Service Design Thinks Dublin 12th May 2010 | Keith Finglas

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Keith Finglas of Innovation Delivery showcases his work embedding design thinking with students at University College Dublin.

Keith Finglas of Innovation Delivery showcases his work embedding design thinking with students at University College Dublin.

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  • Product ------- Experience -------------------Service Ubiquity of services across all organisations
  • Means creativity and execution are crucial A s well as picking the right thing to work on. The quality of your design and the quality of your execution deternines the value of the output.
  • Inspiration comes from _ rigourous understanding of the technical aspects involved – all of them, covering technology, business and people _ observing what is actually happening amongst the practitioners
  • Where do groups like finance and hr fit in?
  • Not covered _ value of design _ project management _ services innovation model


  • 1. Services Innovation at UCD by Innovation Delivery Ltd. 4 Apr 2009
  • 2. Agenda 1.What it looks like? 2.What is it? 3.Activities 4.Q & A 4 Apr 2009
  • 3. Product, Service, Supply/Demand Chain, Organisation Examples
  • 4. In product and service projects? product service/organisation user IaD customer experience touchpoint design physical prototyping conceptual prototyping BOM service delivery blueprint product platforms IT platforms production planning service delivery training pricing models business models
  • 5. Example Understand and Observe Storytelling and Distillation Team Brainstorm Stretch ideas into concepts Prototype interactions Finance: Improving an existing service Get early feedback Prototype concepts Get stakeholder feedback
  • 6. Example Understand and Observe Storytell and Distill Brainstorm Stretch ideas into concepts Prototype Endanger Help your teammates Team Medical: Servitisation Get stakeholder feedback
  • 7. Example Understand and Observe Team Brainstorm Prototype International Palate: New Service Concept Prototype Get feedback
  • 8. What is Innovation? US Gov’t : The design, invention, development and/or implementation of Design something new new or altered products, services, processes, systems, organizational structures, or business models for the purpose Execute it of creating new value for customers and Get significant value for financial returns for the firm. customers and the firm 4 Apr 2009
  • 9. Basic evaluate inspire 1 cycle prototype 3 distill prioritise 2 Innovation or ideas Design Cycle DESIGN-THINKING MODEL
  • 10. 1 1 In a 1 3 3 3 2 2 program 2 business features interactions concept 1 Innovation or 3 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 Design Cycle WITHIN DEVELOPMENT design implement
  • 11. Paths Paths to To Innovation? Innovation Embed innovation systems in your organisation Run an innovation project Create a strategy map
  • 12. Research: Joint research team Activities? (UCD/NUIM) on Services Innovation, supporting ongoing projects, courses Executive Education: 1.2-day course, 1st. Dec 2009 2.Diploma starts Sep 2010
  • 13. Activities? Students Content 1. Innovation Management and Leadership 2. Innovation Techniques
  • 14. Activities? Student Programme Numbers: 2004 one hour, 20 students: SEA 2007/08, 60 hours 08/09 170 undergraduates (open) 20 Masters students (SEA) 2010/11 120 hours EMPS,FSVM,CS 450 undergraduates 50 Masters students 50 Ph.D. candidates
  • 15. Activities? Research Roadmap Topics: 1. The innovation process 2. Innovation strategy 3. Project portfolio management 4. Organising for innovation 5. Service process design 6. Service delivery/supply chains 7. Services marketing 8. Sustainability
  • 16. Q&A design affects outcome.