Perfume 2005


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Perfume locks history review held in 2010.
Review of 2005.
Aired on 23rd of Sept.

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Perfume 2005

  1. 1. 11 月 3 日の東京ドームライブに向けて、Perfume の 10 年間を研究せよ。For the Tokyo Dome concert on 3rd of Nov. look back on Perfume’s 10 year.A:さぁ、今週も来ました!A: Okay, let’s start this on this week as well.N:はい。N: Yes.A: Perfume は今年結成 10 周年と言うことで、11/3 の東京ドームでライブを行います。A: As this is the 10th anniversary year of Perfume,A: We are going to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome on 3rd of Nov.N:はい、ありがとうございます。N: Yes, thank you very much.A:え~それに向けまして、Perfume のこの 10 年間を振り返っております。A: For that concert, we are looking back our 10 years.2005 年の Perfume を研究せよ。Look back Perfume in 2005.K:今夜は 2005 年。K: Tonight, we’ll flash back 2005.A:はい。A: Okay.N:2005 年です。N: So, it’s 2005.N:血迷ったという、あの。N: Some says we ran mad on this year.A:あの、噂の。A: Yeah, some rumors so.N,A:あの、2005 年(笑)N,A: The 2005. LOL!A:迷走の時期ですね。A: The time we wandered about.K:一番迷走してましたね。この時期(笑)K: We did wandered about most on this period of time. LOL!A:まぁでもね、色んなことやらして貰って。A: Yup, but we were given opportunities to do various things,
  2. 2. N,K:うん。N,K: Yes, thats true.A:凄い充実していた年だったと。A: So, it was a fulfilling year for us.N,K:そうだね。N,K: You’re right.N:結果、充実していたと。N: As a result, we had a fulfilling year.A:まぁ 2005 年と言えばメジャーデビューの年ですが、A: So, speaking of 2005, it was a year that we made a debut from a major label.N,K:うん。N,K: Yes.A:この時は、ホント最後の。A: At that time, we thought this was our last chance for us.N:広島限定デビュー、インディーズデビュー、そしてN: Yes, we debuted from a Hiroshima limited label, a indie label and・・・A,N:メジャーデビュー。A,N: A major label.N:ホント最後の砦。N: It was our last bastion of hope.A:そうです、最後の。最後の最後です。もうメジャーですから。A: Yes, it was our very last chance as it was a debut from major label.A:これでダメならもうダメ。それでもう決意を固めて、頑張った年っていうのを凄い覚えてて。A: If we hadn’t been able to make it in here, it would have been all over.A: I remember that we were so determined and worked so hard to make it.A:あのアレ覚えてる?あのレコード会社の方に、挨拶みたいなの行って。A: Do you remember when we went to a record company to say greeting?N,K:うん。N,K: Yes.A:会議、みたいな。あの新曲とかメジャーデビューとかする人達が挨拶しに来る会議現場みたいなところで。A: We had been to a kind of conference,A: Where artists who released new songs or made debuts came to pay their respects tothe company.N:うん。
  3. 3. N: Yes, we had.K:覚えとる覚えとる。色んなとこ回ったよね。K: I do remember. We had greetings with so many people.A:そうそう。「Perfume です、よろしくお願いします~。」みたいな。A: Yes, like “We are Perfume. Nice to meet you!” and so on.A:そしたら「制服で来てるよ」見たいなこと言われて。A: Then they said things like “Oh, look! They came here with school uniform!”A:で凄い頑張ってね。見たいなこと言われたから、頑張ります!みたいな。前向きな感じになったのに、A: And they encouraged us so much saying “Good Luck!” and so on.A: So, we became so happy and positive said things like "Yes, well do our best!"A:終わって、偉い人にね、いっぱい挨拶しに行ったじゃん。A: When that conference was over, we saluted to many people in higher position.N,K:うん。N,K: We did.A:何か「何とか部長さんです」「よろしくお願いします」A: Like “This is Mr. So-and-so, the department manager” “Hello, Nice to meet you”A:「何とか課長さんです」「どうもよろしくお願いします」A: “This is Mr. So-and-so, the department chief” “Hello, Nice to meet you”A:「社長さんです」「よろしくお願いします」A: “This is Mr. So-and-so, the president” “Hello, Nice to meet you”A:「この人が Perfume を繋ぎ止めてくれた凄い人です」A: “This is Mr. So-and-so, a great person who hold Perfume’s contract to the label”A,N,K:「あ、ありがとうございます!よろしくお願いします!」(笑)A,N,K: “Oh! Thank you very much! Nice to meet you!” LOL!A:それで、そう言ったんだけど。A: So, we said things like that, then he said.A: あ、 枚、 「 3 あと 3 枚出してあげるから。まぁ言い思い出に。次の道も考えといてよ」みたいな。A: “Oh well, we’ll let you release 3 CDs.A: So, take that as a good memory, and maybe you should think about other careers”N:そうそう。N: Yeah.A:そう言う事をね。A: He said that kind of stuff.N:高 2 だっけ?
  4. 4. N: Were we at the 2nd grade of high school?A,K:そうそう、高校 2 年生。A,K: Yes, we were.K:「いい経験になるから。」みたいなね。K: Like “This will be a nice experience”A:言われて。A: Yup, he said so.K:え?って。K: We were so shocked to hear that.A:今!今いい感じに行こう!って時なのに!みたいな。A: We were like “What!? We’re feeling so positive and trying to do our best from nowon!”A:でいっぱい挨拶して、超前向きな気持ちになって、頑張りたい!っていう思いで溢れんばかりなのにさ。A: We had a lot of greetings, became so positive.A: We were full of feeling that we wanted to do our best.K:ねぇ!希望に満ちあふれてた時よね。やっとメジャーデビューが出来るってなって。K: Yeah! We were full of hope. Finally we were able to make a debut from major label.A:でさ、ホント「ありがとうございます」 「ありがとうございます」ってもうさ、顔なんてあがんないわけよ。もうずっとこの状態ですよ。A: And as we kept saying “Thank you very much!” and bowing, we couldn’t even lookup.K:うん。K: Yes.A:ビックリしたよね。A: We were so surprised.K:ビックリした。あの一言にね。K: We were, with that word.A:え?ってね。A: Like “What the ・・・!?”N:「いい経験になんじゃない?」って言われて。N: When we heard him saying “Oh well, it will be a good experience, you know?”K:オイオイって。K: We were like “Oh come on, wait a second!”A:えーっ!?と思って。A: “What are you talking about!?”
  5. 5. A:それまでは何を言われても。何か衣装がさ、結構勝手にクールビューティーみたいな感じのキャッチコピーになっててさ。A: Until that time, we complied to whatever they said.A: Well, the concept of our costumes was changed to some kind of cool and beautiful onewithout asking.N:そうだね。リニアモーターガールあの黒い衣装で。N: Yes, that’s right. That black costume of “Linear Motor Girl”K:何かね、インディーズはレトロだったけど、急に近未来に変わっちゃったんだよね。K: When we belonged to a indie label, our concept was a retro one.K: But it suddenly jumped to near future.A:そう、でシュッシュッとしとってさ、何かタイト、見たいな。A: Yup, some sharp, tight stuff.N:サイバー的なね。N: Kind of cyber ones.A:そう、感じになってビックリしたじゃん。A: That change really surprised us, didn’t it?K:そう。スリットどこまで入ってんの?みたいなね。K: Yeah, like “Oh my gosh, how far this slit goes?”A:スリットココまで入ってたからね。A: It was slit up to here.N,K:腰まで入ってたね(笑)N,K: Yeah, it was slit up to waist. LOL!K:スパッツ見えてます!ていうね。K: Like “Sir, our shorts are showing!”A:近未来的なハイレグだよ。A: It was near futuristic high-cut, you know?K:(笑)K: LOL!A:結構衣装もこんな感じだしさ。絵とか見せられてさ、こんな感じの世界観で行くからみたいなさ。言われてさ、ビックリしたじゃん。A: So, our costumes were decided like that, and they showed us some drawings andsaidA: “Next concept will be like kind of world-view”A: That also surprised us, too.N,K:うん。N,K: Yes.
  6. 6. A:なところにさ、A: And then・・・.A:「3 枚だけ、出してあげるから。」A: “OK, we’ll let you release 3 more CDs, that’s all”A:・・・ぐぇー!みたいな。A: We were like・・・”WHAT THE・・・!!!!”N:すっごい悔しかったよね。N: It was so frustrating, wasnt it?A:めっちゃ悔しかったよ。A: Yes, we were so frustrated when we heard that.A:でもさ、あの時だけ、なんか話したよね。A: What I remember is, only that time we talked.K:帰り道に。うん。K: Yes, we did, on the way back.N:のっちホントに、結成してから短いとかその場だけのグループって訳でもないし、それをさ、ずっと頑張ってきたのに、ポンって入ってきたレコード会社の偉い、何もワカラン人にさ、何か 3 枚だけ出してもう解散して言い思い出、みたいな。N: What I felt at that time was・・・N: Well, we were not the kind of group with short career from formation,N: Or an ad hoc group formed for some specific event.N: We’d been working hard for long time.N: And then some Mr. Big who knew nothing about us popped in and told us likeN: “Just release 3 CDs, disband, and make that as good memories”N:思い出!?みたいな。これから私たち頑張っていくのに、何言ってんの?って思って。A,K:うん。N: I thought “What do you mean by memories?”N: “We’d been working hard and we would be working hard from now on”N: “What are you talking about?” and so on.N:3 人で帰り道歩きながら、すごい言ってたよね、何か。N: While 3 of us walked on our way back, we complained a lot.A:言ってた!珍しく。A: We did! Pretty unusual thing for us.N:「何なん?何なんアレ?」って。N: Like “WHAT WAS THAT!? WHAT WAS HE!?”A:広島弁炸裂!みたいな感じで。(笑)A: With full of Hiroshima accents. LOL!
