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To find and compare the best credit card offers please visit

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Compare credit cards

  1. 1. ==== ====To Compare Credit Card Offers and Find the Card Thats Right For You, please ====Finding the best student credit cards can be an overwhelming task -- especially if youre a studentwith no credit card experience whatsoever. When looking at the best student credit cards, thereare a few things the finest usually have in common. Here are the top 10 key things to look for:1. Reasonable Interest RatesThe companies that offer the best student credit cards firmly understand that a student isnt goingto have a long-established credit history, and they are not going to penalize you because of it. Agood student credit card will offer a reasonable interest rate (15-percent or less), regardless of thisfact.2. Sensible Credit LimitsWhether you realize it or not, you do not need a $5,000 credit limit while youre in college.Remember, student credit cards should not be used to finance your college education -- thatswhat student loans are for. Student credit cards should really be kept for emergency purposes orbudgetary reasons only.The best student credit cards offer sensible credit limits (less than $1,000) and will have a limit ofone credit card per student. If a credit card company is willing to give you a credit limit ofthousands of dollars, its just setting you up for trouble.3. Rational Grace PeriodsA grace period is the period of time from when your credit card billing statement closes to whenthe payment is due. Unfortunately, during recent years, some credit card companies haveemployed the less-than-ethical practice of all but eliminating the grace period. Some consumershave even reported receiving their credit card statement days after the payment was due!The best student credit cards will offer a grace period of at least 20 days, meaning 20 days willelapse from the time the billing statement closes and the bill is sent to the time that the paymentneeds to be received.4. Forego the TemptationLong-time credit card users know all too well that their monthly credit card statements also arrivewith offers for special deals and purchases (such as magazine subscriptions or interestingcollectibles). The best student credit cards will not bombard you with frivilous impulse purchaseoffers.
  2. 2. Credit card companies need to take some responsibility for teaching you about responsiblespending and the best student credit cards adhere to this philosophy.5. Pay For What?Some student credit cards require an application and/or processing fee. However, the credit cardsthat require these are never the best student credit cards available.The best student credit cards keep fees to a minimum (foregoing the application fees, processingfees and annual fees) and usually only charge fees for late payments and/or over-the-limittransactions.6. Online Account ManagementAnother thing that the best student credit cards have in common is online account management.With online account management, you can review your credit limit, make payments and keep trackof your spending right from your dorm room.While online account management used to be a "novelty," it is quickly becoming a "must have"and all of the best student credit cards offer it.7. Rewards Arent Just For AdultsRewards credit cards arent just for mom and dad. Students are eligible too. Some of the beststudent credit cards offer rewards, such as points that can be redeemed for gift certificates or evencash back.Just remember, student credit cards that do offer rewards usually also have a higher interest rates(16 to 19 percent). Because of this, its important that you pay your balance in full each and everymonth to avoid finance charges if you opt for a rewards credit card rather than a low-interest creditcard.8. Dont Overlook the Credit UnionSome of the best student credit cards can be found at the credit unions on college campuses.Many college credit unions offer student credit cards with very competitive interest rates and otherstudent benefits. If you havent done so yet, check your campus credit union to see what theyhave to offer.9. Nurturing Your Credit HistoryThe best student credit cards will report all payments made on the card to the three creditreporting agencies. Pre-paid student credit cards do not do this, which is why they arent reallygood for building your credit rating, nor are they beneficial for teaching you about how revolvingcredit works.When applying for student credit cards, make sure that they are legitimate credit cards (not pre-
  3. 3. paid deals) and that all account of your activity is reported to the credit bureaus. When yougraduate from college and need to buy a car or a house, youll be glad you did.10. They Really Are Student Credit CardsThe best student credit cards really are just what they say they are -- student credit cards. Somecredit cards advertise themselves as being student credit cards when, in fact, they issue studentsthe same credit cards they issue everyone else.Because students have unique financial circumstances and needs, you need to apply for a studentcredit card that is what it says it is. Unless the card you are applying for is specifically tailored tostudents, its not really a student credit card.Remember, even though the world of student credit cards can be confusing and finding the beststudent credit cards can feel like a daunting task, these ten priceless bits of advice will get you wellon your way to a sound and stable credit card future.For more tips on getting the best student credit cards saving money and avoiding getting taken awebsite that specializes in providing credit card tips, advice and resources.Article Source: ====To Compare Credit Card Offers and Find the Card Thats Right For You, please ====