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Innovation Intelligence Group Portfolio

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IIG Portfolio.Issue1

  1. 1. Workshops for Business Model Innovation andStrategy Development
  2. 2. INNOVATION INTELLIGENCE GROUPCOMPANY PROFILEIIG is a global leader in business innovation, focusing on business model research anddevelopment. We are continually analysing how the world’s leading companies maintaintheir advantage and apply our innovation methodology to design new business models tosolve company and societal problems.We help companies understand the limitations of their own Business Model, and work withthem to improve the customer value proposition, and how this is delivered to customers,whilst improving their ability to capture value.COMPANY HISTORYInnovation Intelligence Group is a company specializing in business innovation, with aleaning towards business model research and development. IIG has an internationalmultidisciplinary team located in China, Mexico, and Oxford in the United Kingdom.The company was established in 2009 leading on from academic work done in the businessmodel area. The company’s vision is to help companies achieve high growth and reduceinnovation risk through research-led innovation of business models.We have analysed the business models and profit models of hundreds of fast-growthcompanies across all industry sectors and built a large case study library. Over the pastyears we have built an international team of consultants and a wider network of experts inbusiness models, so we can analyse and share business model knowledge around the world.We have produced training workshops and advisory tools creating a business strategyconsulting firm.We now advise academics, businesses, governments, associations and entrepreneurs onbusiness development strategy.Our attitude is to improve business performance based on thorough research, helpingcompanies identify growth opportunities.© Innovation Intelligence Group - 2010
  3. 3. WHAT WE DELIVERBusiness Schools Case studies / workshops / co-consultingInnovation strategy consultants Case studies / workshops/ business modelingEntrepreneurs/ start-ups Business plan / business strategy / implementationSynergy partnerships ( finance/ creative Add-on services for enhanced serviceindustries) provisionEstablished companies Business strategyGovernment associations Business model education and problem solutions development© Innovation Intelligence Group - 2010
  4. 4. Workshop types: • Analysing Customer Needs • Business Model Innovation Competitor Analysis (value innovation) • Strategy & scenario planning • New product & service development • Due diligence for mergers or acquisitions • Post integration projects • Culture change projects • Due diligence for new ventures • Creating a business plan • International branding and relationship management • Open Innovation • Analysing Business bottlenecks • Sustainable development • Building more Business ValueWORKSHOPSWorkshop type: Business Model Canvas application. Date: October-2010Place: Cranfield School of ManagementCountry: UKSummary: IIG presented a lecture about the applications of the Business Model Canvas.Further information:http://cranovation.wordpress.com/Workshop type: Guest lecture on eHealth Business ModelsDate: February-2011Place:School of Management and Governance, University of TwenteCountry: The NetherlandsSummary: IIG will be giving a guest lecture on eHealth Business Models
  5. 5. Analyzing customer needsObjective: This workshop is designed to guide employees on how to identify and analyze customerneeds. The focus is on a Jobs-to-be-done approach and looks at how to measure the characteristicsthat customers use to measure how well their needs are being met.Results: By using a BM Canvas and other tools, participants will be able to identify multiple needsin a broad range of areas in the sector. Participants will be able to understand how they can providea required product or service proposition to meet targeted customers needs and preferences.Directed to: Sales and marketing, Business innovation, R&D leadersDuration: 1 DayBusiness Model InnovationObjective: This workshop is designed as an introduction to business models and the application ofthe business modeling process. It explains the different types of business models, how to map them,and gives examples of how companies achieve winning formulas through their business modeldesign so participants can apply this knowledge inside the company.Results: After the workshop participants will understand how their business model works and howtheir customer value proposition satisfies customer needs. They will be able to use tools to designnew business models and understand how business model theory can be applied to their businessunit. They will also understand why new business models are needed to suit future trends, and hownew technology is incorporated into the model.Directed to: Senior operational staff and executives.Duration: 2 DaysCompetitor Analysis (Value Innovation)Objective: The main goal of this workshop is for participants to be able to map out the businessmodels of their competitors and study the strengths and weaknesses of their businesses within thecompetitive environment. From there we show how to come up with ideas of how to beat thecompetition using business model innovation.Results: After the workshop, participants will have a better idea of how they can be better in theirindustry/sector at making the competition irrelevant through innovative ideas and an approachbased on a designing good business model and value proposition. It will also enable participants tohow to develop your business model to keep the competition at bay.Directed to: Business strategy executive staff.Duration: 1 Day
