AutoScaling and Drupal


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A presentation on how to interface with AWS and address caveats of an AutoScaling setup. Open to discussion of improvement and deployment.

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AutoScaling and Drupal

  1. 1. AutoScaling Drupal with AWS Greg Palmier 6/13/2012
  2. 2. About MeSysadmin RoleDrupal ExpAWS Exp
  3. 3. Project ProfileOptionIT5-6 EmployeesNature of the TrafficPrevious Scalable Setup Not So GreatExisting AWS AccountE-Commerce
  4. 4. Project GoalMaximize Resource Budget Solution Only pay for what you need?Reduce AWS traffic to best utilize lower resource instancesUse AutoScaling to handle huge spikes in traffic to the web front end Sporting Events Promotional Blasts
  5. 5. GIT SetupBranch setup Development, Staging, Production, Master Which branch is on which server Relatively low dev work after launch, no cross company collaborationStart up scripts for the servers to check for code updates.gitignore .htaccess Settings and files (NFS)
  6. 6. AWS IntroCommand Line Tools Mainly EC2 More features.bash_profile Maintain so you can have multiple clients
  7. 7. .bash_profile.bash_profile:# OptionIT #export EC2_PRIVATE_KEY=~/.ec2/oit/pk-5KADP7RDZQPNKBQ3S3IR.pemexport EC2_CERT=~/.ec2/oit/cert-5KADP7RDZMOLBQ3S3IR.pemexport AWS_ACCOUNT_ID=12345export AWS_ACCESS_KEY=AKIQFHYEQexport AWS_SECRET_KEY=1L4TFefZwH6WbiifFq
  8. 8. And again...# Paths to AWS Tools #export EC2_HOME=~/ec2-api-tools- AWS_AUTO_SCALING_HOME=~/AutoScaling- AWS_RDS_HOME=~/RDSCli-1.6.001#PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin (This is probably your default)PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin:${EC2_HOME}/bin:${AWS_ELB_HOME}/bin:$ {AWS_AUTO_SCALING_HOME}/bin:$AWS_RDS_HOME/bin
  9. 9. Base Config (The Tedious Way)What is this for? Testing Growing your AutoScaling GroupInitial configuration of the base instance Public AMIs Bootstrap your own Debian Instance ami-pvgrubService Basics Mysql, apache, postfix, users
  10. 10. AWS Tools TestUse the “describe” type commands to see what info you can pullgrapple:~ greg$ ec2-describe-instancesUnable to find a $JAVA_HOME at "/usr", continuing with system-provided Java...RESERVATION r-0854b268 109231141564OIT Dev/StagingINSTANCE i-615ba304 ami-e00df089 stopped oit 0 m1.medium
  11. 11. Base Config (The Chef Way)ChefInitial configuration of the base instanceRecipes Mysql, apache, postfix, usersCaveats and Bootstrap Usage Un-bootstrapping Boot Time PLUS Config Time
  12. 12. Manual vs Chef Base ConfigTime to learn Chef (who pays for it)Do you have anything in place you can replicate?Does the client/server need any unique config items?Who is going to “Own” the Chef Server? Additional Costs and TimeTime & Cost Ruled all on this, understand your clients needs
  13. 13. Manual vs Chef Base ConfigWho is going to “Own” the Chef Server? Additional Costs and TimeTime & Cost Ruled All Instance spin-up time Chef Config time How “Blank” is your base instance? Overall Trigger to “In Service” Times Caps Game 7 OT Scenario
  14. 14. AWS Workflow & InfrastructureDevelopment InstanceAbility to turn them off while keep the costs low and on the client side Dev & Staging SitePossible updates? Just run chef-client on boot- up
  15. 15. Elasitic Load Balancer80 → 80443 → 443Keep it simple. If you put your Cert ON the ELB youll have to account for the Forwarded For IP AddressOnly One Cert per ELB Multiple ELBs to an instance requires command line toolsCNAME – Force Traffic to www
  16. 16. Instance Security GroupsWhat Are They?Using the Groups Simple GUI (something actually available in the console) What to put in them SSH, ICMP jailed to your source maintainable outside of the instance config HTTP/HTTPS (but from what source?) Traffic Flow (amazon-elb/sg-843f59ed) Add a test source, use your hosts file
  17. 17. Instance Group FeaturesDivide Them Up Few Functions Per SG WEB, DB, NFS, etc Public to Specific Type, then link them together inside the Zone Jail Services to Inside the Zone NFS MySQL sg-504e8f38 (OIT PROD DB) Even Traffic from the ELB amazon-elb/sg-843f59ed (amazon-elb-sg) Accommodates for New Instances Addresses
  18. 18. AutoScaling Build-UpNow that you have your Base Instance... Creating a AutoScaling AMI$ ec2-create-image -n newoitprod i-258a0f40 Feedback will tell you the AMI to use: created AMI: ami-0cfa2965 Careful now, AWS will turn it off to copy it