  7. 7. N:珍しくね!N: It was very rare case.A:そう。言っとったし。A: Yes, for us to complain.N:悔しくて。N: ‘Cause we were so frustrated.A:同じように思っとったしね。A: We all felt the same way.N,K:うん。N,K: Yes.A:あの坂道は忘れんね。A: We will never forget that slope on our way back home.N,K:ね~。N,K: Never.N:あの坂道ね。N: That sloping road.A:あの坂道は忘れん。A: Walking back that sloping road is something unforgettable.N:うん、まぁでも今となっては、その悔しさっていうのが凄いバネになったなって。N: Yeah, but when we look back then from now, that chagrin became a very strongmotivation.K:言ってもらえたからこそ、もっと強くメジャーデビュー後も頑張っていこうって思う気持ちが出てきて。K: Yes, because he told us so, we became more determined to work harder after ourmajor debut.N:うん。そうだね。N: Yes, that true.A:今カツサンド持ってきてくれるよね。A: Now days, he brings Tonkatsu-sandwiches when he visits our dressing room.K:(笑)差し入れね。K: LOL! Yes, for a snack.N:あの時の悔しさって言うのは忘れられないですね。N: We can not forget the chagrin we felt at that time.A:そうね、あの言葉は忘れんね。A: No, we can not forget those words he said.A:こんな根に持っちゃいけんじゃん?
  8. 8. A: Well, we shouldn’t be holding a grudge against what he said anymore, you know?N:(笑)N: LOL!A:人が言う言葉ってさ、結構あんまり覚えてなかったりさ、昔の言っとる事とかさ。A: When people said something in the past, they often don’t remember what they said.N,K:うん。N,K: That’s right.A:自分もあんまり覚えとらんかったりするけど、それが結構人を傷つけてたりさ、根に持っちゃったりもするけど、彼はでもそんなに、別に思って言ってない訳よ。A: I often forget what I said, too.A: But sometime, those words you said hurts someone’s feelingA: And someone holds a grudge against what you said.A: But in that case, I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt us or anything when he said that.N:うん。N: No.K:そうだね。K: I think so, too.K:高校生の 3 人と何を話していいかとか、迷った結果。K: I think he had no idea what to talk about with 3 high school girls.K: And those words came out as the result of confusion he had.A:あれが現状の言葉んだと思うんよ、あの時は多分。A: And what he said really described our actual condition.N:本当のね、事実を話してくれたんだと思う。N: Yes, he told us our reality.A:事実を言ってくれたんじゃけど、私たちには結構厳しい事も多くて、ドキっとしたけど、アレ感謝だね、逆に。A: Yeah, he told us our reality, and that reality was too tough for us.A: We were shocked when we heard that. But now, we really appreciate that.N:ホントに。N: We do.A:とまぁそう言うことをやりつつ、秋葉原でもストリートライブをやって。A: So beside those events, we performed concerts on the street of Akihabara.N:そう。N: We did.K:この時結構やってましたね。K: We did quite a lot of street concert at that time.
