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Technology Trends & Opportunities in the Family History Industry by Barbara Lawrence
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Technology Trends & Opportunities in the Family History Industry by Barbara Lawrence


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Barbara Lawrence is the co-founder and managing partner of Lubin Lawrence, Inc., a NYC-based growth strategy consultancy. At the RootsTech 2014 Innovator Summit, Lawrence presented her findings from a …

Barbara Lawrence is the co-founder and managing partner of Lubin Lawrence, Inc., a NYC-based growth strategy consultancy. At the RootsTech 2014 Innovator Summit, Lawrence presented her findings from a landmark study among top thought leaders in the family history industry uncovering potential growth opportunities in this currently $4 billion category.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. RootsTech Innovator Summit: Technology Trends and Opportunities 2.07.14 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014 ©2013
  • 2. INTRODUCTION – BARBARA LAWRENCE 3 Barbara is co-founder and managing partner of Lubin Lawrence Inc., a NYC-based growth strategy consultancy. After earning her MBA, in Marketing and Finance, from The Wharton School of Business, plus her BA in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude, Barbara spent nearly a decade in marketing at Kraft Foods. To pursue her love of strategy, she co-founded LLI. For +20 years, the firm has reinvented the way enduring growth strategies are developed. The firm’s Experience-Driven Design Model and Method© “ladders” down from target’s Fundamental Human Values and most desired experiences, linking these emotional and esteeming benefits to compelling functional benefits. Coupled with the firm’s experience, this copyrighted method has helped Fortune 50 industry leaders such as: P&G, Pfizer, Disney, Capital One, and Lowes, achieve above plan growth. ©2013
  • 3. WHERE LLI FITS 4 Strategy Focus General Management Consulting Analyze the Past Lubin Lawrence Inc. Create Growth Strategies Mission: Empowering Organizations To Achieve Sustainable Business Growth. More Analytical More Conceptual Advertising, PR, and Design Firms Execute Implementation Focus ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 4. EXPERIENCE-DRIVEN DESIGN© 5 Target: _______________________ Fundamental Human Values Desired Target Experience Unique Advantage Unique Advantage Support Rational and Tacit Support /Deepens Conviction Values That Elevate Self-Esteem Feelings That Express Target’s  Aspirations Benefits That Drive Preference, Loyalty and Foster Competitive Insulation Materials and charts that articulate principles of marketing and business strategy, structure information, illustrate points, or provide examples that are not specific to the  client’s  business  are  proprietary  to  Lubin Lawrence  Inc.’s  consulting  practice  and  are  copyrighted.  These  materials  may  not  be  reproduced  except  in  the  form  in   which they have been presented, and may not be distributed outside the client organization (Patent Pending) ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 5. 11 IDI INTERVIEWS 6 With Family History Thought Leaders • Large Entities • Large Entities • Large Entities • Large Entities • Large Entities • Large Entities • Large Entities • Large Entities • Large Entities • Large Entities • Non-Profit Sr. Executive CTO - Ancestry Sr. Executive Product - Ancestry Sr. Executive Formerly of Ancestry Sr. Executive MyHeritage Sr. Executive Brightsolid Sr. Executive findmypast - Data Strategy Manager Sr. Executive findmypast - Business Development Director Sr. Technology Executive FamilySearch Sr. Marketing Executive FamilySearch Sr. Executive Former Managing Director of FamilySearch Sr. Executive Federation of Genealogical Societies ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 6. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 7 • Where Is The Category Today? How Did It Get There? • Where /How Should Family History Focus To Achieve Future Growth? - Who? - What? - How? • What Barriers Must Be Overcome To Get There? ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 7. WHERE IS THE CATEGORY TODAY? HOW DID IT GET THERE? • 8 For a Decade, Focus Has Been On Records Access / Digitization ... Bringing Searchable Records/ Content Online • Census e.g. 1940 Census • Marriage and Death • Military 1940 Census • Citizenship and Naturalization • Family Histories • Resulting Challenge: Balancing Demand for Online Data/Content Access vs. Innovation Priorities ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 8. WHERE IS CATEGORY TODAY? HOW DID IT GET THERE? 9 • Searchable Digital Records Meet The Needs of An Older, Niche Target, Estimated At About 1% of Potential Universe... Search-Oriented, Genealogists, Historians & Hobbyists • Willing To Invest Search Time/ Effort To Find Names, Dates & Places; Authentication Data... …However, Younger Generations Are Not © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014 ©2013
