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Cloudempiere WMS productsheet


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Product Sheet for WMS solution.

Published in: Technology
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Cloudempiere WMS productsheet

  1. 1. cloudempiere warehouse management system
  2. 2. Successful warehouse management requires a complete overview of all stocks, processes, activities, facilities, employees. WMS cloudempiere integrates all these components into the simple and transparent mosaics. Independently of the industry in which they opera t e - w h e t h e r i t ‘s m a n u f a c t u r i n g , re t a i l s a l e s , o r p u b l i c w a re h o u s e - yo u r re q u i re m e n t s fo r t h e management and administration of the mate r i a l m a y i n c re a s. I n t h i s c a s e yo u n e e d t o u s e t h e s y s t e m fo r w a re h o u s e m a n a g e m e n t - W M S . T h e m o ve m e n t s , s t o c k re c o rd m a n a g e m e n t a n d re l a t ed logistics processes . able for stores of various sizes . The system can quickly handle processes such as: receiving, storage, replenishment, allocation management, expense manWMS solution can be applied as an independent / autonomous parties. Single solution lets clarify warehouse operations, communication with suppliers / customers and become familiar with the information they need for better decision making. RECEIVING ADVANCED KITTING SHIPPING 3 PL BILLING STORAGE WAVE PLANNING MULTIPLE CUSTOMERS TERMINALS AUTOMATICALLY PUT AWAY PICKING INVENTORY REVERSE LOGISTICS CROSS-DOCKING PACKING LABOR MANAGEMENT PRODUCT LABELING cloudempiere “warehouse management system” 2 CLOUDEMPIERE - WMS
  3. 3. Receiving — improve your receiving processes by quick data inbound area Storage — automatic Location Determination is an important part how materials should be put-away to the optimized storage area. Packing — use system-directed or assisted packing to support user-configurable container types including cartons, pallets, containers, and others with a variety of attributes including inner and outer dimensions, maximum product weight for a container, and minimum/maximum fill percentage parameters. Shipping — load contents onto a trailer, issue a final release, and coordinate proper ship paperwork such as container pack list, master pack list, bill of lading,… Automatically put away material in the best location acer/cooler, pallet lanes, push-back rack, carousel, automatic storage and retrieval, bulk tank, and other factors. — benefit from the ability to either pick items or move them directly from the inbound dock to the outbound dock, thereby avoiding storage and replenishment and reducing staffing and equipment needs, space requirements, and inventory carrying costs. Advanced Kitting — light assembly of components or parts into defined units, including installation of the ordering, installation at the warehouse, special packaging, labeling and other accessories. Wave Planning — a method of selecting and sequencing picking lists to minimize the waiting time of the delivered material. Shipping orders may be picked in waves combined by a common product, common carrier, or destination. Picking — following wave planning, make released picks available to operators who can then pick orders quickly, without errors, using scanners and ensure a safer, more efficient, real-timework environment. CLOUDEMPIERE - WMS — The ability to track multiple inventories, employ multiple business rules, and manage billing for multiple customers improves 3PL and distributor efficiency. — Multiple units of measure, lot control, and catch weights improve inventory accuracy and know what, where, and how much inventory is in your warehouse using cycle counting to regularly maintain the most accurate portrait of your inventory levels. Labor Management — Schedule and monitor all direct and indirect labor and provide valuable feedback and status updates to workers and supervisors as activities are completed. Support reasonable expectancies, as well as engineered labor standards, and profit from integrated time and attendance. — Track and assign charges to virtually any warehouse event from inventory handling storage costs to fulfillment and get a better handle on your profit margins and costs. 3
  4. 4. Terminals and scanners — depending on the complexity of processes can be deployed scanners operating in batch mode, or scanners and data terminals operating in real time (API). Reverse logistics — follow processes after delivery to the customer by means of reverse logistics. železničiarska 9 811 04 bratislava tel.: +421 2 5443 0000 mobil: 0918 493 428 Product labeling — you can create your own types of labels as necessary or as required by its partners. Services to WMS We specialize in the following WMS consulting services: Extend WMS by Other cloudempiere components www. verzia: 2014-02-17