  19. 19. AutoScaling Infrastructure DetailsWhat is going to Scale? as-create-launch-config OptionITProd --image-id ami-0cfa2965 --instance-type m1.large --monitoring-enabled --key oit --group sg-f234f29a OptionITProd – Unique Name you choose --image-id – Feedback from Prev Step --instance-type 32/64 available on any type now, woooo! This gets us better granularity and reduced cost --group – Your WEB Security Group
  20. 20. Defining the Entire GroupYou do this for multiple projects... as-create-auto-scaling-group -z us-east-1b -l OptionITProd -M 20 -m 2 --default-cooldown 180 --desired-capacity 1 --load-balancers OITNewProd --auto-scaling-group OITNewProdASGroup -l – Again, the Previous Step config -M/m – Max/Min instances Setting max and min is great for do-overs Recommendation is 2 because of no SLA --default-cooldown – Hysteresis (> 120s) --load-balancers – This will auto attach ELB still has to see it as healthy though
  21. 21. Great. HOW do we scale?$ as-create-or-update-trigger OITCPUTrigger -- auto-scaling-group OITNewProdASGroup --namespace "AWS/EC2" --measure CPUUtilization --statistic Average --dimensions "AutoScalingGroupName=OITNewProdASGro up" --period 120 --lower-threshold 20 --upper- threshold 60 --lower-breach-increment=-1 --upper-breach-increment 1 --breach-duration 120Your Welcome
  22. 22. AutoScaling Referrers and Stats--auto-scaling-group = Name from as-create- auto-scaling-group command--namespace = standard, what AWS feature to apply this to. For EC2, always pick “AWS/EC2”--measure = metric to trigger against. Here it’s CPU . Can be changed to available storage space, etc.--Statistic = Metric method. Could be tripped on an absolute value, average, max, min, etc.
  23. 23. Scaling Metrics--dimensions = Don’t know exactly, just read this and understood this to be somewhat of a jail to operate in--period = for the statistic metric, amount of time to take the measurement for (seconds)--lower-threshold = This is set for when to scale down the autogroup. Therefore here it will reduce the size by 1 when the average CPU utilization across the group is less than 20 for --period minutes
  24. 24. Scaling Actions--breach-duration = Amount of time that has to go by for the --statistic to be true to trigger an autoscaling event (either increase by one or decrease by 1. Notice for lower breach the number is -1) How much are we going to Scale We cant force AWS to go shorter than 2 minutes
  25. 25. OperationNature of the Scaling Not a “LIFO” scaling model (get your logs while you can!)How fast...Really? 2+ Minutes After TriggerCDN Reduce Traffic Load from NFS Shares
  26. 26. Overview
  27. 27. Screenshots External
  28. 28. AlarmsCloudWatch CPU Usage (which leads to scaling events) DB Instance Network Out ELB Unhealthy Host Indicates “Out of Service” Instance
  29. 29. TestingRemember the SG Hole we left? Direct your computer directly to an InstanceTerminate an Instance Check mounts Time responses Time to make to “running” status Time to attach to ELB with “In Service” statusLoad Testing Be aware of what you are throwing at it
  30. 30. Making ModsRemoving the Set-Up $ as-delete-trigger OITCPUTrigger --auto-scaling-group OITNewProdASGroup $ as-update-auto-scaling-group OITNewProdASGroup --min-size 0 --max-size 0 $ as-delete-auto-scaling-group OITNewProdASGroup $ as-delete-launch-config OptionITProdDeleting your AMI (available through the Console)
  31. 31. More ModificationsCreate a new image of it: ec2-create-image -n OITProd20120329 i-258a0f40 The -n parameter is tagged for the current date, must be a new unique name.Create a new launch config with the new AMI as-create-launch-config OptionITProd20120329...Update your current AS Group as-update-auto-scaling-group OITNewProdASGroup --launch-configuration OptionITProd20120329
  32. 32. PCI ComplianceUnderstand the nature of the scan Talk to techs, whatever you have to do ELB = badCreate a test instance for the scanning tool Dont Hit Production, yet
  33. 33. Lessons LearnedUse an RDS? What sort of access and tools will people use? How many Zones are you operating in?How to pre-scale to prepare for a flood Set the Min up a notch or twoContact Amazon and make sure your account can scale up to the Max # of InstancesUse Chef for search of Instances and DB
  34. 34. More Lessons LearnedConfig Rsyslog for remote loggingUnderstand your client Scheduling Maintenance Planning Promotions and Watching Hockey (literally) Dont get in a race to the bottom, Upscale if you have a good case for it Falcons vs. Caps
  35. 35. ConclusionMore Chef Control Auto adding and deleting of nodes, etcI figured this out in 2 weeks on and off. You can probably do better.No ultimate TotalChef solution yet? Chef controlled cluster MGMT Software controlling command line tools
  36. 36. Questions ????
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