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Perfume 2002
Perfume 2002
Perfume 2002
Perfume 2002
Perfume 2002
Perfume 2002
Perfume 2002
Perfume 2002
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Perfume 2002


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Perfume locks history review held in 2010. …

Perfume locks history review held in 2010.
Review of 2002.
Aired on 2nd of Sept.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. 皆さんこんばんはHi, everyone. Good evening!かしゆかですK: I’m Kashiyuka.のっちですN: I’m Nocchi.あ~ちゃんですA: I’m A-chan.3 人合わせて Perfume ですThree of us together. We are Perfume!よろしくお願いします。Nice to meet you.11 月 3 日の東京ドームライブに向けて、Perfume の 10 年間を研究せよ。For the Tokyo Dome concert on 3rd of Nov. look back on Perfume’s 10 year.A:はい。今週もまいりましょ~!A: OK Let’s do this on this week as well!N,K:はい!N,K: Yes.A:Perfume は今年結成 10 周年を記念して行う 11 月 3 日、東京ドームライブに向けて、このPerfume の 10 年間を振り返っていきます。A: For the Tokyo dome concert on 3 rd of November, which celebrates Perfume’s 10thAnniversary.A: We are now looking back Perfume’s 10 years history.2002 年の Perfume を研究せよ。Look back on Perfume in 2002K:今夜は 2002 年!K: Tonight, we flash back in 2002!N:結成して 2 年目?結成して 2 年が経ちました。N: Was that our 2nd year since the formation? Oh No, 2 years had passed since then.K:2 年はもう経ったんだね。K: 2 years had already passed.A:3 年目ってことじゃね。A: So, it’s our 3rd year.
  • 2. A:え~2002 年はですねぇ。えっと、3 月に。中学校 1 年生の時でしたっけ?A: Well, in March of 2002, were we 1st grade of the Junior high?K:中学校 1 年生の終わり。K: The end of our 1st grade.A:3 月の 21 だよね確か?A: It was 21st of March, wasn’t it?N,K:そう!3 月 21 日!N,K: Yes, March 21st!A:3 月 21 日に、広島限定インディーズ、ファーストシングル OMAJINAI☆ペロリ」 「 をリリース。A: On March 21st, We released our first, Hiroshima-limited indie label single“OMAJINAI☆PERORI”N,K:はい。初めての。デビュー曲。N,K: Yeah, Our first, the debut song.A:でね、このデビューの曲を貰ったときが、ユニットオーディションで、 人で受けたんだよ 3ね。でしかも・・・。A: It was at the unit audition when we received that song.A: We went out on audition with 3 of us. And・・・A,N,K;・・・あーっ!懐かしい!A,N,K: OH! This is it! This reminds us a lot of memories!N:ユニットオーディションをね、半期に 1 回受けて。受かったら、発表会で披露出来るんですけど、それでずっと受かり続けてたんよね、Perfume は。N: So, we went out on an audition once in every half semester.N: If we win the audition, then we could perform in a recital.N: And in those auditions, Perfume had never failed.A:それでしかも課題曲を、これを今回歌った方が良いって、サザンオールスターズさんの「みんなの歌」を歌った方がいいって言われて。それでそうか、これをやった方がいいんだ、企画として受かれるんだ、って思ってやったよね。そしたら、最終審査まではちゃんと行ったのに、最後落とされたんですよ。A: And as a compulsory song, we were told to sing “Minnano-Uta(The Song ofeveryone)” by Southern All-stars.A: So, we thought “OK, we should do this”A: “If we play this, we can win the audition” so we played that.A: And we made it through to the final selection.A: But we failed at the final selection!
