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presentation on euthanasia
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presentation on euthanasia

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  • Confused about what am I tawkngabt in the morning?? Umm maybe…but tht is all I wanted..to shed some li8 on hw important life is to all of us..wht we ve as a gftfrm god shudnt be let gone in any manner..Good morning to one n all present out here….istnd here wid a motive of shedding sm li8 on the very raging topic…..”EUTHANASIA”….
  • Life in all forms is beautiful…god sent us on the earth to blossom n grow…not to end up on the death bed…death bed which too is a forced one…”gifted” by others.
  • Jus b4 I begin..cud I jus see sm hands as to hw mnyhv any idea abt what excatly is euthanasia??Thts a gud majority of ppl out there….strtngwid ,,, euthanasia is…
  • The act of letting go of the painedsoul,relieving the crippled ones of their misery…But does letting go is all we can do? ? s mercy killing humane? Do we have the right to assess whether a life is worth living? Should euthanasia be practiced only in the terminally ill people or for the debilitated and mentally ill too? In this presentation, we get into the heart of the matter by looking at the pros and cons of euthanasia.
  • here are the three ways in which euthanasia s classified into..Voluntary-Euthanasia conducted with the consent of the patient is termed voluntary euthanasia. Non voluntary-Euthanasia conducted where the consent of the patient is unavailable is termed non-voluntary euthanasia. Examples include child euthanasia, which is illegal worldwide but decriminalised under certain specific circumstances in the Netherlands under the Groningen Protocol.Involuntary-Euthanasia conducted against the will of the patient is termed involuntary euthanasia.Othr two types are there even…(nxt slide then)
  • Active and passive euthanasia…The difference between them being (jus read out watevr is written on the slide..but slowly)
  • Euthanasia or mercy killing has its own share of proponents and opponents jus like any other thing…They have their own views wich are… (compare point by point)
  • Euthanasia is always administered by the doctor. Herein lied the real question for the docs..to do or no to???
  • Pie chart to show you abt the mentality or opinion of doctors regardngadministerng f euthanasia
  • My next graph chart..shedding li8 on peoplesthnkngthruoughtasiaabt mercy killing…
  • Ststisticsregardng suicide abortion n euthanasia..
  • Here on the screen we c two women. Two entirely different (tell their stries a bit)What wud u say?? Do they have to live inflicting the pain on them wid days gone by or jus set their souls free??
  • At last I wud like to leave u wid the question wichmit stir any effect in u…--- is euthanasia right in to be banned or is the pain f the patient to b endured more?? Yes, it may seem sad to see the one we love suffer, but at the end of the day, can we take matters into our own hands and decide to end another life? Well, it's hard to say! When there is no further hope f revival…shud we just pull the plug?? Its up for u to decide.


  • 1. Life comes with aprice tag, doesn’t it???Then why just let it go??
  • 2. The scissors and the cutting of the rose aresymbolic. If you would mind cutting thebeautiful flower, would you not think twicebefore ending a life???
  • 3. EUTHANASIAThe act of putting to death silently or allowing to die is called Euthanasia.
  • 6. Passive euthanasia entails the withholding of common treatments, such as antibiotics, necessary for the continuance of life Difference between active and passive euthanasia Active euthanasia Passive entails the use of euthanasia lethal entails the substances or withholding of forces, such as common giving a lethal treatments, such injection, to kill as antibiotics, and is the most controversial necessary for means. the continuance of life
  • 7. Proponents of Opponents ofeuthanasia say…. euthanasia counter1> right to selfdetermination 1> not all deaths are painful.2> death is betterthan to suffer. 2> alternatives, like stopping active3> no difference treatment arebetween passive and available.active euthanasia. 3> moral difference4> permission won’t between active and
  • 8. The dilemma How could the doctor possibly inflict death onsomeone he tirelessly strived for??
  • 9. Morallydifficultisn’t it?
  • 10. that is what people had tosay when asked about whether they
  • 11. Opinion of peoplein India. Survey in the year 1998.
  • 12. Cases of euthanasia Aruna ChantalShanbaug Sabire
  • 13. The choice isyours.Support it ornot..