  • 9. 10 TODAY, FAMILY HISTORY APPEALS TO A NARROW NICHE Mainstream Premium Family History Research Appeals to 1% of Potential Users Niche EST. MKT VALUE: $ 4B © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014 ©2013
  • 10. WHO  ARE  THE  “1%ers”? 11 OLDER GENEALOGISTS, HOBBYISTS, AND HISTORIANS Willing To Invest The Time To Conduct Library-Like Research: Online and Offline - Searching for Names, Dates, Places, Research Is Challenging, Time Consuming, Not Intuitive, Frustrating and Not Mobile ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 11. WHY  ISN’T  PARTICIPATION  BROADER? Too Time Consuming Too Isolating/Lonely 12 Too Difficult/Frustrating “We’re  facing  a  very  large  gap  technology-wise ... we should be focusing  on  what  younger  users  want...”    – Thought Leader Mainstream Appeal Requires Faster, Easier, and More Engaging Experiences ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 12. THE UNTAPPED OPPORTUNITY: GENERATE MAINSTREAM APPEAL 13 Family History Tomorrow 99% Mainstream Appeal Est. Future Mkt. Value: + $400B Today Premium Family History 1% Niche Appeal EST. MKT VALUE: $ 4B © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014 ©2013
  • 13. WHERE CAN THE INDUSTRY GO TOMORROW? HOW CAN IT GET THERE? • 14 Category Has Reached A Tipping Point. ... We Must Innovate To Attracting A Younger, More Tech Savvy, Mainstream Audience; Offer More Engaging /Entertaining Experiences - Not Just Search WHAT: “Mainstream targets seeks richer content and context (not just vital records) – emotionally engaging and  interactive  experiences  (not  just  search)...”  – Thought Leader Level of Interest Difficulty/Time Investment Broaden Family History Engagement ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 14. WHERE CAN THE INDUSTRY GO TOMORROW? HOW CAN IT GET THERE? 15 • Category Has Reached A Tipping Point. ...Focus on Attracting A Younger, More Tech Savvy, Mainstream Audience ... Reduce/ Eliminate The Difficulty/ Time Required – Ideally Both - Reduce / Eliminate Difficulty /Time Required – Ideally Both. HOW: “Technology  should  help  to  avoid  wasted  effort,  plus  it  can  educate  and  entertain  ...   offer  rich  and  entertaining  content  using  unstructured  data  ...”    - Thought Leader Level of Interest . Difficulty/Time Investment Broaden Family History Engagement ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 15. WHO ARE THE MAINSTREAM 99%ers? 16 GENERALLY YOUNGER, DIGITAL, TECH SAVVY, SOCIALLY CONNECTED, MOBILE AND EXPERIENCE-DRIVEN Everyone Is Interested In Engaging, Entertaining, Family Stories & Context That Foster Stronger Family Connections (Past, Present and Future) Unwilling To Invest The Time / Effort Searching for Names, Dates, etc. Less Experienced With Traditional Family History Embrace Innovation, Interface Should Be: - Intuitive, Interactive, Fun, Shareable ... Educational - Mobile and Easy - Multi-Media - Linked To Social Media “Imagine  speaking  into  a  device  and  it  answers  basic  questions  about  your  ancestors  ...or   technology  that  builds  a  picture  of  individuals  in  the  context  of  when  they  lived...”  –Thought Leader ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 16. WHAT DOES THE 99% WANT? Much More of This ... 17 ... Much Less of That! ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 17. INNNOVATION MUSE: YOUNGER, MAINSTREAM AND FUTURE FOCUSED TARGET 18 WHO: Digitally Savvy, Early Tech Adopters , Open To New Ideas/Experiences, Global In Their Perspective, Active on Social Media, Cultural Influencers ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 18. ENGAGING, ENTERTAINING & SHARED EXPERIENCES ARE APPEALING WHAT: . 19 Content That Fosters Joyful, Shared and Satisfying Family History Experiences That Bond Generations Multi-Generational ... Collaborative ... Shareable .... More Than Just Names, Dates and Places “Compelling, entertaining, and family stories based – emphasize engaging and emotionally  rich  experiences  that  deepen  connections  ...”  – Thought Leader ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 19. REDUCE BARRIERS THAT DAMPEN MAINSTREAM APPEAL 20 HOW: It Must Be Easier, Faster, More Intuitive, More Satisfying ... Less Frustrating • Search Assistance Tools (APIs) Such As: - Mobile Access/Push Notifications - More Time Efficient /Effective Solutions - Easy to Use Q&A Functions (á la SIRI) - Leverage Ubiquitous Social Media – Foster More Collaboration / Story Telling - More Intuitive and More Interactive Analogies: • Records Are A Stepping Stone, Not The End Result ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 20. BUILD B2B PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITIES 21 HOW: While Some Partnering/Collaboration Is Underway, Opportunities Remain (E.g.): • More Data Linking/Matching And Big Data Capabilities • Push Notifications • Geocoding – Point Census To Specific Locations and Avoid Useless Results • Handwriting Recognition – Impact On Search Taps Into Using Unstructured Data ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 21. BUILD B2B PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITIES 22 HOW: While Some Partnering/Collaboration Is Underway, Opportunities Remain (E.g.): • DNA Research/Searching - Becomes The Starting Point For Easier /Faster Connections • Be As Global As Possible - As Soon As Possible • Explore A Variety Of Revenue Models E.g. Subscription ... Pay Per View - Etc. • Include Descendancy Research • Achieve More Cohesiveness And Collaboration That Comes From One Single Family Tree of Mankind ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 22. BUILD B2B PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITIES 23 HOW: Tap Into Collaboration/Partnership Opportunities; Satisfying End-Users’   Needs While Also Generating Attractive Developer Rewards Demonstration Valuable Innovations Have Attracted Financial Rewards [E.g.  Ancestry’s  Record  Matching  Technology  (Shaky  Leaf);;   2012 Private Equity Purchase $1.6b] © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014 ©2013
