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Online orientationpart1a

  1. 1. Welcome to New Student Orientation & Registration Spring Semester 2011
  2. 2. New Student Orientation & Registration • To schedule an on campus orientation, please call 218-733-7603
  3. 3. Agenda •Services & Resources •Essential Academic Information •Paying for College & Financial Policies •Choosing Courses & Registration •After you Register
  4. 4. Student Services Center • Admissions • Advising • Counseling • Disability Services • Financial Aid • Records & Registration • Student Support Services
  5. 5. Advising • Professional advisors ▫ Academic planning and registration ▫ AA and transfer advisors ▫ Specialized advisors for health and occupational programs ▫ General financial aid information ▫ Graduation requirements • Program advisors ▫ Meet with students who have fully entered an occupational program
  6. 6. Counseling Services ▫ Personal Counseling ▫ Career Counseling ▫ Academic Counseling To make an appointment, stop by Student Services or call 218.733.7603. During the initial appointment, you and the counselor will discuss and clarify your counseling needs.
  7. 7. Disability Services • Disabilities staff design accommodation plans to meet the individual needs of each student ▫ Complete the Disability Services Request Form ▫ Provide documentation ▫ Schedule an appointment Neva Swanson, Disability Assistant (218) 733-7702 Georgia Robillard, Disability Coordinator (218) 733-7650 Fax (218) 723-4658 TTY (218) 733-7705
  8. 8. • We are a federally funded program serving 210 students who are first generation, low income and/or have a documented disability. TRiO/Student Support Services
  9. 9. Student Life A proven key to success while attending college is to get involved. • Wellness Center ▫ Free Membership ▫ Exercise/Fitness Suite ▫ Free Weight Room ▫ Multipurpose Room • Student Senate • Over 30 different clubs and organization • Recreational sports • Student Activities
  10. 10. Centers for Student Success • Intercultural Center • Academic Support • Diversity Education • Cultural Awareness • United Students • Veterans Resource Center • VA benefits • Family assistance • Transition issues
  11. 11. Learning Center • Individual tutoring • Study groups • Academic resources • You can walk in for tutoring or schedule an appointment (218)733-5927.
  13. 13. Add, Drop/Withdraw • You have the first five days of the semester to add or drop for full- term classes • Deadline changes for late-start courses • After the drop/add period, you can withdraw from courses • If you decide not to attend LSC, you must drop your courses via your eServices account or you will be financially and academically responsible for your schedule.
  14. 14. Satisfactory Academic Progress In order to be a student in “Good Standing” (Required for continued enrollment and continued financial aid) ▫ Maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA ▫ Complete 67% of your attempted credits • This student would have a 60% completion rate. Spring 2010 ENGL 1106 College Comp I 3.00 C PSCI 1110 American Government 3.00 B MATH 1100 College Algebra 4.00 W UNDG Term Att: 10.00 Earn: 6.00 GPA: 2.50
  15. 15. Satisfactory Academic Progress • Academic Probation = Warning ▫ Standards to continue stay the same ▫ You will remain on probation until your cumulative GPA is back to 2.0 or higher and your completion rate is back to 67% or higher. • Academic Suspension = unable to register and/or receive financial aid • Remember: Your academic record is PERMANENT! What happens if you do not meet these expectations?
  16. 16. Failure for Non-Attendance • If you do not attend class or actively participate in your online class for 14 consecutive calendar days, you will receive an FN. • FN grades negatively impact your GPA and your completion ratio • Financial Aid may have to be paid back for FN grades
  18. 18. Cost of Attendance & Payment Deadlines • Tuition/fees ▫ Residency ▫ Program ▫ Check your bill online through eServices account You will be dropped for non-payment if you have not made payment arrangements by our deadlines. Spring 2011 • JANUARY 11: Payment due for students registered on or before Jan. 11. • Payment is due at registration for students registering after Jan. 11.
  19. 19. Avoid Being Dropped for Non-payment • File your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and be sure it has been electronically received by LSC • Sign up for a payment plan (eCashier) • For third party billing or scholarship recipients, you need to have paperwork submitted to the Student Payment Office NEVER count on the drop for non-payment policy to drop you from your courses! If you are no longer planning on attending LSC you must go into your registration account and drop your classes on your own!
  20. 20. Financial Aid • Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) ▫ Check the status through eServices ▫ Grants, loans, work study • You must complete a loan application after you receive your award letter • Financial aid will be disbursed after the drop/add period • Additional information available at (Click on Financial Aid)
  21. 21. Financial Aid Policies • Repayment of aid for withdraws • No financial aid (including loans) for any repeated courses ▫ Minimum of six non-repeated credits required for student loans • Maximum Time Frame