. n Real Life Issues Bullying p13 A CV book has to stand out from the crowd... has to impress with its good sense, its insight and its practicality. This one does! The Daily Express on You’re Hired! CV 9
  • 10
  • JOB HUNTING SERIES ›› You’re Hired! You’re Hired! Interview Answers You’re Hired! Psychometric Tests Impressive answers to tough questions Proven tactics to help you pass 978 1 84455 229 0 978 1 84455 230 6 £9.99 £9.99 Ceri Roderick & Ceri Roderick & Stephan Lucks James Meachin March 2010 March 2010 234 x 156mm, 224pp 234 x 156mm, 224pp Written by psychologists who specialise in recruitment, this is an insider’s Packed with the full range of practice tests, with questions devised by the guide to tackling even the trickiest interview questions. It gives interviewees a authors – including numerical, verbal and personality. This title gives expert strategy to cope with every scenario - including competency-based questions, advice on preparing and completing psychometric tests so candidates which are increasingly popular with top recruiters. have the best chance of success. You’re Hired! Interview You’re Hired! CV Tips & techniques for a brilliant interview How to write a brilliant CV 978 1 84455 178 1 978 1 84455 177 4 £9.99 £9.99 Judi James Corinne Mills January 2009 January 2009 234 x 156mm 234 x 189mm, 224 pp Written by TV body language expert Judi James, this book examines the This book guides you through the preparation process to identify your most psychology behind interviews, taking a unique look at body language, relevant skills and experiences for the position you are applying for. The teaching you how to perform brilliantly to get the job you want. Full of practical step-by-step guide enables you to develop a great CV with ease, tackling techniques to prepare you mentally and physically, this book gives job hunters all aspects from format to functionality. Filled with real-life examples and the skills and confidence to make the best impression. practical advice on how to address more tricky information and stand out from the competition. 11
  • JOB HUNTING SERIES ›› Winning Written in an upbeat and engaging manner, the Winning series addresses the specific needs of first-time job seekers. Whether you are applying in writing or online, for part-time holiday work or your first full-time job, this series contains information on all you need to know to get that job! Winning Interviews for Winning CVs for First-time Job Hunters First-time Job Hunters 978 1 84455 162 0 978 1 84455 161 3 £12.99 £12.99 Kathleen Houston Kathleen Houston October 2008 October 2008 156 x 234mm 156 x 234mm Winning Interview Answers Winning Cover Letters for for First-time Job Hunters First-time Job Hunters 978 1 84455 206 1 978 1 84455 207 8 £12.99 £12.99 Denise Taylor Ann Starkie September 2009 September 2009 156 x 234mm 156 x 234mm 12
  • TEACHING RESOURCES Careers 2010 Careers Uncovered: Design Spiral Bound 978 1 90604 146 5 £65.00 October 2009 299 x 210mm, 608pp Paperback 978 1 84455 201 6 978 1 90604 147 2 £14.99 £45.00 September 2009 October 2009 Karen Holmes 297 x 210mm, 620pp 216 x 138 mm This one-stop careers directory combines at-a-glance design with the The Careers Uncovered series takes a realistic look at a range of careers. best job information. Profiling over 550 different careers, it inspires Providing both information and inspiration Careers Uncovered Design looks at students to take a proactive approach to their careers research, the design industry and what it takes to build a successful career in this sector. supplying vital information such as required qualifications, job statistics Careers Uncovered are honest yet practical; ideal for anyone in the early and money guides. stages of planning their career. SERIES ›› Real Life Real Life Issues is a bestselling series of 12 self-help guides for teenagers covering a range of key issues, from bullying to prejudice. Practical and friendly, each book defines the issue and offers ways of understanding and coping. Real-life case studies and facts ensure teenagers can easily explore each issue and find the information and support they need. Addictions Bullying Confidence & Self-Esteem 978 0 85660 992 3 978 0 85660 987 0 978 0 85660 993 5 £7.99 £7.99 £7.99 Stephen Briggs Emma Caprez Nicki Household January 2005 October 2004 July 2006 198 x 129mm 198 x 129mm 198 x 129mm Eating Disorders Sex & Relationships Stress 978 0 85660 991 9 978 0 85660 990 0 £7.99 978 0 85660 989 7 £7.99 Adele Cherreson £7.99 Heather Warner Cole Rozina Breen October 2004 November 2004 October 2004 198 x 129mm 198 x 129mm 198 x 129mm 13