  • 23. WHAT B2B CHALLENGES MUST BE OVERCOME? 24 B2B Challenges • Lack of Connectivity Between Platforms (APIs) • New Competition: Big Players Like Google & Facebook Become Active In This Space • Budget Concerns: Foster More Partnership / Collaboration Activity To Jump Start Innovation (Share Costs) • Competing For Top Programming Talent • Persuade Record Custodians To Provide Access/ Permit Digitization • Other? ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 24. 25 ANALOGOUS CASE Mission: Create One World Map Productive Acquisitions Plus B2B Partnerships and Collaborations Were Key To Accelerating Growth and Satisfying End User Needs ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 25. 26 • Like Family History, Mapping Was Once A Disparate, Incompatible Collection Of Billions of Pieces of Information. • Acquisitions, Coupled With On-going Partnering /Collaboration Plus A Constant Flow of Innovations Created A Huge, Single Source Database • APIs Facilitated 1,000s Of Highly Creative 3rd Party Solutions (E.g. • Mobile GPS Gives The World Access To A Vast, Interconnected Mapping Capability • Individuals and Organizations Invited To Append Content - 3D Images, Etc. • Like  Google’s  One  World  Map  Mission Experience, Family History Can Accelerate the Creation of One Tree of Mankind and The Mainstreaming of Family History Via Ongoing Partnering /Collaboration ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 26. ACQUISITIONS, B2B COLLABORATION/PARTNERSHIP & INNOVATION DELIVERED 27 A DECADE OF GROWTH* After  Apple’s  Maps  Application    Failed,  Google  Maps   Became Available Through The Apple App Store; Con’t Innovation:  Adding  More  Int’l    Markets Con’t Innovation: Google Announces Maps GL Plus Street View In Various Asian markets launched Google starts charging for API commercial use; Map Maker Added to US Google Maps; Any Viewer Can Edit/Make Changes- Est. of 150 MM Google Maps Users Con’t Innovation: Google Allows Users To Edit Content; Adds Terrain View; Google Signs Deal With Geoeye For Satellite Imagery; Users Can Append Content ... And More Con’t Innovations E.g. Google Traffic Added – Real Time Traffic Flow – Enhanced Google APIs and Google Rider Launched Google Acquires C++ Program, Where 2 & Keyhole To Jump Start Google Maps Creation Maps  API  launches  in  ‘05 2004-05 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014 2006-07 2008-09 2010-11 *Source: Wikipedia – partial listing from timeline 2012-13 ©2013
  • 27. CREATION OF ONE WORLD MAP FUELED BY B2B COLLABORATION PRODUCTS: MAP BASED SERVICES* ACQUISITIONS Google Maps - Web mapping service Google Earth - Globe viewing features Google Mars, Moon, Sky Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, Google  Street  View    (US  and  Int’l)     Google Latitude Google Maps for Mobile, etc. +3 Maps API Generations Keyhole - geospatial data visualization co. (10/04) Where 2 Technologies (10/04) Web Based Version B2B Collaboration/ Partnerships Google Maps APIs © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014 28 Apple IOS * Partial Listing Android ©2013
  • 28. QUESTIONS? 29 Today:  Small  Group  “Get  Started”  Conversations • Goals: WHO: Broaden Appeal, Accelerate Market Development WHAT: Deliver Engaging Experiences With Mainstream Appeal HOW: Overcome Current Barriers; Foster Collaboration To Accelerate Innovation Mainstream End-Users Innovators/Developers Investors ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 29. KICK START COLLABORATION & PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 30 Invitation:  Engage    in  “Get  Started”  Conversations  ...  Here  and  Online • Addressing The Mainstream Engagement Challenge – 6 Priority Areas “WHO”    Mainstream  Target “WHAT”:  Broaden  Family  History  Content  Definitions To Assure Mainstream Appeal (e.g.): ... Engaging Family History Entertainment/Stories Experiences ... Intuitive Family History Research Experiences ...One Family Tree of Mankind “HOW”:  Empower  End Users and Reduce/Eliminate Current Barriers (e.g.): ... Mobile Access / Push Notifications .. Easy To Use Q&A Formats á la' Siri /Others? ... Leverage Social Media / Collaboration ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014
  • 30. OPEN INVITATION TO CONTINUE THE CONVERSATION 31 • Join the RootsTech Linkedin & Twitter Conversations JOIN THE CONVERSATION. CHANGE YOUR FUTURE. Enter to win an iPad Mini #RootsInnovator ©2013 © Lubin Lawrence Inc. 2014