  9. 9. N:メジャーデビュー前とか、N: Before we made a debut from the major label.A:前にやってたね。A: Yup.A:あの打ち水大作戦といって、アニメに声入れたりして。A: We did animation character’s voices for the project called “Operation Uchimizu(Water sprinkling)”N:そう。N: Yes, we did.K:声入れをしたりして。K: We were voice actresses of that anime.N:声優の桃井はるこさんとの出会いがあって、桃井さんとあの「アキハバラブ」って言うね、秋葉原の歌を歌ったりとか、桃井さんがキッカケで、打ち水大作戦っていう大きいプロジェクト。N: We met Mrs. Haruko Momoi, a voice actress.N: And with her, we sang a song named “Akihaba-Love”, the song about Akihabara.N: Then Momoi-san became a trigger and we started a big project named “OperationUchimizu”A:大きい凄いやつのキャラクターになったりして、愛知万博出たよね。A: We became the characters for the very big event.A: I remember we appeared on the stage of Aichi-EXPO.K:出たね~。K: We did.N:出た!N: Yes.N:万博でモリゾーとキッコロと一緒に打ち水したよ。(笑)N: We sprinkled water at EXPO with Morizo & Kikkoro(*1). LOL!A:打ち水音頭とか踊ったりして。A: We also danced “Uchimizu-dance song” on stage.N,K:うん。N,K: Yes, we did.A:ね、裏でも完璧だったよね、モリゾーとキッコロは。A: They were perfectly Morizo & Kikkoro even at the back stage, too.N:キッコロの方が動きにくいらしいね、アレ。N: I heard that Kikkoro’s outfit was more binding.A,N,K:(笑)
  10. 10. A,N,K: LOL!A:さりげなく体験談(笑)A: Thanks for the information. LOL!A:あとさ、秋葉原のこの歌さ、アキハバラブって歌じゃん。A: Oh, this song is about Akihabara and the title is “Akihaba-Love” right?N,K:うん。N,K: Yeah.A:でもさ、レコーディングの時「秋葉原~」って歌ったよね。A: But when we sang for recording, we just sang “♪Akihabara~”N:アキハバラブって言ってないね、確かに。N: That’s right. We didn’t sing “♪Akihaba-Love”K:貰ったとき秋葉原だったんだよね。K: When they gave us a lyric, it was just “Akihabara”A:で、歌ったんだけど。出来上がったときはアキハバラブになってた。A: Then we recorded the song, and it became “Akihaba-Love” when it came out.N,K:歌詞もタイトルもなってた。N,K: Yes, the both the title and the lyric were changed.A:で、アレ?大人!みたいな。(笑)A: And we were like “Oh, this is so adult!” LOL!A,N,K:(笑)A,N,K: LOL!A:大人のなんかそう言うの!(笑)A: “So, this is what is so called an adult circumstance!” LOL!K:ブって言ってないけど大丈夫ですか?って聞いたんだけど、K: We asked them if it was alright as we didn’t sang “Love”K:「歌うときにラブって言えばいいから」って(笑)K: Then they said “No problem, just add “Love” when you sing” LOL!A,N,K:あ、そうなんだ!?それでいいんだ~。分かりました・・・(笑)A,N,K: Oh, it’s OK in that way・・・. Yes, sir・・・. LOL!A:スゲェ!みたいな。A: We were like “WOW! It’s unbelievable!”K:確かに確かに。K: “Actually it sounds OK!”A:みたいなのをね、凄いあったけどね。A: So, that kind stuff happened when we recorded that.N:でもよかったよね。
  11. 11. N: But it was a good experience.A:あの歌いい歌だよね。A: Actually, that song was pretty nice.K:いい歌。K: It was.N:いい歌だよ。N: Such a nice song.N:いい歌だし、何か凄い熱い思いみたいなのも色々あったしN: It was a nice song. It had really strong emotions.A:そうだね。A: Yes, you’re right.N: いい経験だよ。N: It was a very good experience.A:で 9/21 にメジャーデビューですよ。リニアモーターガールA: Then, on 21st of Sep. We made a debut from the major label with “Linear Motor Girl”N,K:はい。しました。N,K: Yes, we did.A:二日前?A: Was it 2 days ago?K:そうだね。K: Yes.N:一昨日!5 周年。メジャーデビュー 5 周年迎えました!N: So, the day before yesterday was our 5 th anniversary of the debut from the majorlabel!N:おめでとうございます!N: Congratulation!A:ありがとうございます!A: Thank you very much!A:ほいで、生放送しましたね。A: We held a live broadcasting program to celebrate that.K:しましたね~。K: Yes, we did.A:とまあこういう風にクールビューティーになって、結構迷ったりもしたけど、最後に。これ頑張んないともう最後だよ、っていうのが凄いあったから。A: So like this, as our concept had changed to some cool and beautiful side,A: We were pretty puzzled and wandered about.
  12. 12. A: But we knew if we hadn’t worked hard and made it, it would have been our lastchance.K:デビュー 3 回目だから。K: Yes, as it was our 3rd debut.N:してしまいましたからね。遂に、メジャーデビューを。N: Yes, as we reached to a debut from the major debut finally.A:それの思いは凄くあったね。A: We all had a strong feeling about that.K:失敗は許されないみたいなね。K: Like we couldn’t miss this chance!A:本当に広島に帰んなくちゃいけない。A: If we couldn’t have made it, we would have had to go back to Hiroshima.N:ダメだったら。N: Yeah, if we couldn’tA:絶対に帰んなくちゃいけない。A: We would definitely have had to go back to our hometown.A:そう言って 2006 年にはまたシングルをリリースして。A: So like that, we released other singles in 2006.A:あの、3 枚目が来るわけですよ。A: And the 3rd single had been released.N:うん。N: Yes.A:3 枚まで出してあげるからと、あの人は言ったんですけれども。A: He said they would let us release 3 CDs,N,K:うん。N,K: Yes.A:頑張らなくちゃいけない年ですね。A: So, 2006 was the year we needed to work hard and do our best.K:2 枚目 3 枚目が出た年ですね。K: The year we released our 2nd and 3rd CDs.A:出た年。A: Yes.K:その後どうなるのか。K: So, what would happen Next?A:続く!A: To be continued!