  • PARENTING AND FAMILY HEALTH White Ladder is an innovate publisher of parenting and family health books. We pride ourselves on our friendly and accessible InternatIonal approach whilst providing best-sellers sensible, non-preachy information. n The Baby Sleep Bible p17 Our expert authors write on n Living With Depression p19 subjects that really matter, giving you all the facts so you can n Pregnancy for Beginners p16 decide which approach is right n Babies for Beginners p17 for you. n Dealing with Difficult Eaters p17 Down to earth – everything a new mum-to-be needs. Mother and Baby Magazine about Pregnancy for Modern Girls 14
  • Key New TiTles 15
  • PAReNTiNG – PReGNANCy Pregnancy for Beginners Baby Names 2010 A guide to having the pregnancy you want Over 7,000 of this year’s favourite names 978 1 90541 045 3 978 1 90541 058 3 £9.99 £6.99 Roni Jay Eleanor Turner June 2009 August 2009 216 x138mm, 208pp 216 x138 mm, 352pp Being pregnant for the first time is a challenging prospect and can be an This is the ONLY annually updated book of its kind. Baby Names 2010 emotional rollercoaster for many parents. This guide provides much needed presents a wealth of up-to-the-minute information including: the year’s practical advice that will help expectant mothers to relax and bloom during most popular names, celebrity choices, and details of those names making their pregnancy. a comeback. Pregnancy for Modern Girls From Lad to Dad The naked truth about being pregnant The ultimate guide to pregnancy for blokes 978 1 90541 060 6 978 1 90541 040 8 £10.99 £8.99 Hollie Smith Stephen Giles October 2009 November 2008 234 x156mm, 288pp 216 x 138mm, 208pp This is an honest account of what happens to a woman’s body, sex life Forget the laid-back lifestyle and late-night socialising; instead you’ve got and social life when pregnant. It guides women through each stage of to learn a whole new role, and fast. From Lad to Dad is a rare book that is pregnancy in a practical and reassuring way and deals with issues other designed especially for fathers and realises that the emotional adjustment books shy away from. for a father-to-be can be just as dramatic as that of a mother-to-be. 16
  • PAReNTiNG – BABies AND CHilDReN The Baby Sleep Bible Babies for Beginners The Potty Training Bible Choosing what’s right for you and Keeping your baby happy and healthy Choose the best solution for your toddler your baby Ideal for new parents, this book offers impartial Having a baby is a huge learning curve for any This is a practical, unbiased guide to potty advice and information on the broad range of first-time parent. This guide will take parents training, full of tips and advice for parents. baby sleep solutions available. The easy-to-use through the trials and tribulations of bringing up Detailing the four main methods of potty training, format allows parents the opportunity to pick the a baby – as well as how to make the most of it offers parents impartial advice so they can approach that is right for them. this time. choose the best solution for their child. 978 1 90541 059 0 978 1 90541 044 6 978 1 90541 064 4 £9.99 £9.99 £6.99 Jo Wiltshire Roni Jay Jo Wiltshire June 2009 June 2009 March 2010 216 x138mm, 208pp 216 x138mm, 208pp 216 x 138mm, 192pp You’re the Daddy Dealing with Difficult Eaters What to Buy for Your Baby The ultimate guide to being a new Stop mealtimes becoming a battleground Choosing the right equipment for you Dad for blokes with fussy children You’re the Daddy follows the journey of Stephen This practical guide offers parents tips and With so much choice of baby equipment now Giles and his progress through the first year advice to tackle children’s difficult eating habits. available, it is difficult for new and expectant of his baby’s life. He tells his story with great Covering topical eating issues such as food parents to know what is best to buy. This humour, and includes plenty of practical ideas intolerance, overeating and special dietary invaluable guide advises new parents on exactly for other first-time fathers. needs, this guide contains practical guidance what to buy, so you don’t spend a fortune on and expert advice that really works. unnecessary equipment! 978 1 90541 041 5 978 1 90541 052 1 978 1 90541 036 1 £8.99 £9.99 £9.99 Stephen Giles Hollie Smith, Sally Child & Dr Sandi Mann Liat Hughes Joshi October 2008 April 2009 & Caroline Cosgrove 216 x 138mm, 208pp 216 x 138mm, 224pp September 2008 216 x138mm, 224pp 17
