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KnowledgeNet Parent Evening

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  • Thanks for your comment Paul, parent evening went really well and we lots of families were really pleased to see what we are doing so far. Unfortunately since that evening we have been having interoperability issues due to our wireless internet not being strong enough for our hosted MUSAC service, but hopefully this can be fixed sometime soon.

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  • Thanks for sharing a of your journey. I appreciated seeing what you are saying to families and how you plan to roll-out. Keen now to know how it went.

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Parent evening

  1. 1. KnowledgeNET Orini Combined School
  2. 2. What is KnowledgeNET? * Learning Management System (LMS) that was launched in 2001 by Dataview Ltd in conjunction with Mark Treadwell. * On-line virtual learning environment which allows Teachers, Students and Parents to collaborate in a productive, efficient and engaging way. * Access can be controlled due to what information the login person needs to see: Administration – Full access to all areas Teacher – Access to staff area, class pages and own students individual pages. Student – Access to class pages + Senior Students also have access to own individual K-Net page. Parents/Caregivers – Access to class page and own child’s page.
  3. 3. * School Management - 24 hour access to staff area for planning, notices, data storage (previously only accessible on school site). Can monitor all student data and class pages from one login. Can create group areas for BOT, PTA, sports teams, cultural groups etc. * Teachers – 24 hour access to school resources, data (previously only accessible on school site). Area for critical reflections, forum discussions and resource sharing. Class pages to display relevant information for students and families. Constant access to student pages ensures up-to-date pertinent comments can be made. Main stake holders At School
  4. 4. * Students – Display work for a purposeful audience, class and family, to view and comment (feedback / feed forward). Sharing through typed, video or sound files. Constant access to class resources, notices etc. Critical reflection of own and others learning. Work can be saved to complete at home or homework uploaded. * Parents / Family Members – 24 hour global access to real time information about child’s academic progress at school and all school publications and policies. Family around NZ or overseas can regularly see child’s progress. Can include assessment results, attendance history, caregiver information (which can be instantly updated on-line), medical info, emergency contacts etc. Information is secure as restricted by log-in access . Main stake holders cont. At Home
  5. 5. K-Net Project After researching the possibility of implementing KnowledgeNet within our school, we were invited to join a research project as a Pilot school : Dataview (KnowledgeNET) together with two other LMS developers; Edtech (Ultranet) and Editure (My Classes), are collaborating in a project aimed at gaining a better understanding of the key factors to the successful implementation of a Learning Management System (LMS) in NZ schools. Dataview subsidised the implementation costs for a small number of schools who identified KnowledgeNET as the learning management system which will best meet their needs.
  6. 6. Dataview covered the costs of implementation for SIX months, this included : Setting up the KnowledgeNET and Initial days Training (Standard pricing is $3265.00 for a school our size). Set up of Interoperability with MUSAC within KnowledgeNET Parent Portal (Included in above pricing). KnowledgeNET Monthly License for KnowledgeNET and Interoperability with MUSAC ( $171.00 per month). School Costs The school will be responsible for software licenses and the application hosting fees for the remaining 18 months of the two year project period and on an ongoing basis beyond this. FUNDING SUBSIDY
  7. 7. Project Success Regular release by our Principal for Teacher Professional Development has been key to ensuring that all staff progress at a similar level, and can support one another when necessary. The results from the project will be shared with the participating schools when they are compiled in a hope that these will be of benefit to all the schools involved.
  8. 8. Where to now? * Alignment of Assessment system with National Standards (2011). Currently only basic information and data is shown in Parent Portal. * E-portfolios for students. Four way reflection = Student – Peer – Parent – Teacher. * Continued Teacher Development (K-Net Conferences + Regular in-school professional development).
  9. 9. Family Tasks * Each family will use an allocated computer to explore the K-Net website. * With your child’s support, follow the outline of set tasks . Briefly look through each link as there is a lot of fantastic learning to see. * Anything written and underlined in blue is a link . Buffer videos before you watch them. Open another internet tab so you can keep exploring other K-Net pages while your video is buffering. Ask Teachers or Senior Students to support you if you have any difficulties. * If you do not have access to Broadband internet at home, please feel free to make time to come in regularly to view and comment on the K-Net pages. Contact your child’s Teacher to organise this. * Have fun !
  10. 10. Computer Allocation * Jones * Wolmarans * Van Tiel * Barr * Rennie * Houia / Tamihana * Bunn * Wilton * Quintal * Gul * Storey * Kay/ Evans * Crosby * Hilton Room 6 Room 5 Room 3 Room 2 Room 1