  • 3. K:ね~!K: We did!A:で、え?みたいな。何で落ちたん?みたいな感じになって。で回りもなんか「え?Perfume落ちたけど・・・」それでもうベンベン泣きよって。A: And then, we were like “WHAT!? Why did we fail!?”A: And everyone around as was like “Oh, Perfume failed・・・What’s going on?”A: With a that result, we cried like hellK:ベンベン泣きました!K: Yeah, we did cried like hell.N:そう、パイプ椅子の間でベンベン泣いてた。N: Yes, we cried between pipe chairs.A:それで何かようワカランけどカメラ回っとるし。ベンベン泣きながら。そしたら Amuseの人達が、新人開発の人達が、 「これは何故かって言うとね、これは君たちに今回デビュー曲を持ってきたんだよ」 「この歌はね、パッパラー河合さんといって有名な人が、曲を書いてくれて」って言われて、え?っていって聞いて。であの曲の最初の印象は忘れないんですけど。あ、ミニモニみたい!って思って。A: We didn’t know why, but they were shooting us crying like hell.A: And then, people of the talent scout department of Amuse came and saidA: “All right, we’ll tell you why we are here. Today, we bring you your debut song”A: “This song was written by Mr. Pappara-Kawai, a famous musician”A: We were like “What?” when we heard that. And we listened that song.A: The first impression of the song was unforgettable.A: I thought “Oh! It sounds like Minimoni!”N,K:あ~。N,K: Oh, that’s right!A:丁度じゃんけんぴょんとかやってる時で、凄いミニモニみたい!って思って。凄く嬉しかった。A: At that time, Minimoni was popular playing songs like “Janken Pyon!”A: I was so happy about that.N:うんうん。N: Yeah.A:覚えてますね。A: I really remember this well.N:もうさ、朦朧としてたよね。泣いてたし、嬉しかったし、回り大人とかアクターズの生徒とか一杯いるし。そんな中で自分たちのデビュー曲を聴くっていう。N: Our minds were kind of dim at that time, weren’t they?
  • 4. N: We were crying, but we were glad at the same timeN: and we were surrounded by a lot of adults and students.N: It’s quite a rare opportunity to listen to our debut song in such a situation.A:そう、でみんなも悔しそうに聞いとんよね。 みんなもホントはそういうの悔しいから、 で、絶対態度に表さんのよ、嬉しいとか悲しいとかもね。だけどそこで初めて、誇らしくデビューです、みたいな。A: Yeah, and other students were listening that song with chagrined faces.A: Usually they never showed their chagrins in attitudes.A: They always tried not to show their joy or sadness.A: But in that case, they saw us making a debut proudly in front of their eyes, so ・・・K:アクターズスクールで初めてのデビューだったからね。K: We were the first ones who made a debut from the Actor’s School Hiroshima.A:いやぁ、嬉しかったですね。ほいで、 をリリースして、 CD その後 11 月にセカンドシングルの「彼氏募集中」をリリースと。A: We were so, so happy about that.A: Then after the release of our first CD,A: We released our 2nd single “Kareshi-Boshu-chu (Looking for Boyfriends)” inNovember.N:うん。N: Yes.K:はい。K: Yeah.A:でこの時にちょうど、もう広島から東京へ何回も何回も往復してて、A: At this time, we made round trips between Hiroshima and Tokyo so many times.N:オーディション受けたりとかしてて。N: Yeah, busy with things like going to auditions.A:そう、何かスカラーシップとかいう。A: Yes, some kind of scholarship we were applied to.K:養成契約みたいなの感じでね。K: It was a kind of training contract.A:なんか発表会とかも、 ヶ月に 1 回必ずあるみたいな風に一杯行ってたから、 もその合 3 CD間にパッパラーさん家に行って、レコーディングしまして。で息子さんがね、最近また会ったらもの凄い大きくなってて。A: So there were recitals we had to join in every 3 months.A: We went to Mr. Pappara-san’s house between an interval of recitals recorded CD.A: We were surprised that his boy had grown up so much when we met him recently.
  • 5. N:(笑)N: LOL!A:普通の少年になってたよね。A: He had become an ordinary boy, hadn’t he?K:普通の少年にまで大きくなってましたね。K: He grew up to become an ordinary boy.A:むっちゃ可愛かったのにさぁ~。A: He used to be a really cute baby, you know?N:ね~。N: Yeah, that’s true.A:3 歳とか、そんな感じだったのにね。A: He was like 3 years old at that time.K:私たちも大きくなったんですね。振り返るくらいに。K: That means we also grew up so that we are able to look back.A:そう言うことですね。A: That’s right.A:あ、このころ地元でどんなプロモーションをしていましたか?だって。A: Oh, people are asking “What kind of promotion did you do in Hiroshima at thattime?”K:何か覚えてるのが、 「彼氏募集中」のプロモーションビデオを撮ることになって。広島で街といえばそこしかない、本通りの付近の並木通りを 3 人でこう、ラジカセをスタッフさんが持って歩きながら、それに合わせて口で歌いながら、多分ハンディカメラみたいなので撮ってたよね PV を。それは凄い覚えてる。K: Well, what I remember is when we made PV of “Kareshi-Boshu-chu”K: We went to a tree-lined street near the “Hon-dori(Main-avenue)”, the only urbanarea in Hiroshima.K: Then our staff carried a boom box playing that song, and we walked around singingalong.A: Yeah, we did that.K: I think they were shooting us singing by a small camecorder.K: I really remembered shooting that PV.A:後なんかラジオに出させて貰ったり、あの~タクシーに後ろで3人で乗って、助手席に奥先さん、マネージャーさんみたいな、校長先生が乗って。それで色々行きましたね。連れてって貰って。テレビにも色々なんか出させて貰ったし。A: We also appeared on some radio shows.A: I remembered taking taxi when we went to TV station or Radio station.