  • PAReNTiNG – GeNeRAl 5-a-day For Kids Made Easy Special Needs Child: Quick and easy recipes to feed your child Maintaining Your Relationship more fruit and vegetables Staying connected through the highs and lows 978 1 90541 042 2 £10.99 978 1 90541 056 9 Sally Child & Karen £12.99 Bali Victoria Dawson & February 2010 Antonia Chitty 216 x 138mm, October 2009 224pp 234 x 156mm, 208pp This is a hugely practical recipe book to help parents get their kids to eat Having a child with special needs can put extra strains on any relationship. This more fruit and vegetables. It contains recipes children will love, many of which book focuses on how couples can nurture their own relationship, and deal with include well-hidden vegetables, as well as meal planners, snack ideas and their emotions, while facing the challenge of having a special needs child. packed lunch options. This book is bursting with quick and easy solutions for struggling parents. How to Help Your Autistic What to Do When Your Spectrum Child Child Hates School Practical ways to make family life run How to see your child off to school with a more smoothly smile again 978 1 90541 005 7 978 1 90541 038 5 £7.99 £9.99 Jackie Brealy & Antonia Chitty Beverly Davies October 2008 August 2006 216 x 138mm, 160pp 216 x 138mm, 192pp Sneaky Parenting How Teenagers Think Smart shortcuts to happy families An insider’s guide to living with a teenager 978 1 90541 028 6 978 1 90541 013 2 £7.99 £7.99 Jo Wiltshire Jelly Ellie March 2008 May 2007 216 x 138mm, 192pp 216 x138mm, 208pp 18
  • FAMily HeAlTH Menopause Living With Depression A survival guide for real women How to cope when your partner is depressed 978 1 90541 057 6 978 1 90541 061 3 £10.99 £9.99 Caroline Carr Caroline Carr August 2009 October 2009 216 x138mm, 224pp 216 x 138mm, 208pp This practical guide gives women the honest information they need This unique book offers advice and guidance to partners of people with to move through their menopause as easily as possible. Packed with depression. Practical and supportive, it provides information on understanding down-to-earth advice and guidance, it shows women how to tackle their depression, where to get help, and strategies to help both people in the menopause positively. relationship. How Not to Worry How to stop anxiety spoiling your life 978 1 90541 037 8 £9.99 Caroline Carr September 2008 216 x138mm, 144pp Anxiety and worry are a part of life. But for many of us they can reach a point where they spoil or even ruin our lives. This book will guide you through the nature and causes of anxiety, the treatments and approaches available and strategies that can help. 19
  • POPULAR NON-FICTION Inventors & Impostors How history forgot the true heroes of invention and discovery Crossing time and continents, this page-turning book considers the case for the heroic, but largely forgotten, pioneers. Looking beyond popular perception and the accepted version of events, this book uncovers long-lost dreams, dramas and dilemmas, exploring why particular individuals ‘won the prize’ while others were consigned to the shadows of history. 978 1 90587 907 6 £12.99 Daniel Diehl and Mark P Donnelly October 2008 216 x138mm, 224pp 20
  • Key New TiTles The Noughties 2000 -2009 A decade that changed the world This unique book charts the history of the Noughties, From the spectre of global terrorism to the threat of global warming, from the crouching dragon of China to the growling bear of Russia, from the alleged Satanic subplots of Harry Potter to Simon Cowell’s shark-like grimace, the noughties were, for many, a decade that changed the world. 978 1 85458 535 6 £8.99 Tim Footman September 2009 216 x 138mm, 224pp 21
