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Collaborative Consulting company overview and service offering

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  • Collaborative Service Overview

    1. 1. Collaborative Services Overview
    2. 2. Collaborative Overview Collaborative is a fast-growing business and technology consulting firm with 25-30 percent average annual revenue growth. Business leaders recognize Collaborative’s consistent growth. Boston Business Journal names Collaborative fourth-fastest-growing private company in 2003, eighth in 2004 and 24th in 2005; eighth largest IT company in 2006, seventh in 2007. Software Magazine places Collaborative on prestigious Software 500 in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. Collaborative thought leadership has been featured in several leading publications and at numerous industry events. Collaborative earns a spot on Inc. Magazine’s 2004 Inc. 500 and the 2008 Inc 5000. Successful and quickly growing Recognized in the media Thought leadership
    3. 3. Our solutions approach Partnering with our clients Aligning business and technology initiatives enables our clients to achieve results that deliver business value. Business Experience Solution Architecture Technology Knowledge Solution Delivery A keen understanding of enterprise business issues and operations, with practitioners across multiple disciplines and skill sets. A discipline aimed at building the right solution for each client, based on their specific needs and business objectives. FLEXIBILITY Our flexible delivery model allows us to work with clients in the way that makes the most sense for the situation: as a trusted advisor, in a blended team scenario, or as a dedicated project team. Business Technology Architecture
    4. 4. Our Team <ul><li>Employee based firm consisting of 250+ full time colleagues </li></ul><ul><li>Senior level resources </li></ul><ul><li>Our colleagues have come from industry and consulting backgrounds </li></ul>We employ a more experienced and professional workforce than almost any other consulting firm. We pride ourselves on having blended the best aspects of large global consulting firms and small focused boutique consulting firms. Typical Consulting Firm Collaborative Consulting
    5. 5. Delivery Model <ul><li>Collaborative is organized to maximize the leverage of our most senior consultants across the entire enterprise to the benefit of our clients. Our National Team provides thought leadership, methodology, work products, and delivery oversight. </li></ul>National Practice <ul><li>Local teams, solution centers and the operations center provide delivery capability, skilled resources and infrastructure. </li></ul><ul><li>Maximize Client Value </li></ul><ul><li>Balance Cost </li></ul><ul><li>Provide Flexibility </li></ul>Boston Office NY/NJ Region Raleigh Office Solutions Center Capability Corporate Headquarters Maine Office Providence Office NH Hosting Center
    6. 6. Success stories Retail and CPG Healthcare Financial Services Utilities Hi-Tech Insurance Pharmaceutical                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
    7. 7. Collaborative Consulting Services Insurance Healthcare Financial Services Pharmaceutical Retail / CPG Business Intelligence Business Architecture Application & Data Integration Software Quality & Performance IT Architecture & Implementation Pilot & Implementation Planning & Roadmap Architecture & Blueprint Assessment & Current State Strategy Strategy Delivery Program & Project Management
    8. 8. Collaborative Consulting Services Overview Business Intelligence Business Architecture Data Integration Software Quality & Performance IT Architecture & Implementation Pilot & Implementation Planning & Roadmap Architecture& Blueprint Assessment & Current State Strategy Strategy Delivery Program & Project Management Collaborative is a business and technology consulting firm that enables our clients to transform their operations to improve business performance. From strategy through implementation, we execute projects with a pragmatic & programmatic approach to change. Business architecture focuses on business strategy enablement and business process articulation, implementation, management and improvement. Business intelligence is about harnessing enterprise information to provide insight into business performance and empower business decision making. IT architecture and implementation services translate business goals and needs into an optimal solution design and plan for technology build out and operations. Data integration services focus on linking disparate systems and data within an enterprise to improve their value, performance, usefulness, and functionality. Software quality and performance services drive improvements into existing and planned applications, such as improving their quality, reliability, capacity, and performance. Program and project management is the practice of successfully managing complex project and in-flight initiative portfolios using formal project portfolio management activities and techniques.
    9. 9. Business Architecture Overview Business Architecture services translate business strategies into a high performance operational blueprint, providing a roadmap of incremental change to transform the business. Business Process Management Organizational Change Management Develop a discipline within an organization that includes process definition, measurement, and improvement, through an effective governance structure. Design technology enabled processes and organizational structures, and identify information requirements to achieve specific performance goals. Translate strategic goals and objectives into a comprehensive plan that prioritizes business and technology initiatives by the value to the enterprise. Assess the business operations architecture to design a desired state and roadmap that achieve business goals and objectives in a rapidly changing business environment. Technology Enabled Business Process Design & Roadmap Define the organizational change program that communicates the business need and change impact, and determines the incentives and support structures that enable successful execution of the change. Business & IT Alignment Business Operations Assessment & Transformation
    10. 10. Business Intelligence (BI) Overview Business intelligence is about harnessing enterprise data to provide insight into business performance and empower superior business decision making. BI Architecture & Implementation Development of plans and architecture for BI technology systems and environments, including data, ETL, storage, analytical models, and presentation/management layers. Developing an understanding of aspects of the corporations performance against KPIs such as financial measures, market metrics, operational and customer performance metrics. Data Warehousing Strategy, design, and implementation services around the practice of data warehousing as it related to the creation and usage of business intelligence. CPM BI Strategy Development of a comprehensive plan for BI that addresses core insight, decision-making, and performance measurement needs, prioritized by value, cost, and feasibility. BI Consolidation Bringing together of disparate BI platforms to crate one unified, simplified infrastructure that can be leveraged across the organization.
