Getting Started with Flex and PHP


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Introduction to Flex for PHP developers with information on how to get started, what value Flex provides, and what tools to use.

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  • Getting Started with Flex and PHP

    1. 1. Getting Started with Flex and PHP
    2. 2. Ryan Stewart @ryanstewart [email_address] 500100 4400259 13 T Live in Seattle, WA Into: Beer, Mountaineering, Geolocation
    3. 3. Agenda What is Flex? Flex and PHP: The Why and the Workflows Advanced PHP Features with Flex Using PHP and the Flash Platform
    4. 5. Flex is Not: Basic Animations Banner Ads Simple Video Menu Bars Small Pieces of Interactivity
    5. 6. Simple Animation, Vector Graphics, Banner Ads, Progressive Video Interactive Widgets, Streaming Video, Advanced Drawing, Sound Generation, Filters/Effects Real-Time Collaboration Data Visualization, Gestures RIAs, Games HTML5 Flex Pyramid of Flash Features and Use Cases
    6. 7. Flex is Applications
    7. 8. Flex is for Developers Open Source SDK Familiar Programming Model 3rd Party Libraries and Frameworks Developer Tutorials
    8. 9. Flex is Rich, Extensible Components
    9. 10. Flex is Consistency
    10. 11. Flex is Productivity
    11. 12. Developer Tooling
    12. 13. Flash Builder Built on Eclipse Code completion, syntax highlighting Includes debugger, network monitor Build desktop or browser apps
    13. 14. Other Flex Developer Tools Visual Studio Plugin IntelliJ TextMate Bundles
    14. 15. In-Browser Applications Desktop/Mobile Apps Flex Framework Components, Data Connection APIs, Compiler, Debugger, Validators, Effects PHP Code Exposed as Services that connects calls data from external data sources XML / JSON / AMF / HTTP(S) / SOAP / Socket / RTMP Compile to SWF Package How Flex and PHP Work Together
    15. 16. <XML> Data Formats with Flex/PHP {JSON} 010000010100110101000110 (AMF)
    16. 17. Your first Flex App
    17. 18. Easily Connect to Data
    18. 19. Create PHP classes based on a database Easily connect to any exposed services Test operations and define types Generate forms based on data types Bind data to interface components Flash Builder Data Wizards
    19. 20. AMF and the Zend Framework
    20. 21. Intro to AMF A binary file format that represents a serialized ActionScript object Created as a way to exchange data with the Flash Player Allows you to map data types to Flash Player types Open Specification
    21. 22. AMF and PHP Projects AMFPHP - Great, open source, easy to use, still the standard ZendAMF - Part of the Zend Framework, most up to date WebORB PHP - Part of WebORB family, comes with code generation tools SaberAMF - Lightweight AMF implementation, similar to AMFPHP
    22. 23.
    23. 24. What About Design?
    24. 25. Designing Flex The ability to tweak styles with CSS Change themes that affect every component Work with a designer to skin components
    25. 26. Designer/Developer Workflow Flex’s component model separates design from logic Allows developers to take and easily integrate designer content Flash Catalyst is the UI designer for Flex applications
    26. 27. Leveraging the Designer in Flex
    27. 28. Taking Flex and PHP Further
    28. 29. Real-Time Data Over Sockets
    29. 30. Client Server Request Response Who Am I, What Am I, Where Am I Going? Who Am I, What Am I, Where Am I Going? Typical HTTP Call Repeat
    30. 31. Client Server Connection Push Socket Call
    31. 32. PHP Can Act as Socket Server Flex can Connect via Socket Class Provides the capability to roll your own real-time data access
    32. 33. Using PHP to Manage Collaboration
    33. 34. LiveCycle Collaboration Services Cloud-based service for collaboration Uses Flash to enable real-time data transfer Includes a PHP library for managing service
    34. 35. Management, authentication PHP and Collaboration
    35. 36. Flashndroid
    36. 37. @ryanstewart [email_address] 500100 4400259 13 T Questions