  • pocKeT bibles seRIes ›› Pocket Bibles Pocket Bibles are great gift books that provide their owner with a unique mix of practical tips and fascinating trivia about a subject they love. Every Pocket Bible is lovingly crafted and thoroughly researched by authors who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subject. The Mum’s The Wine Pocket Bible Pocket Bible 978 1 90708 704 2 £9.99 Andrew Smith & Jenny Dodd October 2009 978 1 90708 701 1 £9.99 Hannah Doran March 2010 186 x 115mm, 192pp The Dad’s The Christmas The Cat Lover’s The DIY Pocket Bible Pocket Bible Pocket Bible Pocket Bible 978 1 90708 702 8 978 1 90708 700 4 978 1 90708 705 9 978 1 90708 706 6 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 Stephen Giles Guy & Steve Hobbs October 2009 Stephen Giles May 2010 September 2009 Cerys Owen October 2009 186 x 115mm, 192pp 186 x 115mm, 192pp 186 x 115mm, 192pp 186 x 115mm, 192pp 22
  • pocKeT bibles A compendium of cooking tips and guidelines other cook books forget to mention The Daily Telegraph on The Cook’s Pocket Bible The Cook’s The Outdoor Pocket Bible Pocket Bible 978 1 90541 048 4 £9.99 Roni Jay October 2008 186 x 115mm, 192pp 978 1 90541 047 7 £9.99 Paul Jenner & Christine Smith October 2008 186 x 115mm, 192pp The Dog Lover’s The Pregnancy The Traveller’s The Gardener’s Pocket Bible Pocket Bible Pocket Bible Pocket Bible 978 1 90708 703 5 978 1 90708 707 3 978 1 90541 046 0 978 1 90541 049 1 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 Malini Roy Hollie Smith Paul Jenner & Roni Jay October 2009 October 2009 Christine Smith October 2008 186 x 115mm, 192pp 186 x 115mm, 192pp October 2008 186 x 115mm, 192pp 186 x 115mm, 192pp 23
  • TRAVEL Vacation Work, Crimson and Pathfinder together provide an innovative and exciting range IntErnatIonal of travel books. We have every bEst-sEllErs corner of the globe covered, from Vacation Work’s trusted guides to n Live & Work in Australia p27 gap year travel and work to the Pathfinder and Short Walks guides, n Best of Britain Cotswolds p28 perfect companions to the UK n Live & Work in China countryside. Plus, with our ever and Hong Kong p27 popular series’ The Best of Britain and Live & Work in, we consistently n Teaching English Abroad p26 deliver expert travel advice. Essential information for anyone considering making the move” The Times on Live & Work in series 24
  • Key New TiTles 25
  • gap year Teaching English Abroad Gap Years for Grown Ups The Green Travel Guide A fresh and fully up-to-date guide to Because gap years are wasted on the Your passport to responsible, guilt-free teaching English around the world young travel This is the teaching English abroad handbook, The essential guide to taking a year out for everyone This book answers all your green questions providing all the facts about long and short term from young professionals to retirees. Whether whether you’re travelling in the UK or beyond. It’s opportunities for both trained and untrained you plan to travel around the world, take part in full of practical help and suggestions, covering teachers across more than 70 countries around expeditions, learn languages or gain new skills this greener ways of getting around day-to-day and the world. book offers a real insight into what it’s really like. great destinations for guilt-free green trips. 978 1 85458 440 3 978 1 85458 441 0 978 1 90541 031 6 £14.99 £12.99 £10.99 Susan Griffith Susan Griffith Paul Jenner & March 2009 October 2008 Christine Smith 234 x156mm, 544pp 234 x156mm, 352pp May 2008 234 x156mm, 224pp Work Your Way Around Your Gap Year Summer Jobs the World Everything you need to know to make your Worldwide 2010 year out the adventure of a lifetime A fresh and fully up-to-date guide for Make the most of the summer break the working traveller Want to travel the world but can’t afford to? This This is the essential gap year guide, compiled by Think you can’t afford a summer to remember? book is crammed with information and tips from the leading working travel specialists Vacation Think again! Bang up-to-date and bursting with people who are out there living their dream. It Work. Fully up-to-date and boasting over 100 over 50,000 job vacancies from across the explains the best job opportunities, how to get real-life accounts from gappers who have been globe, this book gives you all the information work permits, travelling safely and more. there and lived it, this is the only resource for and advice you need to find and get your ideal students planning a gap year to remember. summer job. 978 1 85458 456 4 978 1 85458 491 5 978 1 85458 536 3 £12.99 £12.99 £14.99 Susan Griffith Susan Griffith Susan Griffith July 2009 February 2010 October 2009 216 x 138mm 416pp 234 x156mm, 480pp 234 x 156mm,368pp 26
