Pipa - Someone is Exposed


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Pipa - Someone is Exposed

  1. 1. Someone is exposed.Aria was at the Hastings house in Spencers bedroom. She was talking with her about Toby.A: So, did you finally brake up with him?S: Yes, but it was terrible. Wren was there, and he drove me home.A: Wren?S: Yes, and after that he kissed me.A: Wait, what?S: I didnt want him to kiss me. You know that I still love Toby, but braking up with him is theonly way to keep him safe.A: I actually hate A.S: Yes, me too. So, what happend with Jackie?A: She told me that if I dont leave Ezra and I dont talk about her cheating in her paper, she willtell everyone about Ezra and I.S: What a bitch!A: I know. But a dont have any option.S: What are you going to do?A: I dont know. I was thinking...But she couldnt finish talking when her Treo rang and she saw a new message. She read it. Itwas from Ezra.We need to talk. See you in my place?-EzraA: Hey! I need to go.S: Are you having a Fitz date?A: Im just going to his apartment.S: Well, I wish you luck.A: Thanks. Call me tomorrow.S: Perfect.A: Bye.S: Bye.She walked out of the Hastings house and started walking. She was looking at the ground whensomeone shouted.J: Hey! Aria!Jason DiLaurentis was standing in front of her.J: Er... Do you want to go for a coffee?A: I cant go now. Im sorry.J: I know. You are not aveliable.A: No! Its not that. Im going to Spencers house.
  2. 2. J: But, her house is right behind of you.A: Yes, I know... Is just... I need to go, Im so sorry.J: OK, I leave you alone. But remember, secrets cant be keeped forever. And if someone knowsabout your relationship with that proffessor...A: Nobody is going to tell.J: You cant be sure. People talk, Aria. The see things and they gossip. You better be careful.You dont know who you can trust.A: Thank you for the advice. I need to go.J: Bye, Aria.She started walking fast in Ezras appartment direction. She watched her phone. A new message.She was nervous. Yes, it was from A.Hey Aria! Maybe his right. You cant trust everyone. Especially me.And a picture was attached. She opened it. It was a picture of Ezra and her making out in his car.If you dont take care of yourself, maybe I can help Jackie tell everyone about you. Remember,make Jackie go.-AShe send a message to Ezra and change her direction, going to her house. She wanted to rest andthink about that message.I cant go. Call me tomorrow. Im sorry.-AriaShe locked up in her room and read the message over and over again. She hated Jackie so much.Next morning she visited Ezra at Hollis. She was talking with him when Jackie interrupted in theroom smiling.J: Hi Z! Oh, sorry. Are you in the middle of something?E: Oh, no. We were only talking.J: Excellent.A: So, I need to go. Good to see you.E: Yes, good to see you too.And she smiled at him and left the room. She started walking through the lonley corridor whensomeone pushed her to the wall.J: Listen little girl. I told you. You didnt leave Ezra, so be careful. If I were you Ill see thenewspaper. Its an interesting article. Here I have one. Read it.
  3. 3. And Jackie put in her hands the daily Rosewood newspaper and went away. Aria couldnt believeit. It was a big photo of Ezra and her. It was the same phoyo A sent her last nigt and the big titlesaid: Ezra Fitz, a Rosewood Day teacher, is having a secret relationship with one of his students.She run directly to Ezras office and when he opened, she show the newspaper to him and the runto the Montgomerys house. They wanted Arias parents to know from them before.They opened the door and the first thing the saw was Ella, Byron and Mike standing in front ofthe stairs. Byron was holding a newspaper and Ella was reading it. They looked up and saw Ariaand Ezra in front of them.A: Mom, Dad... I can explain it.But she couldnt start doing it because Mike hit Ezra directly in his face.A: Mike!Byron hold him and Ella standed in the middle of Ezra, who was touching his now red nose, andhis son.B: Mike! Stop!M: Hes an idiot! Pedophile!A: Mike! Stop it!E: Please Mike, calm down.M: Calm down? He is a teacher! Arent you angry?!E: No, Im not. Im dissapointed.A: Mom, let me explain...B: Aria. We will listen your explanation, but we cant be sure that it will change our mind.A: Just listen. Ezra and I met at a pub before the classes started. We kinda liked each other atfirst. After that I went to school and I saw that he was my teacher. And we talked and we decidedto continue with our relationship.B: Why? Aria, you knew that that wasnt right! He is a teacher.A: It wasnt right,but it felt right.E: So this started before the classes started and you never told nothing?A: I was afraid of how could you take it. When you thought it was Spencer you felt so bad that Icouldnt tell you nothing!E: I still feeling the same way I did. In fact, Im feeling worst.And she left the room. Mike saw Ezra directly to his eyes with a lot of angry in his eyes, andlocked up in his room. Byron gave Aria the newspaper and, with a sad look, left the room.E: I didnt want them to know like this.A: Yes, I know. Me neither. I think you need to go right know. I need to be with my family.E: I understand. Ill call you later or tomorrow.A: OK.E: Aria.A: Yes?
  4. 4. E: I love you so much.A: I love you too.And he gave her a sweet and short kiss in her lips, full of love. He opened the door and wenthome. Aria went to her room and locked up, she didnt realised Ella was in the living-roomwatching Ezra and her saing goodbye. A tear fall from Ellas eye.