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Vocabulary. soc 30 1 Vocabulary. soc 30 1 Presentation Transcript

    Sarah White
  • Ideology
    people with a common beliefs of how a group or nation should work. (economic equality)
    Example- all people should be considered equals no matter what gender or race you are.
  • Individualism
    To look after yourself and not rely on the government.
    Example- American health care is individualism because the people decide for themselves how much coverage they want with any support from the government.
  • Collectivism
    The needs of a group are put above the needs of a individual. Everyone has some responsibility for one another.
    Example- Canadian health care because everyone pays into it for the good of others if they may need coverage.
  • Liberalism
    To believe in having equal rights and liberty, and being able to choose how your lead.
    Example- The liberal party of Canada
  • Self-interest
    To be independent, work for yourself. Free to fail or to succeed.
    Example- private businesses are an example of self-interest because if the owner of a private business fails they are the only one to blame
  • Competition
    To compete against one or more groups, to achieve a prize or a resource that is in limited supply.
    Example- playing a sporting game to see who comes out on top is a good example of competition
  • Freedom(political/ economic)
    To be free to have a say in the way government and economy is run
    Example- democracy is a example of political freedom because people are free to vote for who they want to govern them.
  • Rule of Law
    Everyone must abide by the law no matter what walk of life you come from.
    Example- Lindsay Lohan went to jail for committing a crime, despite her celebrity status.
  • Private Property
    The right to own something as an individual where no part goes to the government or society
    Example- owning a home
  • Collective Responsibility
    A belief that society is somewhat responsible for the actions of a individual.
    Example- In some ways we are responsible for the work that the army does because we as a country want them to be at war
  • Collective Interest
    To satisfy the concerns of a group, to improve the groups condition.
    Example- Student council works to satisfy the need of a school
  • Cooperation
    done with or working with others for a common purpose or benefit
    Example- a house would never get built unless the people building it cooperated together to get the job done.
  • Economic Equality
    All people are economically equal. Government may set tax polices so that all people make about the same wedges no matter what your occupation is.
    Example- if you have a high paying job, you have to pay more taxes than someone with a low paying job so that the money being paid is equal.
  • Collective Norms
    A behavior, belief or value that is considered to be normal by a group of people.
    Example- In some Asian countries women stretching their necks is a collective norm. where as here in Canada this practice would seem odd.
  • Public Property
    Property that belongs to no one individual. But is owned by the government for everyone's use
    Example- A library is a good example of public property because everyone in the community is free to use it.
  • Value
    Something that a person considers highly important in their life
    Example- To say that someone values another persons friendship
  • Belief
    Something an individual has strong faith in or believes to be true.
    Example- Believing in a higher power
  • Individual Identity
    What makes a person unique or makes them different from other people. A persons valves and beliefs help shape there individual identity.
    Example- People show their personal identity through the clothing they wear.
  • Collective Identity
    An identity you share with a group that has the same ideology
    Example- The backstreet boys share the same collective identity of being boy band