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Open CSR Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 100%Open 2013Open CSR100%Open Business Breakfast21 May 2013 1
  • 2. 100%Open 2013Welcome to Open CSR!21 May 2013 2Open CSRWhy are we here?
  • 3. 100%Open 2013Give|Get21 May 2013 3Open CSR100%Open Business Breakfast
  • 4. 100%Open 2013Innovating together sharingthe risks and rewards.21 May 2013 4Open CSROpen Innovation
  • 5. 100%Open 2013“CSR has reached itssell-by date.”BiTCResponsible Business Week21 May 2013 5Open CSRWhy are we here?
  • 6. 100%Open 2013“Companies that arebreaking the mould aremoving beyond corporatesocial responsibility to socialinnovation.”Rosabeth Moss KanterHarvard Business Review21 May 2013 6Open CSRWhy are we here?
  • 7. 100%Open 2013How can we reinvent CSRfor a more open andnetworked world?21 May 2013 7Open CSR
  • 8. 100%Open 2013“It’s time for CSR to be thecake not the icing”.Kim Van Niekirk21 May 2013 8Open CSRWhy are we here?
  • 9. 100%Open 2013Give|Get21 May 2013 9Open CSRWhy are we here?
  • 10. 100%Open 2013Carrina GaffneyVolans21 May 2013 10Open CSR100%Open Business Breakfast
  • 11. BREAKTHROUGHcapitalismBusiness Leaders, Market Revolutions
  • 12. ‘We have to continually bejumping off cliffs anddeveloping our wings on theway down.’Kurt Vonnegut
  • 13. A future-focused business working at the intersection ofinnovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship movements.•  Thought Leadership•  Strategy & Advisory•  Partnership Building•  Labs•  Talent Development•  Experiential LearningOur TeamFounded in 2008 by John Elkington, Geoff Lye and Pamela Hartigan, our teamholds decades of experience working globally with the private sector, public sectorand entrepreneurs.Volans: the team
  • 14. Volans: the think tankThe Phoenix Economy50 Pioneers in the Businessof Social InnovationV O L A N SThe Business of Social InnovationThe Future Quotient50 Stars in SeriouslyLong-Term InnovationV O L A N SGammaDeltaZetaEpsilonBetaAlpha
  • 16. WEF: Everything’s Connected
  • 17. WBCSD’s Vision 2050
  • 18. Sustainability tick box• 93% see sustainability as important tocompany s future.• 88% think they should integrate throughsupply chain.Source: Accenture: The New Era of Sustainability report, 201081%CEO’s who’ve embedded sustainabilityCEO’s who’ve embedded sustainability
  • 19. V O L A N SBreakthroughBusiness Leaders,Market Revolutions
  • 20. Scenario 1: Breakdown
  • 21. Scenario 2: Change - as -UsualImage credits: Main image, Karl Hilzinger, Financial Review, Australia/logo, International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)
  • 22. Scenario 3:Breakthrough capitalism
  • 23. Scenario 3:Breakthrough capitalism
  • 24. Zeronauts: Herman Miller, ‘Zerois Hero’Laughter.That’s what we heard from people,including government officials andinvestors, when we told them we’d like toget a zero operational footprint by 2020.Not a snicker. Not a chuckle.Laughter.But you know what? We’re doing
  • 25. Systems Innovations: BayerMaterial ScienceAim:To bridge new relationships with innovators across the system,create an impact plan and framework to measure pilot projects, forBayer MaterialScience on ‘Project SunRise’.This new business development initiative, aims to empower thoseat the ‘base of the economic pyramid’ through creativecombination of advanced Western technology and the deep localinsights of farmers in India, SE Asia and Africa.Impact:• Moved from conceptual to multi-pilot phase engaging range ofdifferent stakeholders in multiple markets since 2010.• Expanding R&D: cold storage, agri-waste board, solar drying• Business plan with social outputs, outcomes and impact• Framework for reviewing gaps and opportunities to engage new(and existing) partners and resources
  • 26. System Roadmap to ZeroZero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)Aim: In response to Greenpeace’s ‘Detox’campaign, co-develop a unique industrypartnership between a group of major apparel andfootwear brands and retailers including Nike,adidas, C&A, H&M, Li Ning and Puma totransform their shared, decentralized and opaquesupply chainImpact:•  Developed joint roadmap to reach the goal ofZero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals(ZDHC) by 2020 through the shared supply•  Program now operational and reportingregularly and publicly on progress•  Partnership is recognized as unique successstory of collaboration in a hyper-competitiveindustry to overcome system-level challenges
  • 27. The B Team
  • 28. Email: carrina@volans.comTwitter:
  • 29. 29Global Expert OpinionShort-term focus should be on resource efficiency and citizenengagement; adaptation could be the most pragmaticapproach to climate changeExperts believe that only two actions,improving resource efficiency and citizenparticipation in SD governance, are bothrelatively easy and important to do,underscoring the magnitude of currentchallenges. Increasing corporateresponsibility is thought to be an easy butslightly less important initiative.Ensuring food security and access to waterare considered very important, but expertscontemplate some difficulty in makingprogress on both.Addressing climate change is seen asdifficult regardless of the approach.Adaptation is considered slightly lessimportant than mitigation but could be lessdifficult.
  • 30. 30Global Expert OpinionLack of political will is identified as the most significantbarrier to progress on SD. Vested interests and relatedfactors are also importantLack of political will is, by far,the biggest barrier to progresson Agenda 21. Vestedinterests in the status quo andrelated factors such asmisdirected financialincentives and lack of privatesector action are also seen asimportant. Expertsacknowledge that complexityis an issue but not when itcomes to having adequateknowledge or technologies.The corporate sector is moreinclined than others to blamethe poor economy.
  • 31. Natural Capital at Risk 2013Primary production & primaryprocessing sectors estimated to haveexternality costs of US$7.3 trillion ayear13% of global economic output in 2009Majority of environmental externalitycosts greenhouse gas emissions (38%)followed by water use (25%); land use(24%); air pollution (7%), land & waterpollution (5%) & waste (1%).$7.3T
  • 32. 100%Open 2013Miriam Turner & JonKhooInterface Inc.21 May 2013 33Open CSR100%Open Business Breakfast
  • 33. 34Net-Works & open innovationMiriam Turner AVP Co-innovationJon Khoo Co-innovation Associate
  • 37. 38WHAT*IS*NET5WORKS?*
  • 38. 39SOCIAL*IMPACT*
  • 40. 41QUESTIONS*
  • 41. 100%Open 2013Choose an organisation fromyour table and tell the roomhow Open CSR could workfor them.21 May 2013 42Open CSROur Interesting Question
  • 42. 100%Open 2013Open CSR100%Open Business Breakfast21 May 2013 43