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Presentation to show new features in Office 2013 for Technology Conference 12/7/2012

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  • if u need to activate your office 2013 here a Tutorial that show you
    how to activate your MS Office n less then 5 minutes:
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  • Local government co-workers think I am the devil due to muni tax6 years in an accounting firm taught me we need muni tax reform
  • Track argyle, striped, plain, no socks
  • When Microsoft updates their software users really want 90% of it to be the same as before with 10% that will help them work faster. Did Microsoft hit the mark with Windows 2014???
  • Streaming options keep settings on cloud, so your personal dictionary will follow you wherever you logon. Remembers where you last left off in a document.Allows for hotel sites for staff who are not in the office or for netbooks for some staff
  • Word and PowerPoint now allow you to jump to where you left off the last time you saved the file. While this is nice for editing and getting to your last stopping point the real use is for tablets and people consuming your data. If you are following along to slides and accidentally close your window to use another program when you re-open you can jump right to where you left off. Or if you are preparing for a meeting and using SkyDrive you can pick back up where you left off on other devices.
  • If you are like me and you hate Googledocs Microsoft is coming to the rescue. SkyDrive takes the basic idea of documents in the Cloud and makes it look like the file system you have been using for the past 100 years of Office computers. With the added bonus of having everything available on your computer, online, on your phone, and off line on your computer. But again it looks and feels like a traditional file structure.
  • Ask designer for set of colors to match other marketing materialsSave as a custom color setChange any show to the custom colors
  • Shawshank remembering toolHow often do you notice a person’s shoes / socksIf you can’t remember something from this presentation think about your socksTool to connect unrelated items to help you remember things.
  • Two things to consider when doing an Out of Office messageOutlook shows people your message before they send their message. Put critical information (when you are out and where you are) first so they know that without any extra effort.If you are sending a message and see other people’s message but don’t see any of the critical information hover over their message and you will see the whole thing.It is a little thing but it can be very helpful.
  • Office 2013

    1. 1. Allen Lloyd• Executive Assistant to Clarke Price (CEO) & Laura Hay (COO) at OSCPA• 2 years in local government• 6 years in public accounting• 5 years in banking
    2. 2. Memory game• Close your eyes
    3. 3. What will be covered? New Size Review New Window Social Charts PDF Flash Fill Connector Presenter Reading Recommendations Peek Mode Formatting Power View Attachment? Look great Video Spreadsheet Weather easier Compare
    4. 4. 90/10 rule of new Office versions 10% Do what it always did New and 90% usefull / annoying changes
    5. 5. Office• Flatter design = better for touchscreens• Built for creation & consumption• Pushing SkyDrive• Better alert messages
    6. 6. Office 2014 – built for creation andconsumption
    7. 7. SkyDrive – Google Docs for people whohate Google• Works like Google Docs • Save files retrieve anywhere with internet • Limited editing capacity• Works (kind of) on tablets and phonesLets try it!
    8. 8. Office 365• Streaming version of Office• Options for • Individuals • Small organizations • Large organizations• Social option • Updates on people or documents you “follow”
    9. 9. Alerts• Work the same way • You do something “wrong” • Microsoft tells you about the mistake• Change in tone
    10. 10. Excel – New Window• Files no longer open in the same window• Tabs can be moved or copied to any open file
    11. 11. Excel – Flash Fill• Allows cells to be split or combined based on an example you provide• NOT PERFECT!!!! • If there are multiple cells with the same data Excel could pick the wrong one! • Always check your data • If there is one row that has unique data start with it Lets try it!
    12. 12. Excel – Recommendations• Not sure about the best PivotTable or Chart?• Also great for people new to PivotTables! Lets try it!
    13. 13. Excel – Power View• A mixture of PivotTables and charts powered by the internet• Previously a part of SharePointLets try it!
    14. 14. Excel – Spreadsheet Compare• Identify all changes betweenLets try it!
    15. 15. Word - Editing• Can now reply to comments• New view options• Lock file so changes must be trackedLets try it!
    16. 16. Word - PDF• Open PDFs in Word, just click and they open• Makes editing a file already converted to PDF easy!Lets try it!
    17. 17. Word – Insert Images or Video• Formatting is now live, you don’t drop and then see what happens• Text wrapping redesigned• Can add a videoLets try it!
    18. 18. Outlook – Social Connector• Gathers information from social media • LinkedIn • Facebook • SharePoint • NO Twitter… yet Lets try it!
    19. 19. Outlook – edit in preview• The message preview window has evolved!• In addition to being able to read messages you can now compose a reply• Unsent messages are automatically saved to DRAFTS folderLets try it!
    20. 20. Outlook - Weather• Outlook gives a three day forecast for any location • Additional locations can be added Lets try it!
    21. 21. Outlook - People• Contacts are now People• Will use Social Connector• Same info worse layout Lets try it!
    22. 22. Outlook - Calendar• Does pop up quick view• No major changesLets try it!
    23. 23. PowerPoint – 16:9• Default aspect ration is now 16:9• Old 4:3 still availableLets try it!
    24. 24. PowerPoint – Shapes and Diagrams• Added functionality – similar to Visio Capacity • Merge shapes • Once merged shapes do NOT come back apart Lets try it!
    25. 25. PowerPoint – Consistent Colors• Eyedropper• Update templates
    26. 26. PowerPoint - Charts• Excel charts and graphs retain functionality!• Tools now more intuitiveLets try it!
    27. 27. PowerPoint – Comments• Similar to Word• Allows users to reply to comments• Only appear when editingLets try it!
    28. 28. PowerPoint – Presenter View• Highlighter / Laser pointer functions• Preview next slide• Black Screen• Zoom• Read notes • Size control Lets try it!
    29. 29. Memory game• Do you think you remembered what socks you are wearing?• Look at your socks
    30. 30. Tips: Out of Office Reply Messages
    31. 31. Tips: Calendars overlap• Similar to scheduling assistant but easier to see• Need to have access to calendarsLets try it!
    32. 32. Tips: Custom Ribbon• Works in any Office program• Allows user to add a tab with custom commands• Allows customization of current commandsLets try it!
    33. 33. Tips: Folders vs. Categories• In Outlook categories can perform the function of folders• Allows for message, contacts or events to be in multiple categoriesLets try it!
    34. 34. Tips: Drag People or Message• In Outlook People and Messages can be dragged to create • Appointments • People • MessageLets try it!
    35. 35. Tips – Hidden characters or formatting• In Word if you ever have a section that does not look right• If your cursor jumps from one place to another for no apparent reason• You might have a hidden character or formatting anomaly.Lets see them!
    36. 36. •• screenshots-features-preview• Hosting makes providing copies easier.