  6. 6. New Product and Service DevelopmentObjective: The main goal of this workshop is to guide participants through approaches on how todevelop an innovative product & service. This is developed by understanding how to produce anenvironment that supports and rewards innovative thinking.Results: At the end of the workshop participants will be able to learn new innovative ways inwhich they can conduct a successful market research, how to implement technology and buildintellectual property, how they can be innovative with branding and design, how to exploitadjacency opportunities (new channels, products, geographies, or channels) what approaches theycan take to design a business model and ultimately create a business that is supportive toinnovation.Directed to: Innovation, operational, planning and marketing departments.Duration: 1 DayOpen InnovationObjective: The goal of this workshop is to provide participants examples and know-how of waysof using and being successful through Open Innovation.Results: Participants will be able to learn from different examples of companies who havesucceeded in implementing successful open innovation strategies, they will see how these have beenapplied and the benefits it brings. They can see how this can benefit the organization and how itchanges the resources needed within the organisation.Directed to: R&D, Business strategy, Executives.Duration: 1 DayAnalysing Business BottlenecksObjective: This workshop is designed to give participants the ability to detect business bottlenecksby analysing the business from the perspective of each stakeholder in the supply chain. This allowsvalue proposition, customer needs, incentives and profit models to be assessed for each stakeholderto ensure the right incentives and processes are in place to ensure the smooth running of theorganization.Results: After the workshop, participants will be able to analyse the business from the differentstakeholder perspectives making sure everyone is incentivised to deliver their services and beencouraged to find creative ideas and cutting-edge solutions to problems.Directed to: Planners, manufacturing, production, maintenance, and quality managers.Duration: 1 Day
  7. 7. Implementing innovative processes and ideas related tosustainable developmentObjective: This workshop is designed for companies looking to incorporate a sustainabledevelopment agenda, and gives examples for how the business model can be altered to include thisimportant aspect. Business design according to the latest needs and trends about sustainabledevelopment, customizing it to actual processes, and looking at the value proposition developmentthat would be gained from this model.Result: After the workshop, participants will know how global companies are adapting to globalchanges and need for sustainability inside their companies; what are the best approaches and howthey can adapt these changes to their actual Business Model and strategies.Directed to: From operational staff to executives.Duration: 1 DayBuilding more Business ValueObjective: The main goal of this workshop is to come up with ideas through the participant’s activeparticipation about how existing assets can be deployed to increase the value of goods and services.Results: Participants will be able to recognize in which areas they can create more value throughdesigning the right value proposition.Directed to: Senior managers, marketers, strategic personnel and decision makers.Duration: 1 DayOur other workshops for which we can provide more information onrequest; • Due diligence for mergers or acquisitions • Post integration projects • Culture change projects • Due diligence for new ventures • Strategy and Scenario Planning • Creating a business plan • International branding and relationship management
  8. 8. SEMINARS & EXHIBITIONSInnovation Intelligence Group believes in having a global reach-acting local. Therefore weare very active globally and attending the latest seminars and exhibitions related toinnovation, entrepreneurship, networking, etc.In 2010 we attended important seminars and exhibitions in different parts in the world.Below is a brief summary of these seminars & exhibitions where IIG attended.Brussels Innova - November 2010IIG sponsored the Inventors competition and will be giving advice to the winner on theirBusiness Model and business plan.Further information: www.brussels-innova.com Brussels Innova Seminar IIG -CEO Stephen Newbury presenting the cheque at the Inventors CompetitionHKTDC SME Centre Exhibition - December 2010Hong Kong, ChinaWe attended the HKTDC SME Centre Exhibition helping entrepreneurs gain valuableknowledge on what it takes to truly turn their idea into a profitable business venture. A vastrange of service providers were at hand to assist entrepreneurs and SME’s such as,Branding, Accountancy, Web-Design, Management Consultancy firms and many more.Further information: http://www.hktdc.com/info/trade-events/EX/en/Exhibitions.htm.
