Take Charge Of Your Career Destiny Azim Premji


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Take Charge Of Your Career Destiny Azim Premji

  1. 1. Inspiring excerpts from Azim Premji’s Premji s “ Take charge of your career destiny “ IIT –Delhi Convocation 2010 Compiled & visuals by Ramki
  2. 2. Prelude The funny thing about life is that you realise the value of something only when it begins to leave you. As my hair turned from black, to salt and pepper and finally salt without th pepper, I h lt ith t the have bbegun t realise th enthusiasm and excitement of to li the th i d it t f youth. At the same time, I have begun to truly appreciate some of the lessons I have learnt along the way. As you embark on your careers, I would like to share them with you. I am hoping that you will find them as useful as I have. The world you are entering is in many ways very different now from what it was when I began my career. It was the late sixties and India still depended on other countries for something as basic as food. We aroused sympathy, not admiration whenever we went overseas. Recently, someone told me, that when visitors came to India then, they came to see what they could do for India Now they come to see what India can do for them As a India. Now, them. hopeful Indian, I look at our country as one which is rich in ethnic and cultural diversity and one that has an effective, secular democracy which will help us build an enduring society.
  3. 3. Lesson-1-Take Charge L 1 T k Ch  When you take up a job , do not look for a cushy job . Look for a challenging role & y j g g opportunities for learning  Leadership begins within  Believe in yourself and your inner voice  Your career depends on you & you have to take charge of your destiny
  4. 4. Lesson-2 -Earn your happiness  A rupee earned is far more value than five found  What is inherited or gifted – an old saying come easy and go easy  Value is known only if we struggle to earn it
  5. 5. Lesson-3-Nothing Lesson 3 Nothing succeeds like failure  Life has many challenges  You win some & you lose some  Enjoy winning , but let this not go to your head  If this happens you are heading for failure  Failure is a natural phenomenon  When you lose, you do not lose the lesson
  6. 6. Lesson-4-Nothing f il lik success L 4 N thi fails like  Importance of humility- Thin line of difference g between confidence & arrogance  Confident people are always open to learning & willingness to learning  Arrogance on the other hand stops learning
  7. 7. Lesson-5-There has to be a better way L 5 Th h t b b tt  Excellence is not a destination & it is a journey  Excellence & creativity go hand in hand  No matter how well we do things, there has to be a better way
  8. 8. Lesson-6-Respond & N t react L 6R d Not t  Th There i a world of diff is ld f difference b t between th the two in terms of success & failure  The difference is that the mind comes in between responding & reacting  When we respond , we evaluate with a clam mind and do what is right & appropriate We appropriate. are in control of our actions  When we react we are still doing what the g other person wants us to do
  9. 9. Lesson-7-Remain Lesson 7 Remain physically active  It i easy t t k h lth f granted when you is to take health for t d h are young  Exercise improves the quality of time & also p q y reduces the time you need to sleep  The truth is that stress will only increase in a global world  You should have own mechanism to deal with it
  10. 10. Lesson-8-Never compromise on your core values L 8N i l  O must d fi what you stand f One t define h t t d for  You must open the windows of your mind, but you must not be swept off your feet y p y by the breeze  The truth is that stress will only increase in a global world  You should have own mechanism to deal with it
  11. 11. Lesson-9-Play to win  Pl i Playing t win b i to i brings out b t i us and i t best in d in our teams  It brings out g  Our desire to stretch  To achieve that seems beyond our grasp  It is not about winning at any cost & also not winning at the expense of others  It is about innovating all the time  It is a continuous endeavor to better than last time
  12. 12. Lesson-10-Give back to society  All of us h f have a collective ll ti social i l responsibility to do our bit  Of all the challenges the key is Education g y  The paradox is  On one hand we have jobs chasing scarce talent  On other hand , rampant unemployment and poverty  The only way to bridge these two ends of the pole is by providing quality education that is accessible to all