Arabella Hotel & Spa Launches A Brand New Trail Run And Mountain Bike Challenge


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Arabella Hotel & Spa Launches A Brand New Trail Run And Mountain Bike Challenge

  1. 1. ARABELLA HOTEL & SPA LAUNCHES A BRANDNEW TRAIL RUN AND MOUNTAIN BIKE CHALLENGEJanuary 2013: Get those trainingshoes on and start training for two new events on the trail-running and mountain-biking calendar this year taking place at the Arabella Hotel & Spa,which is located in the breathtakingKogelberg Biosphere Reserve near Kleinmond andHermanus.The first of the Arabella Challenges takes place on April 27 and 28 and the second onSeptember 21 and 22.The events will start and finish at a site (adjacent to the current ArabellaHotel & Spa) situatedon the foot of the Palmiet Mountain range, and promises adventure for runners andmountain bikersof all skills levels.The Mountain Bike event will take place over two days with the route being approximately 40km on day 1 and 41 km on day 2. Riders will enter as individuals, which gives social riders theopportunity to experience a stage event under fun and non-pressurised conditions. Twowater points on the route will provide riders with hydration and a few minutes to catch theirbreath.The event will be timed and will allow mountain bikersto come back in the future and try andbetter the time they achieved before.A maximum of 500 cyclists will be allowed to enter the 2013 events, with the possibility ofexpansion next year.The trail runs take place on the Sundays of both weekends. There is a shorter run of 11 km fornovice trail runners, and an 18km run for those who are more advanced. Both runs will betimed, and this year’s events will be confined to 100 runners each.For those taking part in the event, as either runners or cyclists, who would like to stay close tothe start/finish area, the Arabella Hotel and Spa will be offering accommodation packagesfor the weekend.The emphasis for the weekend at the hotel will be on family, including a full children’sprogramme to keep the little ones entertained.To make the lives of athletes easier the hotel will also be offering: • Bike wash facilities • Bike storage facilities • Technical bike support on site for any last minute repairs • Informative evening talks • 15 minute leg massages in a separate venue • Shuttle services for family to and from the start/finishProtea Hospitality Group Marketing and Advertising Manager Nicholas Barenblatt says thereare few more beautiful locations for outdoor adventure events than the Arabella CountryEstate and Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. “The terrain is perfect for events of this nature.
  2. 2. Especially on the trail-running side there are routes that are less challenging for novicerunners, but if you’re a serious runner you’ll be challengedby some sections of the route. Wehave positioned this event as one not to be missed on the trail running and mountain bikecalendar; whist keeping the structure of the weekend centred on being a weekendgetaway for couples and families.“We aim to deliver an event that will become synonymous with the 5-star quality that theArabella Hotel and Spa has become so well known for, and through these events grow thedestination as South Africa’s true home of adventure sport.”For more information or to enter the event; visit