Guess warehouse management solutions


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Guess warehouse management solutions

  1. 1.   Warehouse & DC ManagementLogistics Management May 2011
  2. 2.  Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)- controls the movement and storage of items within a warehouse. Processes associated transactions including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking. WMS often utilize Auto ID Data Capture (AIDC) technology, e.g. scanners or mobile computers. WMS can be a stand alone system (i.e. Best of Breed) or part of an Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP).
  3. 3.  Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP)- Comprehensive software package that integrates management information across an entire organization including logistics, finance, accounting, engineering, sourcing, pro curement, human resources, payroll, benefits, etc. Examples: Oracle’s Peoplesoft, SAP’s mySAP
  4. 4.  Guess has grown from a $6 million family business in 1982 to a $2 billion international business in 2010. Ships 30 million units annually to department stores, 400 specialty stores and directly to customers
  5. 5.  Guess had outgrown its main distribution center in Los Angeles by the late 1990s Lengthy transit times Current logistics system was too small for the growing demand and didn’t interface well with other software that was used
  6. 6.  Moved main DC to larger facility in Louisville, KY Implemented Manhattan Associates’ WMS Implemented ERP (Enterprise Resource Plan) to interface with new WMS Separated wholesale and retail inventory Invested in new materials handling equipment
  7. 7.  Software was developed for retail clothing industry. Formerly called PickTicket Management System (PkMS). Now referred to as WM. Paperless flow of inventory through the distribution center Automates the control, movement and storage of materials in a warehouse. Units are automatically received, inventory is automatically updated Improves accuracy of orders and reduces the amount of safety stock Automates picking, packing and shipping Consolidates orders to reduce transportation and shipping costs Reduce expenses on labor and storage by managing tasks
  8. 8.  Supplier  Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) are sent to ERPs Wholesale (Jesta I.S.) and Retail (RDA) ASNs are sent to WMS before the package arrives at the warehouse. Warehouse Control System (subsystem of the WMS) directs packages to quality check, weighing, put-away area for storage or picking for shipping. Packages are scanned and WMS is updated with current location and inventory level.
  9. 9.  Allocates available inventory for orders and chooses the location within the DC for distribution into sorters or put- to-light system. Real time interfaces between WMS & Warehouse Control System (WCS) directs the scanned outbound package to quality check, value-added services or to the print-and-apply area where shipping labels are automatically applied.
  10. 10.  Bombay Unit Sorter- Consists of loop of trays connected to a chain. Product is placed on the tray and is dropped directly into a tote/carton. Used for medium sized packages. Put-to-Light system- Put system that uses light modules to direct operators to the correct location to sort items Tilt tray sorter- high speed sortation system that is used for small packages, e.g. jewelry
  11. 11.  Flexibility- new WMS capable of interfacing with new sorters and ERP systems. Increased Accuracy- every package is tracked in real time Increased throughput- increased shipments by 30 to 40 percent Decreased weekly orders which reduces inventory costs Enabled Guess to keep up with growing demand Physical inventory down time decreased from 3 days to 12 hours