  • 6. A: When we took taxi, 3 of us always took the back seat and Mr. Okusaki sit in thepassenger seat.A: He was a principle of the Actor’s School, but he was in charge or our management aswell.A: He took us to various places.A: We were invited to some TV shows as well.K: Yeah!N:ね!イベントも沢山出させて貰って。何か住宅展示場で歌ったりとかさ。N: And we also appeared on various events, like singing in a house showroom.A:生放送一杯出たね。朝の。A: Yeah, we appeared on live TV shows in the morning plenty of time.N:あ~、出た。N: Yeah, we did.K:何かさ~、牛乳混ぜてチーズ作りますみたいな(笑)K: We did stuffs like making cheese from milk or something like that. LOL!A:やった~!A: We did that!K:ビンに牛乳と何か混ぜてシャーって振って。K: Mixing milk and something in a bottle and Shaking it madly.A:「出来ました~!」みたいなね。A: Like “Oh! It’s turned into cheese!”A:バターもやったかな?A: Did we make butters as well?K:作った気がする。K: I guess so.A:パンに塗って食べたよね。A: We spread that on breads and ate that.N:後車の展示場とかで。OMAJINAI☆ペロリやったりとか。N: And we sang “OMAJINAI☆PERORI” at car showroom.A:やりましたね~。A: We did that, too!N:色々やったよ。N We’ve been through various things.A:何か駐車場みたいなところでやるライブとかね、凄い沢山あったし。でも滅茶苦茶たのしかったし嬉しかったよね。A: There were a lot of live shows we performed at parking spaces.
  • 7. A: But these were really, really fun and we were so happy, weren’t we?N:で必ず来てくれるお客さんって方も何人かいらしてきて。どんどんどんどん。N: Yes. There were some people who always come to see our shows.N: We gradually started to get our fans.A:そうだね。この頃のお客さんはまだ今も来てくれて。A: Yeah, they have kept on supporting us. And they even come to our shows today!N:そうなんよね~。N: Yeah. They do!K:ありがたい。K: We really appreciate that.A:やっぱりそれは凄い嬉しいですね。A: Yeah, we are extremely happy about that.N:うん。N: That’s true.A:はい、と言うわけで 2002 年なんですけれども。え~私たちは次の年 2003 年に上京をします。A: So, 2002 has passed like that.A: In 2003, 3 of us moved up to Tokyo.N:次の春には CD 出したいって言って 3 月に CD 出せることになって。じゃあ次の春までには上京じゃねって言って。お母さん達と色々言っとったよね。N: In 2001, we discussed that we would like to release CD until next spring.N: And we were able to release it in March.N: So, we said our next goal was to move up to Tokyo until next spring.N: 3 of us and our moms talked a lot about that.A:言霊をね信じて言っていたら、本当に上京することに。A: We believed in the power of words and uttered our goals outA: Then we really made that.N:出来ることになってね。N: It came true.A:素晴らしいね。この行動力A: These leverages we had were outstanding, weren’t they?K:ホントだよね~。K: Yeah, they really were.A:今できますか?A: Can you do same things now?N:出来ませんよ!
  • 8. N: Of course not!K;今は出来ないね~。K: We can’t do them now.N:一年でこんな変化があるって凄いよねN: Facing such great changes in one year is amazing.A:いやねぇ、こんなファイターな心今持てないもん。A: We can’t have that fighting spirits to face that change now.A:若さ故の。まぁ、母に感謝ですね。A: it might be the strength of youth we could stand that.A: Or it might be the help of my moms, we have to thank them.N,K:うん。N,K: Yes.A:いやまあ上京なんですけど。A: Anyway, we moved up to Tokyo.N,K:はい。N,K: Yes.A:この後アイドルグループに入ってみたり。色んな大人に揉まれたり。またここで中田さんに出会ったりとか。A: There were so many things after moving up to Tokyo.A: Like joining in a Idol group, being tossed about by adults・・・.A: And we met Mr. Nakata-san for the first time.N,K:出会ったりね。N,K: Yeah, it was our first encounter.K:あんな衣装着ちゃったりしましたね。K: We also happened to wear THAT costume! LOL!A:色々起こっていきます!そしてのっちが・・・。A: So, lots of things would be happening in 2003.A: And what would come to Nocchi!?N:・・・続く。N:・・・ To be continued.