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Business Transformation Consulting V3
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Business Transformation Consulting V3


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TA2 Consulting service overview

TA2 Consulting service overview

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    • Real-world  Evidence-based  Hands-on
    Ta2 Consulting
  • 2.
    • TA2 provides strategic and operational level management services to early stage firms seeking fast, yet thorough, adjustment to business operations to respond to new market conditions
    • Services focused on sales, marketing, and business development adjustments, strategic option assessment, and deal team management
    • TA2 team comprised comprised of veterans of Microsoft, IBM, HP, Genesys, as well as multiple early stage ventures
    Executive Summary Ta2 Consulting
  • 3. What We Do
    • We help you make the hard decisions and execute changes that lead to a successful outcome
      • Execute change management, assess strategic options, and prepare for exit by team of former corporate executives* who have frontline experience
      • Extends your executive team by providing real-world, practical guidance to identify and resolve critical issues
      • Deliver fixed term , results-driven engagement with focus on actionable, short term course correction
        • *Team comprised of former executives of Microsoft, IBM, HP, Genesys, as well as multiple early stage ventures
    Ta2 Consulting
  • 4. EXAMPLE Ventured Backed Company
    • Background
    • Client’s market increasingly crowded by 2 global IT industry leaders that which caused price erosion and longer sales cycle that led to uncertainty of existing go-to-market strategy – and viability as stand alone company.
    • Engagement
      • Team retained by BOD to evaluate company’s options and re-focus company’s executive, sales and marketing strategies.
      • Team analyzed current operations ; devised and implemented short-term course corrections ; explored and assessed strategic options .
      • Formed Deal Team , identified and analyzed potential strategic partners, prioritized targets, developed sell-side materials, led due diligence processes.
    • Result
      • Successfully sold company to the 2 nd largest firm within industry.
    Ta2 Consulting
  • 5. EXAMPLE Management by Scorecard
    • Background
      • Executive Staff, QBR, and BOD meeting roulette; meeting – issue surfaced, next meeting – new issues, next meeting – spin again.
    • Engagement
      • Helped team gain agreement on strategic, operational, financial, and operational goals; created report with milestones and progress toward targets.
    • Results
      • Provided clear, consistent means to measure Executive Staff on progress and critical issues.
    Ta2 Consulting
  • 6. EXAMPLE Management by Scorecard
    • Background
      • Exec team lacked visibility to health of funnel due to inconsistent definitions, terminology, processes; funnel ‘choke point’ not identified; VP of Sales used ambiguity to obscure reality
    • Engagement
      • Established consistent funnel criteria and required corresponding SFA data; established stage goals in order to identify and prioritize choke points; upgraded VP of Sales
    • Results
      • Improved visibility & focused management on critical funnel issues
    Ta2 Consulting
  • 7. Your Extended Executive Team
    • Analyze and assess the business
    • Explore and recommend strategic options
    • Help make the hard decisions
    • Implement the required changes
    • Prepare for a successful exit
    Ta2 Consulting
  • 8.
    • Sales Funnel/Pipeline Analysis
      • Funnel math and comparables
      • Activity measurements
      • Identification of process improvements
    • Sales Plan Creation/Refinement
      • Market & target account planning
    • Sales Operations Assessment
      • Lead generation
      • Pipeline management
    • Pricing & Margin Analysis
    • Consultative Sales Training
    Sales Competencies Ta2 Consulting
  • 9.
    • Evaluation of existing Go-To-Market versus alternatives
    • Business development investment prioritization
    • Alliance/Partner program development
    • Construction of relationships with industry leaders (Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SFDC, SAP)
    • Emerging market analysis
    • Buy vs. Build vs. Partner analyses
    • Channel recruitment
    • M&A/Deal Team management and execution
    Business Development Competencies Ta2 Consulting
  • 10. Marketing Competencies
    • Market & competitive analyses
    • Core messaging
    • Marketing funnel & demand generation analysis
    • Customer satisfaction programs
    • Product marketing methodology
    • Web-based lead generation programs
    Ta2 Consulting
  • 11. Deal Team Management
    • Prepare company
      • External and internal communications; employees and shareholders expectation
    • Assembly of due diligence materials
      • Historical and projected financials
      • Funding history and capitalization table
      • Detailed customer information, references
      • Detailed pipeline analysis
      • Technology/hardware/software, patent info
    • Prepare detailed competitive review
    • Prepare Sell-side Materials
      • Timeline & expanded deal team (including counsel)
      • Non-confidential "Teaser"
      • Establish and finalize the list of potential acquirers to be contacted (Tier-1 & Tier-2)
      • Build decks of specific value proposition/message customized for each potential acquirer on the Tier-1 list
      • Non-disclosure agreement for interested parties
    Ta2 Consulting
  • 12. Rent-to-Own
    • Initial fixed term consulting engagement, length based upon specific project deliverables
      • Typically 3 to 6 months
    • Client option to convert to employment offer upon completion of initial project
      • Individual vs. Team consulting dependent on scope and scale of functional requirements
    • Contract vehicle through TA2 Consulting
      • Operate under 1099 independent contractor agreement
      • Can utilize client’s existing subcontractor agreements