IronClad Kong Gloves from Project Sales Corp


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IronClad Kong Gloves from Project Sales Corp

  1. 1. KONG ORR Safety and our select partners are the exclusive worldwide distributors for the KONG Glove. The Glove that’s… King of the Oil ‘N Gas Industry 1-800-669-1677 •
  2. 2. Who is ORR Safety? History of the KONG Glove The In early 2007, a Safety Committee comprised of members from some of the KONG world’s largest oil and gas companies (ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and Superior Energy) targeted hand injuries as one of the key safety initiatives for the year. It was through this initiative that ORR Safety was invited to develop a specialty glove to reduce, if not eliminate, these costly hand injuries… ▄ Hairline Fractures ▄ Bruising Blows ▄ Pinched Fingers At this time, ORR Safety partnered with Ironclad Performance Wear Corporation and started the process of developing a specialty glove for the “oil and gas” industry. Concept Glove Designed By the end of August 2007, ORR and Ironclad had created the first oil and gas concept glove. After additional input from the Safety Committee and a few final changes, the first “Prototype Glove” became a reality. From November to December 2007, four companies and over 200 workers field tested “Prototype Glove #1.” Field Test Results for Prototype Glove #1 Field Test Overall Protection Comfort Fit Grip Dexterity Durability Satisfaction Results Prototype #1 4.23 3.95 4.08 3.83 3.88 3.67 3.84 Upon reviewing the field test results, it was determined that two primary areas for Ranked on a Scale improvement were “grip” and “durability.” Additionally, the velcro wrist strap was 0 —to— 5.0 (Poor) (Excellent) deemed a potential safety hazard. Over the next sixty days, ORR and Ironclad collaborated to make improvements and developed “Prototype Glove #2.” Field Test Results for Prototype Glove #2 Field Test Overall Protection Comfort Fit Grip Dexterity Durability Satisfaction Results Prototype #1 4.23 3.95 4.08 3.83 3.88 3.67 3.84 Prototype #2 4.23 4.29 4.47 4.47 4.11 4.35 4.32 After over 80,000 hours of field testing and over a year in development, the KONG Glove became a reality. Having improved the overall performance rating of the glove in 6 out of 7 categories and the Safety Committee’s confidence with the final design of the glove, production of KONG began in July of 2008. Our thanks goes out to the Safety Committee Members and their companies, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and Superior Energy, for investing time and effort to improve the safety and well being of the workers who make their livelihood in the oil and gas industry. We at ORR Safety and Ironclad are honored to be a part of this process, and thank you for all your input and support. KONG Glove was… Designed by Oil & Gas Industry Experts!
  3. 3. Revolutionary Full Hand and Finger Protection Back of Hand Protection ▄ Impact absorbing 3-D Thermoplastic Rubber Ribs. ▄ 4 heavy duty rubber ribs are designed to absorb and dissipate impacts to the back of the hand. Knuckle Protection ▄ Foam rubber padding placed between fabric layers provides added protection and flexibility. ▄ An additional band of Thermoplastic Rubber for protection against more severe impacts. Finger and Thumb Protection ▄ One of the most unique features of this glove is the 3-D Thermoplastic Finger Ribs. ▄ These impact absorbing ribs provide extra protection while at the same time offer flexibility because of their unique flexible joint construction.
  4. 4. KONG Durability ▄ A second layer of long wearing Teflon coated synthetic leather material was added to the palm. ▄ Reinforced cross stitching was added to reduce the friction caused by multiple layers of fabric rubbing together. I.D. Tag for Improved Grip Employee Name ▄ Impregnated PVC dots adhered to the ▄ Each employee has the ability to palm of the glove enhance overall grip. individually mark their gloves. ▄ Additionally the raised PVC dots extend ▄ Helps to control usage and cost. the life of the glove by absorbing wear away from the palm fabric. Since 1948... Protecting People, Property and the Environment! 1-800-669-1677 •
  5. 5. Designed by and for the Oil & Gas Industry Flexible with a High Degree of Dexterity ▄ Unique Thermoplastic rib joint design offers surprising comfort and flexibility. ▄ Kong’s form fit provides excellent dexterity. Machine Washable ▄ Kong is easily washed for extended wear and personal hygiene. ▄ Note: Hang dry only, do not use High Visibility ▄ Bright orange coloring and commercial dryers. yellow ribs helps to track hand placement. ▄ Easily seen by operators from a distance. Wrist and Sleeve Protection ▄ 2½” Neoprene Cuff provides additional wrist and forearm protection. ▄ Easy pulls over long sleeves to reduce snag hazards.
  6. 6. 80,000 hours of testing w ith NO INJURIES ! Designed by Oil & Gas Industry EXPERTS to reduce / if not eliminate the THREE biggest hand injuries! What users of the KONG Glove are saying... “I think the glove is super and Hairline Fractures is credited by our shop personnel on three separate occasions for Bruising Blows preventing a hand injury when either a tool slipped or a finger was smashed. Everyone has worked Pinched Fingers so hard on getting the right glove and I believe those efforts will pay off.” — Kim Redwing Gulfstream Service, Inc.