  • Travel geNeral SERiES ›› Live & Work in Ours was the first ever series of books on living and working abroad—and we work hard to ensure it’s still the best. Each title includes essential information on daily life including accommodation, healthcare and education systems, work, visas, money and tax as well as culture. Australia USA Canada 978 1 85458 418 2 978 1 85458 428 1 978 1 85458 427 4 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 Jodie McCullen-Seal Eleanor Turner Frances Lemon November 2008 February 2009 April 2009 234 x 156mm, 512pp 234 x156mm, 394pp 234 x156mm, 384pp Britain China & Hong Kong France 978 1 85458 384 0 978 1 85458 419 9 978 1 85458 382 6 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 Jocelyn Kan & Hakwan Victoria Pybus & Nicola Taylor Lau Jack Sims May 2008 November 2008 October 2008 234 x156mm, 384pp 234 x156mm, 400pp 234 x156mm, 512pp Japan New Zealand Spain 978 1 85458 430 4 978 1 85458 386 4 978 1 85458 392 5 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 Guy Hobbs & Erica Simms Susan James Heleina Postings April 2008 November 2008 November 2008 234 x156mm, 352pp 234 x156mm, 432pp 234 x156mm, 480pp SERiES ›› Buying a House in SERiES ›› Retiring to France 978 1 85458 445 8 italy £12.99 978 1 85458 359 8 André de Vries & £11.95 Michael Streeter Victoria Pybus October 2008 May 2006 234 x156mm, 416pp 210 x148mm, 320pp Spain italy Spain France 978 1 85458 446 5 978 1 85458 378 9 978 1 85458 452 6 978 1 85458 450 2 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 Leaonne Hall Gordon Neale Guy Hobbs Victoria Pybus October 2008 January 2007 November 2008 November 2008 234 x156mm, 416pp 234 x156mm, 384pp 234 x156mm, 320pp 234 x 156mm, 272pp 27
  • besT of briTaiN SERiES ›› The Best of Britain The Best of Britain series uniquely brings together local knowledge of the area and expert advice to make sure you get the most out of your visit. From cosy cottages and boutique hotels to local recommendations, quirky cafes and Michelin-starred restaurants. Cornwall and the isle of Wight and the Edinburgh and isles of Scilly New Forest East Coast Scotland 978 1 85458 424 3 978 1 85458 422 9 978 1 85458 464 9 £12.99 £11.99 £12.99 Lesley Gillilan Victoria Pybus Vivienne Devlin January 2009 June 2008 March 2009 234 x156mm, 336pp 234 x156mm, 320pp 234 x156mm, 336pp Northern ireland Devon East Anglia 978 1 85458 465 6 978 1 85458 426 7 978 1 85458 423 6 £12.99 £11.99 £12.99 Mal Rogers Simon Heptinstall Susan Griffith May 2009 June 2008 June 2008 234 x156mm, 368pp 234 x156mm, 304pp 234 x156mm, 352pp Peak District Cotswolds Lake District 978 1 85458 467 0 £12.99 978 1 85458 463 2 978 1 85458 425 0 Roly Smith & £12.99 £12.99 Janette Sykes Katie Jarvis Lesley Anne Rose April 2009 March 2009 June 2008 234 x156mm, 320pp 234 x156mm, 320pp 234 x156mm, 304pp SERiES ›› The Scottish islands Scottish islands: Scottish islands: Skye Orkney and Shetland and the Western isles 978 1 85458 371 0 978 1 85458 370 3 £12.99 £12.99 James & James & Deborah Penrith DeborahPenrith September 2007 June 2008 234 x 156mm, 256pp 234 x 156mm, 352pp 28
  • ConTaCT DeTailS CRIMSON PUBLISHING Westminster House Kew Road Richmond Surrey TW9 2ND GeneRal enQUiRieS Phone 020 8334 1600 Fax 020 8334 1601 email web FOREIGN RIGHTS AGENT China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Singapore. Allison R. Olson Letter Soup Rights Agency 1905 Jewel Drive Woodbury, MN 55125 USA Crimson Short Walks Phone +1-651- 808 -1970 email EXPORT, RIGHTS & SPECIAL SALES International & Special Sales Manager Rest of the world Helen Shelmerdine Phone 020 8334 1734 email
  • Phone 020 8334 1600 Fax 020 8334 1601 email web