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Epilogue                                     Roses are red                                    Violets are blue            ...
“We can’t go in there with out protection.” Aria stated.      “Yeah, we all know how that turns out.” Hanna retorted bitte...
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Riya - Life Sucks... And Then It Gets Worse Epilogue


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Riya - Life Sucks... And Then It Gets Worse Epilogue

  1. 1. Epilogue Roses are red Violets are blue A has lived here Far too soon?Aria smiled brightly as she looked over at her three best friends faces. Emily,Spencer, and Hanna; all four of them felt so free. It was like a load had been lifted offtheir chest, minds, bodies, life… hell they hadn’t been able to sleep peacefully sinceAlison died… until well last night.It was early that morning when all four of the girls got together for coffee atSpencer’s house. Her mom was out of town for the week, and wasn’t coming backuntil that evening. Aria wasn’t allowed to go anywhere unless her mom or dad both picked anddropped her off, neither of them were happy about her being with Ezra, her fatherespecially. Emily wasn’t under house arrest; but the smile on her face was gone, A hadbeen trying to mess with all her collage applications, and that was all she had left,Emily couldn’t bear the thought of not getting a chance to go to collage. Spencer just needed a break from everything, all her friends lifes’ wereturned around in just one text, and it was her turn, she knew it, but she kept somany secrets; she just didn’t know which one of them A would spill. And then there was Hanna; her secret was her fear, and A used it against her,Hanna was the only one out of the four of them that A tried to physically harm. All four of them were just waiting now, it was like there were puppets, and Awas their master. They no longer owned their lives, and they knew that. No matterhow many times they tried to figure out who A was; every single time, it would hurtthem worse than anything else. They heard the door to the barn open; it wasn’t loud, but with the thicksilence between the girls; all 4 of them clearly heard it. It was the first time thatthey’d heard that door open; it had been locker for months, after Melissa left, no onehad the heart or need to go back; so a Mrs. Hastings locked it so animals couldn’t getin. “Did you hear that?” Emily whimpered. “Yeah, we’ve got to go check out; the barn is supposed to be locked.” Spencerreplied authoritively.
  2. 2. “We can’t go in there with out protection.” Aria stated. “Yeah, we all know how that turns out.” Hanna retorted bitterly, Aria,Spencer and Emily, quickly locked eyes, before moving on. Grabbing a knife, rope, and tape, the girls made their way into the barn. Thevideo camera on Emily’s phone, after all, since they were deemed liars, no onelistened to them. Tip toeing, Spencer used her key to open the door; but what surprised herwas that it wasn’t locked, why wouldn’t the person lock it… at least to keep upapperances? When they entered, they were shocked; Mellissa’s once expensiveinterior was ruined with pictures of the girls scattered everywhere. Plan boards,phone converstations, and worse of all; a collection of weapons. “Well, well, well, I guess you did find me after all sis.” Alison’s piercing voicerung out behind them, and all four girls spun around stimulously. “It took you all awhile didn’t it?” “Ali”? “What are you doing here?” “You’re alive?” “Alison?”All four of the girls said at once.“You must have so many questions… it’s a pity I won’t answer them.”But before they could say anything, a shot rung out after them, and there stood Ezra. TO BE CONTINUED