    11. 11. IT Architecture & Implementation Overview IT architecture & implementation services translate business goals and needs into a smart design and plan for technology build out and operations. Architecture Strategy Assessment & Visioning Technology Governance Development Services Technology Enablement Development of a comprehensive technology architecture plan based on business objectives, the current environment, and the envisioned future-state. Assessment of existing SOA, web or integration strategies/deployments to identify opportunities for improvement and building a “to be” vision for future deployment. Development of SOA, web and integration technologies and software, from architecture development to coding and deployment of solutions. Development of SOA or technology governance model that provides rules, management, and oversight of technology environment and operations. Delivery and deployment of SOA, web or integration-enabled technologies into the active application environment / production environment. Application Portfolio Optimization The cataloging, measuring, planning and migrating of complex application environments to determine which applications can be bolstered, consolidated or retired. SOA Architecture & Implementation Development of SOA architecture plans thru to SOA technical development and deployment.
    12. 12. Data Integration Overview Data integration services focus on linking disparate systems and data within an enterprise to improve their value, performance, usefulness, and functionality Data Quality Data Governance MDM Strategy & Implementation Information Management Strategy Development of a comprehensive strategy based on business objectives, the current environment, and the envisioned future-state A focus on the sources, transfer and usage of data as it relates to quality, including completeness, latency, accuracy, and other quality dimensions. Development of the oversight rules, management, and control schemes as they apply to data environment. Creation of master data management strategy, and deployment of MDM technologies including definition of systems of record, common data definitions, and MDM governance models. Data Integration Architecture, design and deployment of data integration environments that serve both operational as well as analytical environments. Employing techniques such as ETL, EAI, ESB and others.
    13. 13. Software Quality & Performance Overview Software quality & performance services drive improvements and ensure scalability and stability for existing and planned systems, including improving overall quality, reliability, capacity, and performance. PE Advisory Services Organizational and operational planning, strategy and design services for transforming internal capabilities. Understand the QA process and establish a clear roadmap, gaining buy-in, conducting the QA process, and measuring success. QA Process Assessment & Strategy Performance Engineering Assessment Developing a clear picture of system capabilities helps companies form a strategy to enable seamless growth. Leverage QA automation tools in conjunction with your QA process to enhance efficiency, and improve test quality and coverage. QA Automation & Tools Implementation Production Performance Rescue Minimizing disruption and quickly restore functionality, stability, performance, and capability. Specific QA strategies and processes for SOA-enabled systems and environments. QA for SOA Application & Service Performance Mgt. Optimizing the performance of specific applications and services within a system. Includes test infrastructure, functional validation processes, and a Test Data Strategy QA Test Data Management
    14. 14. Program & Project Management Overview Program & project management is the practice of successfully monitoring and managing complex project and in-flight initiative portfolios using formal project portfolio management activities and techniques. Program + Project Management Office Outsourcing Program Management Competency Assessment Program Delivery Assurance Program Management Outsourcing Helps organizations understand proficiency levels of its project managers and outlines training and mentoring needed to address gaps Independent project reviews to ensure quality is planned and executed from the start of the project Provides clients with immediate end-to-end PMO capabilities, including innovative tools and processes, as well as a pool of knowledgeable professionals with broad and deep skills Off-shore Project Management Management of remote and distributed software and technology projects PMO Assessing existing PMOs or establishing an organization to centrally coordinate the management of projects to ensure seamless and effective communication Portfolio Management Planning & Execution Enable businesses to eliminate redundant projects, improve resource allocation and align work with business goals
    15. 15. Industry Focus Some industries are have more complex IT requirements than others, especially those where the performance of their core operations is intrinsically linked to the usage, performance, and effectiveness of their information technology investments. Insurance Retail / Consumer Products Healthcare Financial Services Information and Technology enabled industries Heavily transactional in nature, with enormous data sets and high transference/connectivity requirements. Information-intensive Complex interaction models Mission-critical data Complex systems environments Complex system environments and complex system/project portfolios Mission critical data operations with serious customer impact of transaction or data failure Complex multi-tier distribution models (e.g., agent-consumer, retailer-customer) Characteristics of performance-driven industries Pharmaceutical
    16. 16. Thank You Optimize the Performance of Your Business and Technology Capabilities