Riya - Life Sucks... And Then It Gets Worse


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Riya - Life Sucks... And Then It Gets Worse

  1. 1. A grinned deviously as she saw the soft kiss between Aria and Ezra.Aria’s long black hair was blowing back and forth behind her as shesmiled at her love. Their adoration for each other was evident toanyone who saw them and A knew that it was the perfect time.She grabbed her camera and quickly took multiple shots, sending herworst one, she quickly texted all 4 of the girls. It was her favoritemoment when she saw the particular liar looking around frantically forthe sender, and the nervous look on her face when she couldn’tfigure it out who was sending it. Stupid girls, this was the 21st century,where texting had become a 1st language for everyone.Aria didn’t disappoint, A could see the frenzied look on Aria’s face asshe broke away from Ezra, and Ezra, well he tried to consol hisgirlfriend.“Aria, I just don’t understand what the problem is?” Ezra told Aria,obviously frustrated.“Ezra, I’m just, I have to go…”A grinned as she realized she was slowly creating a drift between thehappy couple, it wouldn’t be long before she would have to tell Mrs.Montgomery, after all, she deserves to know what her darlingdaughter has been up to, and Mike, oh he will be the deliverer thistime. Oh liars… I’m coming to get you…~~~Aria could feel the tears build up in her eyes… she didn’t know whatto do. It was as if A knew exactly where they all we at all the righttimes, did this mean that there was more than one of them, or was Ajust that good. Whoever she was, they needed to find her soon,before she let her secret out too.Last month, A let Emily’s parents know that Emily was pregnant andthat she aborted the baby. Aria had to see her best friends family fallapart completely. Knowing that Aria’s parents were already ready toget married to other people, it doesn’t comfort her one bit. She wasshifting through all the homework she had, all of which she wasn’teven really looking at. Her thoughts were consumed in the fact that itwould take one picture from A to turn her life upside down too. Thatwas when she heard a soft creek in the window.
  2. 2. She froze, she’d remembered when she’d heard that creek before,and the last time she heard that creek, A was there, and took plentyof pictures of her and Ezra together… while there was nothing for Anow, just the mere thought of A inside her bedroom, freaked her out.Her heart was beating fast; she could feel every single pump as shetried to calm down. She could hear her rapid breathing, and the calmbreathing of the person behind the window.Aria realized that if she ignored it, then they would have to go on asthey are, scared every moment of their lives, unknowing of what A willdo next. But Aria also knew that A never gave herself up like this,coming to her window, letting Aria even feel her presence, that wasn’tsomething A did, at least not as herself.A loud knocking on her door, and it was like the world spun. All of asudden she couldn’t hear the other persons breathing, and it was likea curtain was lifting, no longer was the window taunting Aria to comenear her, no, this time, it was as if A set her up into a trap, and shefell straight into it…~~~Spencer glanced at the clock as she read the last word to her essay.Her own words, memories, her thoughts and beliefs… her life. Shewanted to prove to everyone that she was something, and not justMelissa’s younger sister, or the girl whose father left her. When herfather disappeared with Jason, it was as if the whole world waslooking down at her, screaming the fact that her father cheated on hermother with his high school sweetheart. As if she didn’t already know.Looking down at her, pitying her, and she hated it with a burningpassion.~~~Before her father left, her family was looked upon; they were thefamily. It didn’t help that it was just Spencer and Mrs. Hastings left.When Spencer’s father left, Melissa decided that she couldn’t handleall the pressure, especially while she was trying for a baby and shequickly moved back with Ian in California. Her mothers, empty eyeshaunted her at night. Her silent tears made her heart ache. Shesimply didn’t know what to do, Spencer had always been the brainyone, not the emotional one, the girl who never cried herself to sleepat night, the one who knew a logical way out… but there was none in
