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Beards: A Series of Fun Facts
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Beards: A Series of Fun Facts


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Beards are awesome.

Beards are awesome.

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  • Darwin says beards evolved as a form of sexual selection, women preferred them and they serve as symbols of sexual maturity\n“a preponderance of females in the past found mates with beards more attractive than mates without beards”\n
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  • Fun fact: the last US president to have facial hair was William Taft, who stepped down in 1913. \n
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  • Transcript

    • 1. BEARDSa series of fun facts
    • 2. WHY BEARDS?!
    • 3. SEXUAL SELECTION+ Women like beards (or at leastthey used to)+ Symbol of sexual maturity (rawr)+ Symbol of dominance (increasedperceived jaw size)
    • 4. HISTORICAL FUN FACTS+ High ranking ancient Egyptiansdyed their beards and plaited themwith gold thread+ Egyptians also sported false metalbeards (postiches) as a symbol of Historically accuratesovereignty+ The postiche was worn by kings,queens and royal cows
    • 5. HISTORICAL FUN FACTS+ Alexander the Great ordered hissoldiers to be clean shaven+ Shaving spread and became law insome states Did you know William Shatner played Alexander the Great in a TV show pilot in the 60s?+ Philosophers retained their beardsas a badge of their profession Socrates rocking his beard, here pictured with Bill and Ted
    • 6. HISTORICAL FUN FACTS Beardage Througout Western History 1400s Clean Shaven FTW 1500s Seriously long beards 16 & 1700s No longer cool, banned My boy John Knox 1800s Super cool again! Dickens! Marx! Garibaldi! 1900s Invention of the safety razor, MARKETING!
    • 7. BEARDS TODAY 1900-1950s Clean Shaven FTW 1950s and 60s Beatniks and hippies 1970s Hair is cool, in all forms 1980s Ew! Gross! Grunge to hipsters, 1990s - today anything goesPS: This guy.
    • 8. SELECT STYLES+ FULL: Downward flowing beard with either styled orintegrated moustache (ZZ TOP!)+ VAN DYKE: Goatee withaccompanying moustache (EVIL GENIUS)+ VERDI: Short beard with roundedbottom and slightly shaven cheeks withprominent moustache (HIPSTER)
    • 9. WHAT DO THE LADIES THINK? Leonato: You may light on a husband that hath no beard.Beatrice: What should I do with him? Dress him in my apparel and make him my waiting-gentlewoman? -Much Ado About Nothing – Act 2, Scene I
    • 10. THANK YOU! @SarahJaneMorris