  9. 9. CASE STUDY LIBRARY Our case study library has more than 120 cases of Business Model Innovation as well as much more unpublished research; these cases examine the cutting-edge business models of high growth and interesting companies, and cover innovations in sales and marketing, business strategy and technology. We are continually adding to our case library for members:Industry Business Characteristics:Sectors:Agriculture SustainabilityEducation - Low CarbonEnergy - EthicalFood and Beverage - Community/SocietyManufacturing - Social ResponsibilityFinancial Services Techology DevelopmentPublic Administration - InternetGaming / Social - Mobile Phone - CarHealthcare - SoftwareIT & Technology MonetisationLeisure & Hospitality - eRetailMarketing - FreemiumMedia / Entertainment - SubscriptionNGO - Advertising Menu systemReal Estate / Construction - CompensationRetail Human ResourcesTelecom / Networking - Remote WorkingTravel - Training andProfessional ServicesUtilities PartnershipsWaste / Recycling - Unorthodox - Supply Chain Quality - Operational Value - Cost Reduction Customer Focus - Authenticity - Transparency - Mindset - Crowdsourcing Open Innovation Flow diagram example
  10. 10. Stephen NewburyCEOStephen worked for 12 years as a chartered engineer and most recently as head of concept designand as a technical project manager for a large turn-key consulting firm in the Europeanautomotive industry. He developed a number of vehicle concepts and played a key role indelivering projects for Volvo and Renault into production. In recent years he has set up three newcompanies and created and authored eight editions of the car design yearbook series. He hasworked in the UK, Sweden, France and China.Paul HobcraftIIG AssociateMBA from Henley Management College.He runs Agility Innovation Specialists; an advisory business that focuses on stimulating soundinnovation practice.He helps build innovation capability and capacity for organisations, teamsand individuals. Paul´s personal journey has been varied and global. He has lived and worked inSaudi Arabia, Kenya, Malaysia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, USA, Australia, and recently spenteleven years in Singapore. Paul is based in Switzerland and presently shares his time betweenAsia and EuropeDimitris TsagdisIIG AssociateSenior lecturer at the Scarborough Management Centre. PhD in Process and KnowledgeManagement at Lincoln University. Has held a number of visiting and associate professorships:Roskilde University (Denmark 2003-04), Kaplan Institute (Singapore 2007-2008), Los AndesUniversity (Bogota, Colombia 2009-2010), Bordeaux Management School (France 2009-2010).Chris Van der HovenIIG AssociateLecturer in Innovation at the Cranfield School of Management.MBAPrior to joining Cranfield, he was a director and ran the European office of a niche consultancycompany. Chris has facilitated, project managed, or supported various strategic business projects(including "One Europe" for Seagram, the EU "Corporate Project Office" implementation forCapital One, "Streamline" for Shell International, and numerous projects for the catalogue retailerArgos). He has been a member of the Institute of Directors (IoD), the International Association ofFacilitators (IAF) and is still a registered practitioner of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).He is in the final stages of completing his PhD at Cambridge University.
  11. 11. AREAS OF COMPETENCE • Identifying customer needs (or ‘Jobs-to-be-done’) • Designing a suitable business model • Revenue and profit modelling • Assessing the business environment • Defining customer segments • Value proposition development • Analyse how the offer fits with the overall company objectives • Resource efficiency development • Partner risk analysis • Partner locate and development • Propose customer relationship improvements • Research and Identify new cost effective channels to market • Devise channel strategies for international markets • Propose technologies enabling new revenue models • Business plans and business cases development • New venture due diligence • Due diligence for mergers or acquisitions • Culture change projects • Post integration projects • Solving industry and societal problemsWhat people are sayingInnovation and Business ModellingIIG have developed a broad set of methodologies that combine desk research, interview techniquesand practical applications to give you the right intelligence you need, irrespective of what youknow, IIGglobal provide much of what you dont know but really needed to know to make a successof your breakthrough thinking!"Paul Hobcraft - Agility Innovation
  12. 12. Opportunities for business model innovation are right in front of every organization. But to pursuethem, executives have to rethink their core beliefs about the who, what, and how of their business.’Ann Baxter - Director, Deloitte"We are innovating at a much faster pace than we were in the early days--at any given time, areasonably large number of Google users are playing with one of the ideas in a designers orengineers head."Amit Singhal - Head of Google Ranking‘I appreciate the open discussions that span from technology to business models, which arebecoming more and more important as ICT influences our daily lives.’Justin Rattner - CTO Intel‘In the coming years, the business models of most industries will drastically change with theincreased pervasiveness of new technologies.’Dr. Vishal Sikka - Board Member of SAP AGAny Questions? Contact Us! p u o r G e c n e gill et nI n oit a v o n nI k r a P s s e ni s u B d r of x O , m u r o u Q e h T 0 0 2 7 m o d g ni K d eti n U , Z J 2 4 X O , d r of x O 4 1 0 6 5 2 5 6 8 1 ) 0 ( 4 4 +.l e t m o c.l a b ol g G I I @ t a m o c.l a b ol g G I I. w w w