  3. 3. this case. Spencer couldn’t help but feel bitter about Alison it was allher fault.It was her fault that she couldn’t sleep at night because she wasscared something would happen. It was her fault that her familybarely spoke to each other, that her sister only called or emailed oncea week to her mother to let her know that she was okay. It was herfault that her father left, and it her mother was broken. But it wasespecially her fault, because they were carrying secrets, secrets thatonly the 5 of them; and A knew. Secrets that could kill them, secretsthat are more deadly than death, Spencer wasn’t going to let A getaway with it, Alison would pay for what she did, through A.~~~It’s been a month since her father came back after hearing hermothers sobbing pleas. Emily had been waiting for her father sincehe left 4 years ago, with a few visits here and here, but this time, hewas back; for good. Emily didn’t know what to do, her father andmother barely talked. Whenever Emily looked at her mother, all shegot was a disappointed look with a side of glares.It all happened a year ago, with a boy she met at a party, Jacob, shedidn’t know anything about him, and she barely even rememberedwhat she looked like. A few weeks later, she noticed that she gothungry a lot quicker, and her swimsuit was just a little tighter, andworst of all, she was late.As a swimmer, she kept her dates very straight, and made sure toalways have a tampon on during her dates, so when she didn’t gether period, she got really nervous.So she went to her regular doctor, she didn’t want any surprises thatwould come in between her and swimming. It was that day when thedoctor let her know that she was in fact, 6 weeks pregnant. Seeingher absolute horror, the doctor handed her a pile of pamphlets, andlet her know that while she wouldn’t tell her parents, she highlyrecommended that Emily did, before they find out from someone else.Oh how she wished she’d listened.But Emily thought if she got rid of the baby soon enough, no onewould know. So during one of her swim meets that she wasn’tswimming in, she snuck off and drove 2 hours to a random hospital.
  4. 4. It was easy, getting rid of the baby; the baby was in her way ofsuccess. And her parents would leave her abandoned if she kept it.She didn’t feel love for it; it felt more like a burden, something thatwas just there. But she could feel the emptiness it brought her, it waslike a part of her died too, and it did. That comforting feel was gone,and she was always on the edge, scared, and always wondering,what would happen if she’d kept the baby.For Emily, while life wasn’t great, A hadn’t attacked her like this, ever,but when she stole the papers from the both the doctor’s offices andmailed them to her mother, her life came crashing down on top of her.Her mother looked at her with displeasure, especially since hermother couldn’t ever conceive after Emily.Emily stared out into the rain, it was late at night, and all her friendswere busy. Aria had just come home after coffee with Ezra, and shewas sure that the picture had shaken her up. But she just couldn’tdeal with all the drama right now.She was going to give up on all her work, and sleep, when her phonebuzzed.Unknown Number1st shot- Emily2nd shot- Aria3rd shot? Will it be Spencer or Hanna?Watch out girls, I’m coming for you.Xoxo,AAria? What happened to Aria? Emily hysterically dialed Aria’snumber, but her phone was turned off, so she tried her housenumber, but Mike answered.“Hello?”“Hi Mike, It’s Emily, Can I talk to Aria?”
  5. 5. “Aria can’t come to the phone right now… her and mom and talking.I’ll let her know you called. Don’t call back, oh and tell your pettyfriends that too.”With his last word, Mike hung up the phone, and Emily quickly put thepieces together. That picture was her third warning. Mrs. Montgomeryknew about Ezra.Hanna smiled, unknowing of what was happening to Aria since sheleft her phone upstairs. It was the first night in a long time that shewas completely relaxed with no worries of the world around her.Hanna had been a victim of A plenty of times, and she hadn’t gottento live her teenage life since.But today was her day, Hanna came home, quickly finished herhomework, made some popcorn, and curled on the couch watchingold Lifetime movies. This past month had been tough, after Emily, allthree girls feared who was next. While none of them wanted eachother hurt, none of them wanted to be the person whose life wasturned into a major sob story, cause lets be honest, Hanna knew thattheir lives were like they were written for the primetime soap operathat the whole family watched together. Loving too see how the girlssuffered.Hanna cleared the thoughts out of her head, and looked outside. Itwas getting worse now, the rain had turned into a storm, and hermother wasn’t home yet. Hanna ran upstairs to get her phone,grabbing it; she started to walk back down. That was when all thelights went out. And the only light was on Hanna’s phone,Watch out bitch, cause I’m here.