Monitoring with Icinga @ SF Bay Area LSPE meetup
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Monitoring with Icinga @ SF Bay Area LSPE meetup






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Monitoring with Icinga @ SF Bay Area LSPE meetup Monitoring with Icinga @ SF Bay Area LSPE meetup Presentation Transcript

  • Monitoring with  Icinga Marius Ducea Promet Solutions SF Bay Area #LSPE July 21, 2011
  • whoami •  System Administrator •  Web Operations Engineer •  Consultant
  • Icinga: intro What does the word icinga mean? It’s a Zulu word, meaning: • look around • browse • search for, examine How to pronounce it correctly? • however you like...
  • Icinga: intro What is icinga? Fork of Nagios (backwards compatible) Open Source monitoring system: • monitor • notify • report Actively maintained GPL v2
  • Icinga: intro Why a fork? Frustrations among Nagios contributors Core nagios developer = 1 person Very few suggestions and patches from community made it into nagios As we all know nagios has not evolved much in many years
  • Icinga: history Changelog • May 2009 – icinga is announced –  v0.8, first beta is released • December 2009 – v1.0 first  stable version released • 17 releases so far • Today – v1.4.2
  • Icinga: architecture Icinga components Icinga Core Icinga Web Icinga API Icinga Reporting IDOutils Icinga Mobile
  • Icinga: architecture Icinga core • manages monitoring tasks • receives check results from various plugins • communicates check results to IDODB
  • Icinga: architecture Icinga API • fetches information (like check results) from the core, through the IDODB • PHP based, with no dependencies on other libraries or frameworks • data collected from the IDODB by the API is then presented in the Icinga Web
  • Icinga: architecture Icinga Web • online portal to view Icinga monitoring results • send commands to Icinga Core • Ajax based, supports dragging and dropping of various screen components • flexible • customizable
  • Icinga: architecture / Classic Web
  • Icinga: architecture / Web
  • Icinga: architecture / Web
  • Icinga: architecture Icinga Reporting • reporting addon • based on Jasper Reports • visualization of SLAs • capacity planning • format of reports PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, RTF • predefined templates
  • Icinga: architecture / Reporting
  • Icinga: architecture Icinga Mobile
  • Icinga vs Nagios
  • Icinga vs Nagios
  • Icinga: tips How To install icinga • Source install –  tar.gz from sourceforge –  git clone git:// • Packages available –  included in debian/ubuntu, 3rd party rpms available also • Chef users? you can use my icinga cookbook – –
  • Icinga: tips How To migrate from nagios • ’s/nagios/icinga/g’ ? • you can reuse your existing objects (commands.cfg, services.cfg, hosts.cfg, etc) • nagios.cfg becomes icinga.cfg • you can even compile icinga with nagios user, group, path, etc.
  • Icinga: help Support • • • IRC: #icinga on freenode • mailing lists, forums, twitter
  • Questions? Marius Ducea @mariusducea blog: site: slides: