Learning from the corporate world


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Learn the tactics to survive in a corporate and what all you need to learn to be on top.

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Learning from the corporate world

  1. 1. Learning from the corporate world.
  2. 2. We aspire to be at the top.The stature of a CEO, COO, Director, Vice President, looks extremelylucrative.
  3. 3. Why is it that only 1% from the bottom of the pyramidmake it to the top?I believe, besides skill and knowledge, learning has a very important roleto play that creates the difference.
  4. 4. Mark Twain very wisely said, “Humans die at 27, we just bury them at 72″.I believe what he meant was, till the age of27, we have the zeal to learn new things and weare into a learning process. After 27, most of usbecome like a spoke in the wheel of life and endour learning habit. What we need is, to practicecontinuous learning.
  5. 5. So what takes you high in this success ladder? “First impression is the last impression” and impression comes from how you appear to others. It’s extremely important ‘How you Appear” than “How you perform” in your job. Ensure to carry a professional image all the time. Regularly update yourself on your industry. Discuss things with people and exchange information Communication is pivotal to success. Take responsibilities. Do not shy How you communicate with your away, even if it is new for you. They are subordinates, peers and seniors sets the pathway to move up the career your relationship with them. ladder Communication helps you get your work done through others Any job is challenging until you know its Always have ideas up your sleeve to tricks. Subsequently, it becomes solve issues. Problem solving skills routine and mundane. You need to catches attention stretch yourself to make it interesting and spicy. If you can’t do it. Then quit
  6. 6. So what takes you high in this success ladder? Keep a watch on your personal webCome earlier than the browsing. In all office start time. It probability, your Avoid getting into helps you set your employer would be gossip. Also, be smart day keeping an eye on it to get out of it Use emails more than Be nice with your phone. Email get administration staff. things recorded and Though at the bottom works as a great of the pyramid they reminder actually run the company. If they do not work for you, you will never get your mailers, files and reports on time
  7. 7. So what takes you high in this success ladder? If you have a scheduled lunch time, do not sit back in the chair after your lunch. Move out and take a walk. It is refreshing and sets you going for the next half Compliment team-mates and colleagues. Let people Appreciate in public. around you have credit. Nice Reprimand in private. It is people primarily because of very important for all ‘lack of recognition” and not relationships money You cannot select your Trust your people. Make colleague. If they are not like them realize their you want them to be. Know importance how to handle them Don’t do other work. If you know the way, share with them and let them do it by themselves
  8. 8. So what takes you high in this success ladder? Have the courage to take risks. Motivate your team to take risks You can’t expect atoo. Only by taking person to be loyal risks you create to you when you new things don’t trust him Always remember Be good at phone. to wish your team- You will get more mates, peers and things done seniors on their birthdays and anniversaries
  9. 9. The best thing about the Learning from Corporate, weare paid to learn.