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H P Data Sheet

  1. 1. HP QuickTest Professional software Data sheet HP QuickTest Professional software is advanced, automated testing software for building functional and regression test suites. It captures, verifies, and replays user interactions automatically and helps testers quickly identify and report on application effects, while providing advanced functionality for tester collaboration. Simplify test creation and maintenance. With HP QuickTest Professional, your quality assurance (QA) organization can: HP QuickTest Professional software provides functional and regression test automation for major software • Empower the entire team to create sophisticated test applications and environments, including next-gener- suites with less training. ation development technologies, such as Windows® • Establish correct functionality across all environments, Presentation Foundation, Web services, Macromedia data sets, and business processes. Flex, Ajax, Delphi, PowerBuilder, .NET, J2EE and • Fully document and replicate defects for developers, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer helping them fix defects faster and meet production relationship management (CRM) applications. deadlines. HP QuickTest Professional offers a fresh approach to • Easily regression test ever-changing applications automated testing: It deploys the concept of keyword- and environments. driven testing to radically simplify test creation and • Deliver quality products and services and improve maintenance. Using keyword capabilities, your testers revenues and profitability. can build test cases by capturing flows directly from • Enable tester workgroups to share automated testing the application screens and applying robust cap- assets across teams. turing technology (record/replay). In addition, your power users get full access to the underlying test and object properties through an integrated scripting and debugging environment that is synchronized with the Keyword View capability for your complete testing cycle.
  2. 2. Easy to use Using the Keyword Views, Auto-documentation, and Active Screen features, you can create and modify test scripts without having to write a single line of code. How HP QuickTest Professional works Collaborate across workgroups. HP QuickTest Professional has been designed for test HP QuickTest Professional allows even novice testers automation collaboration among tester workgroups. It to be productive in minutes. You can create tests includes technology for managing application defini- using the script-free Keyword View feature and simply tions or objects in the Object Repository Manager. declaring the test steps. QuickTest Professional also Based on an open XML format, the Object Repository lets you capture test steps via an integrated recording Manager lets HP QuickTest Professional users collaborate capability. The product documents each step in simple and share application object definitions. HP QuickTest language and displays an integrated screenshot via Professional keeps object-level changes synchronized the Active Screen feature. among users throughout test creation efforts. Unlike traditional scripting tools that produce scripts In addition, you can define object repositories before that are difficult to modify, HP QuickTest Professional’s an application is available to QA. Users can also share keyword-driven approach lets you easily insert, modify, function libraries, application asset definitions, and data-drive, and remove test steps. data-driven spreadsheets across workgroups. HP QuickTest Professional also addresses new appli- With process guidance, you can embed a user guide cation builds. When an application being tested within HP QuickTest Professional and propagate best changes, such as renaming a “Login” button to “Sign In,” practices with interactive help to walk users through you only need to update one reference in an exten- the activities and link them to the right application sible markup language (XML)-based Shared Object areas within the software. Two built-in processes are Repository (within the Object Repository Manager provided—keyword driven processes and business feature), and the update is propagated to all tests that process testing. Users can also create their own reference this object. custom processes. With HP QuickTest Professional you can provide local Accelerate testing. system monitoring by testing system performance mea- Several features are available in HP QuickTest surements correlated to a business process, reporting Professional to improve your use of the tool: main- on thresholds exceeded, and analyzing and tracing tenance run mode, an enhanced, enterprise-level performance errors to their root cause. integrated development environment (IDE), and check- You can publish test scripts to HP Quality Center soft- point management. In addition, using Keyword Views, ware, allowing other QA team members to reuse your Auto-documentation, and Active Screen features, you test scripts and eliminating duplicate work. can create and modify test scripts without writing a single line of code. 2
