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Backpack trip

  1. 1. 5 cities, 5 countries, 6months, 3,000 $Leo Justus2A
  2. 2. Map Taiwan PhilippinesIsrael Nepal Indonesia
  3. 3. Visa & permit You will need a visa to travel to all 5 cities and a work permit in Taiwan, Taipei Philippines, manila Indonesia, Manado Nepal, Kathmandu Israel, Tel Aviv
  4. 4. visa Step 1 Visit the Mexico Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores) website. Step 2 Click the "Application Forms" (Formatos de Solicitud) link under the "Passport Requirements for Homeland" (Requisitos Para Pasaportes en Territorio Nacional) heading on the right side of the page. Step 3 Select the "Mexican Ordinary Passport Application [OP-5]" (Solicitud de pasaporte ordinario mexicano [OP-5]) to open the passport application form. Step 4 Print the passport application form from your home computer. Complete the form using a blue or black ballpoint pen. Write legibly to avoid processing delays. Step 5 Submit the completed application form, along with the applicable processing fee, proof of Mexican citizenship and two passport photos to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Mexico or the nearest Mexican embassy or consulate in the U.S.
  5. 5. Work permitWork Permit RequirementsA work permit is required before anyone under the age of 18 is allowed to work inany job with the exception of agriculture or domestic service work.Employers must have a work permit on file for the minor being employed beforethey may allow the minor to begin work.Where can I get a Work Permit?Work permits are issued at various locations throughout the state. You may applyfor a work permit at your school office or call (608) 266-6860 for information onwhere in your area you may apply for a work permit.NOTE: The permit will not be issued if the work is prohibited by law.How to Obtain a Work PermitTo obtain a work permit, either the minor alone or the minor and a parent mustvisit the permit officer, taking with them:the minors birth certificate or other proof of age,the minors social security cardletter from the employer expressing intent to hire, on employers regularletterhead, describing:job duties,hours of work, written parents consent dards_bureau/work_permits.htma $10.00 permit fee
  6. 6. Days in Taiwan
  7. 7. Taiwan, Taipei
  8. 8. Plane ticket Departure: 30 Sep (MEX) Arrival: 30 Sep (JFK)Cost 1,526$ Departure: 01 Oct (JFK)Flight from Mexico – new york Arrival: 02 Oct (HKG)New york – Hong Kong Departure: 02 Oct (HKG)Hong Kong - Taipei Arrival: 02 Oct (TPE)
  9. 9. hotel in Taiwan Amouwalker Hostal v Breakfast, lunch, diner included Wed 3o Sep, 2012 - Mon 26 Oct, 2012 21 dollars per night 26 Nights, 1 Room Max 1 Adult(s) 567$ cost
  10. 10. job English tutorHi, I am Paul, nice to meet you, and I am 32 yearsold, now I am working for a software 500 – 1500 NT = 50$company, hoping to find an experienced English tutorto help me efficiently enhance English ability Working 1 hr everyincluding daily conversation and the related English day = 200$ everyskills in the work like mail/con-call…etc, my budget weekis NT 500~1500 per hour, and my available time is6:30~7:30 pm on Monday through Wednesday orFriday, my working place is in Songren Rd., XinyiDist., Taipei City which is near MRT Taipei city Hall 750$ won forstation, we can start our class in my office, it will be English tutor.more convenient. Feel free to contact with me by mail.Also if you are not in town we could also talk threwSkype. &subsecti on_id=85&content_mode=2
  11. 11. Money left in Taiwan 3,000-1,526 $ plane ticket start-567$ cost hotel+50$ per class = 750$=2841$ in Taiwan
  12. 12. Manila, Philippines
  13. 13. Days in Philippines
  14. 14. Ticket to Philippines 121$ cost of flight Departure 26 Oct Taipei TPE Arrival 26 Oct Manila MNL
  15. 15. Hotels in Manila 9 $ the night Breakfast included Cost of the 27 nights 243$
  16. 16. job English tutor Norwegian 40-something 1 Child Work for 1 hour every Age 2 weekday from 7pm to 8pm No pets Christian Will not accept smokers Is a single male parent No experience preference As Needed hours/week English and Tagalog are required Pay is <$100/wk hilippines-Manila/tutor1332823.htm
  17. 17. Money left in Philippines 2841$ start-121 $ plane ticket-243$ hotel+100 every day =1900 in manila+800$ tutor in Taiwan=4877$
  18. 18. Indonesia, Manado
  19. 19. Days in manado
  20. 20. Plane ticket Manila MNL Departure 22 NOV MNL628$ cost Arrival 22NOV CGK Jakarta CGK Departure 23 NOV CGK Arrival 23 NOV MDC Jakarta CGK Manado MDC MDC&adt=1&chd=0&snr=0&infl=0&infs=0&dd=12-18- 2012&tt=ONEWAYTRIP&lc=1
  21. 21. hotels BreakfastCost 17$ per night included425$ for all
  22. 22. Money left in Manado 4877 $ start- 628 plane ticket- 425$ hotel+ 650 for job inTaiwan=4,899$
  23. 23. Nepal, Kathmandu
  24. 24. Days in Kathmandu
  25. 25. Plane ticket Departure 18 Dec MDC Arrival 18Dec CGK Departure 19 Dec CGK Arrival 19 Dec DXB Departure 19 Dec DXB Arraival 19 Dec KTM Manado MDC1,235 cost Jakarta CGK Jakarta CGK Dubai DXB tabid=1685&sid=1&oa=MDC&da=KTM&a Dubai DXB dt=1&chd=0&snr=0&infl=0&infs=0&dd=1 Kathmandu KTM 2-18-2012&tt=ONEWAYTRIP&lc=1
  26. 26. Hotels in Kathmandu No breakfast included you will need to4$ per night buy food at a super marketCost of 26 nights = 104 $ Shared room E4pAyFqZCr7UvuJ15vcunB2784dguGDHoZV1dgF%2btSUMaiyRyZe89xUYhXBBF2Icx3smVFrmtfwbmq5RvUw%2bvLHWF6G9v6Fbd ensg%2fxaBH93eawEyt1rHg%3d%3d
  27. 27. Job in Kathmandutotal payment 6,000$Work 1 hour every weak dayPay will be 200- 300 every work dayFrom 7:00 – 8:00
  28. 28. Money left in Kathmandu- 1,235 plane ticket- 104$ hotel+6,000$ job English tutor+1,000$ for English tutor in Taiwan=10,560
  29. 29. Israel, Tel Aviv
  30. 30. Days in Tel Aviv20 January to30 of April
  31. 31. Plane ticket Departure Manado Arrival Jakarta Departure Jakarta Arrival Hong Kong Departure Hong Kong Arrival Tel Aviv
  32. 32. family  He has a brother in Israel, because his wife wanted to be near her family, so they moved to IsraelBrother alexander
  33. 33. job English tutor in Taiwan threw Skype 50 $ per class He wins 2,500$ for all
  34. 34. Money left in Tel Aviv 10,664-2,281 plane ticket+ 2,500 in Englishtutor in Taiwan=10,883
  35. 35. Returned to Mexico Departure Tel Aviv Arrival Toronto Cost 1934$ Departure Toronto Arrival Mexico
  36. 36. THE END