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Agile at Seapine (University of Cincinnati 2011)


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Agile @ Seapine SoftwareUniversity of Cincinnati Lecture Series© 2011 Seapine Software, Inc. All rights reserved
  • 2. About Alan Bustamante
  • 3. Agenda What is Agile? Why Agile? Agile Challenges
  • 4. Agenda What is Agile? Why Agile? Agile Challenges
  • 5. An Umbrella Word
  • 6. A Set of Values Individuals & Process & Interactions Tools “…while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on Working Comprehensive Software Documentation the left more.” Customer Contract Collaboration Negotiation Agile Manifesto, 2001 Responding To Change Following A Plan
  • 7. Agenda What Is Agile? Why Agile? Agile Challenges
  • 8. Traditional Software Projects Standish Group Chaos Report, 2004, 2006, 2009
  • 9. A Tale of Two Triangles
  • 10. Traditional Waterfall “I believe in this concept, but the implementation described above is risky and invites failure.” – Dr. Winston Royce, Proceedings, IEEE WESCON,1970
  • 11. Traditional Methods“Requirements” Rigid Change Unhappyand BDUF Control Customer
  • 12. Agile Iterative and Incremental Happy Customer
  • 13. Iteration Contents
  • 14. It’s About Feedback
  • 15. It’s About Risk
  • 16. Activities – Task Board Product Iteration To-Do WIP Complete Task Task 10 Task Task Task User Story User Story User Story 5 8 13 5 Task Task Task 8 User Story 1 User Story User Story 3 13 User Story Task Task 8 4 16 Task Task User Story User Story 5 5 Task 10 Bug Fix User Story User Story Task Task Task 2 3 User Story Task Task 5 Bug Fix User Story User Story User Story Bug Fix
  • 17. Burn Down
  • 18. A Parting Thought $200,000
  • 19. Agenda What is Agile? Why Agile? Agile Challenges
  • 20. Challenges to Implementing Agile Katie Dwyer
  • 21. Background► Been at Seapine Software for ~5 years. One year as a software support engineer, and four years as a software engineer on the Surround SCM team.► Recently started learning and using Agile to give Seapine credibility in Agile development space► I develop using Agile – everyone else is still using Waterfall
  • 22. Challenges► Cooperation► Estimates► Test-Driven Development► Pair Programming► QA and Documentation► User Stories
  • 23. Cooperation► Estimates (Planning Poker)► Product Owner► QA analysts► Technical writers
  • 24. Estimates► Normally done in hours► Story points don’t directly correspond to hours► Requires cooperation from team to come up with estimates
  • 25. Test-Driven Development► Legacy code► C++► Qt► Different mindset► Fending off cowboy coding► Demo
  • 26. Pair Programming► Personality conflicts► Can’t be done with one developer
  • 27. QA and Documentation► QA analyst usually writes test cases based on up- front feature design. Since there is no up-front design, how should this happen?► Technical writers usually write documentation based on the feature design as well.► Solution: QA analyst and technical writer must attend sprint review meetings
  • 28. User Stories► Starting out, it’s hard to write good user stories.► Can’t explain how to write good user stories – it comes with practice.
  • 29. Why Agile is Worth It► Estimates – team members participate in estimation of all user stories► TDD – better design, you know immediately if you broke other code► QA – test earlier, adapt to changes easier► Scope changes – don’t waste time designing features that you won’t have time to implement
  • 30. Conclusions► Learn value of Agile► Directly demonstrate value of Agile► Use our tools to develop using Agile
  • 31. Additional ResourcesAgile on The Seapine View of an Agile Padawan Expedition
  • 32. Opportunities @ SeapineInterested in working at Seapine? Check out:
  • 33. Questions & Answers Thank you for your time!