  3. 3. Maintenance run mode is designed for the production HP Business Process Testing reduces the overhead phase where tests need to be maintained as the appli- for automated test maintenance and combines test cation changes. This execution mode lets you run tests automation and documentation into a single effort. and, instead of failing where an application has It lets subject-matter experts and business managers changed, a pop-up wizard provides guidance on how measure the quality of application deliverables from to change the test real-time, the reason for failure, and abstract business definitions defined within the HP choices for how to address it. This feature reduces the Business Process Testing framework. time required to analyze the test suite and identify edits Reporting based on changes in the application. HP QuickTest Professional provides the ability to The IDE contains numerous productivity enhancements, customize reports with user-defined images and including ease-of-use when reusing keywords within screen shots to facilitate reproducing errors. Client the same test, and providing access to meta test data performance-related errors (e.g. memory leakage) can such as test flow, actions, and test assets. Quick test also be included in the standard reports with the ability panes are available to make test asset information to link directly from the report to the test script itself. more visible and easier to access. Additional IDE Reports can also be exported to portable document enhancements include capabilities around intellisense, format (PDF) and Microsoft Word documents. dynamic surroundings, and auto-complete as well as Key features and benefits customizable toolbars. • Operates stand-alone or integrated with HP Business Checkpoint Management allows you to utilize a single Process Testing and HP Quality Center user interface to manage test checkpoints and output • Enables collaboration among workgroups with shared objects, as well as to share object repositories between function libraries, robust object management, and tests. You can also create your own bitmap com- flexible asset storage within HP Quality Center parison algorithms and build them into HP QuickTest • Features next-generation, “zero-configuration,” key- Professional to be managed as a checkpoint. word-driven testing technology—allowing for fast HP Functional Testing test creation, easier maintenance, and more powerful HP Functional Testing software combines HP QuickTest data-driving capability Professional and all HP QuickTest Professional add-ins • Identifies objects with Unique Smart Object into a single integrated solution. This combination allows Recognition, even if they change from build to you to conduct automated functional testing across the build, for reliable and unattended script execution industry’s broadest set of platforms and technologies. • Manages multiple object repositories with ease to Unified Functional Testing facilitate building automated frameworks and libraries HP Unified Functional Testing brings together HP • Handles unforeseen application events with Recovery QuickTest Professional, HP QuickTest Professional Manager, facilitating 24x7 testing to meet test add-ins, and HP Service Test into a single package. project deadlines This powerful combination of functional testing tools • Reduces time to resolve defects by automatically allows you to conduct automated testing for both reproducing defects and identifying problems with graphical user interface (GUI) -based applications and the built-in test execution recorder non GUI-based services. • Collapses test documentation and test creation into Combine automated and manual testing. a single step with Auto-documentation technology You can leverage your investment in HP QuickTest • Easily data drives any object definition, method, check- Professional with HP Business Process Testing software, point, and output value via the Integrated Data Table which provides functional test case design for both automated and manual testing. HP Business Process • Rapidly isolates and diagnoses defects with inte- Testing enables non-technical subject-matter experts grated reports that can be exported into XML and to become an integral part of the quality optimization hypertext markup language (HTML) formats process. It automates the creation of test plans and • Provides Unicode support for multi-lingual streamlines test maintenance for application change. application testing • Enables manual and automated testing for GUI- based applications and non GUI-based services 3
  4. 4. A complete solution Contact information Comprehensive training To find an HP Software sales office or reseller near HP provides a comprehensive curriculum of HP Software you, visit www.managementsoftware.hp.com/buy. and IT Service Management courses. These offerings provide the training you need to realize the full potential of your HP solutions, increase your network optimiza- HP Services tion and responsiveness, and achieve better return on Get the most from your software investment. your IT investments. HP provides high-quality software services that address all aspects of your software application lifecycle needs. With HP, you have With more than 30 years experience meeting complex access to standards-based, modular, multi-platform software coupled education challenges worldwide, HP knows training. with global services and support. The wide range of HP service offerings—from online self-solve support to proactive mission-critical This experience, coupled with unique insights into HP services—enables you to choose the services that best match your Software products, positions HP to deliver a better business needs. training experience. For more information about these For an overview of HP software services, visit and other educational courses, visit www.managementsoftware.hp.com/service. www.hp.com/learn. To access technical interactive support, visit Software Support Online at support.openview.hp.com. The smartest way to invest in IT To learn more about HP Software Customer Connection, a one-stop HP Financial Services provides innovative financing information and learning portal for software products and services, and financial asset management programs to help you visit www.hp.com/go/swcustomerconnection. cost-effectively acquire, manage, and ultimately retire your HP solutions. For more information on these services, contact your HP sales representative or visit www.hp.com/go/hpfinancialservices. Technology for better business outcomes To learn more, visit www.hp.com/software Microsoft and Windows are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. © Copyright 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. 4AA1-2116ENW Rev. 1, October 2008