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March 22nd, 2013                    Published by: retrofazNetwork Marketing Opportunities –Where to find them [VIDEO]http:...
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  1. 1. March 22nd, 2013 Published by: retrofaz So how do you find the genuine network marketingNetwork Marketing opportunities and avoid being scammed? Our number one tip isOpportunities to look for companies who are selling tangible products and services. OK the product can be information-based, but if the company is not prepared to show you the product properly or give you full details about what you’ll get for your investment before you hand over your money then alarm bells should ring. You should also look out for any network marketing opportunities that tell you it’s easy to make a fortune, or it’s a way to quick money, or everyone who signs up will become rich, and so on. In reality even the best network marketing opportunities have their failures. When it comes down to it, it’s the effort of each individual distributor that determines their success or failure. No company can boast 100% success simply because human nature dictates that some people will buy into an opportunityYou can’t spend much time on the web without coming but never do anything with it. If a company makes wildacross a banner ad, video or website promoting the next big claims then steer clear. The best companies will be far morenetwork marketing opportunities. You may have received an realistic about your chance of or clicked on an ad that’s taken you to some glossywebsite promising you a simple way to earn big money. When you do come across network marketing opportunities that have tangible products and make believable claims, doNetwork Marketing Opportunities – Real your research. Don’t just take their word for anything. Look for reviews on independent websites and contact existingor Scam? distributors to get their take on the business. Only when youThe problem is, while there are plenty of genuine network are sure that it’s a genuine opportunity – and one that ismarketing opportunities out there, there are also many scams. right for you – should you sign on the dotted line.You’ve probably heard about “business opportunities” that you Image courtesy of scottchan / FreeDigitalPhotos.netcan only access the details of once you’ve handed over somemoney. The thing is, with those schemes that’s all the business is– and your part in it is to con other people into handing overmoney to get the information, which tells them to con peopleinto handing over money … you get the picture. It’s nothing newand “opportunities” like that have been around since long beforethe internet. The only difference is back then you sent a crispnote in an envelope to a PO box number.
  2. 2. March 22nd, 2013 Published by: retrofazNetwork Marketing Opportunities –Where to find them [VIDEO]