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The White Little Rabbitcompr Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The white little rabbit
  • 2. Once upon a time there was a little white rabbit that was tired of being white. One day he started to make experiments white some paint.
  • 3. First of all he put two bowls, a yellow one and a blue one and filled them with yellow paint and blue paint.
  • 4. Then he put a red bowl with red paint.
  • 5. The rabbit liked the yellow paint and decided to paint himself yellow. Maybe he will look nice!
  • 6. He splashed into the yellow bowl.
  • 7. And the little white rabbit now was a little yellow rabbit.
  • 8. The rabbit had a great time playing games with the paint so he decided to jump into the red paint bowl. What would it happen?
  • 9. Now the rabbit was orange because yellow and red make orange. But the rabbit did not like the colour very much. He decided to start again.
  • 10. Now the rabbit had a shower to be white again.
  • 11. What would it happen if he jumped into the red paint bowl now that he was white again?
  • 12. Uups, now it was red.
  • 13. But he wanted to play more, so he jumped into the blue bowl.
  • 14. It was so funny!
  • 15. And if I try the red bown? Thought the little white rabbit.
  • 16. Great! Now e was purple. How funny!
  • 17. This was a very funny colour for a rabbit so the rabbit had another shower. What would mum say if she saw him purple?
  • 18. When he was clean and white again he tried the blue. What will happen?
  • 19. And now the yellow again, what colour will I be now?
  • 20. Now the rabbit is green because blue and yellow make green. It is not a good colour for a bunny. He looks grass.
  • 21. He is going to have a shower again. But, what happens? Oh dear! There is not water. Now, what am I going to do. He does not want to be a green bunny. There are not green rabbits.
  • 22. There is not water but there is red paint. I will try
  • 23. What will happen now?
  • 24. Well, now he is not white, he is brown. It is such a beautiful colour!