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  1. 1. Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) 1009 Tantra Park Circle, Boulder CO 80305 – 720.432-5470From: Phillip R. Nakata, CBO & Founder, dba SMRC c/o 1009 Tantra Park Circle, Boulder, CO 80305Re: ‎ he most productive, noninvasive, in-depth anonymous market study (monetization T & fulfillment) of social-emotional patterns, anomalies and social influences, ever conceived - founded on society’s anonymous social PUBLIC content & sponsor research technologies.Date: Saturday, February 02, 2013 Something Worth Sharing - World-Changing Social Technology. Available to everyone 13+ years of age, as followers (compare to just subscribers), invited by, today’s leading social/cultural, business, celebrity and philanthropic/ religious leaders of society - in support of the favorite charities of each of their followers. SAFELY changing every bit of the social web for good, from every byte of (a) Everyday authorized PUBLIC social ‎ inter-personal-social) content and b) Sponsor interaction (matched fulfillment, ( education, research, advocacy & ‎ onversions) - working in symbiotic harmony for social good.‎ c - This is your invitation to be part of the most productive, noninvasive, in-depthanonymous market study, monetization & realization of social-emotional patterns, anomalies and socialinfluences, ever conceived, based on society’s PUBLIC 1 social content and qualified sponsor research – forhumanity, our economy and individual self-fulfillment: 1) ‎ NOWING/ LEARNING precisely what each person "WILL-LIKE”, using context-based linguistics, K NLP ‎ natural language processing), and advanced sentiment analysis (multi-logic feature/aspect ( from ‎ ocial ‎ ontent), factoring in each person’s social followers INDIVIDUALLY - each similarly modeled s c for ‎ heir ‎ atching common themes of interest and respective degree of influence.‎ t m 2) To delive r $ 137BB to Hu mani ty within 3 yea rs ( $2BB+ yea r one ), depl oying Web 3.0 - 4. 0 – Mobile – Video ‎C loud Col labo rative Servic es Technology: SAFELY moneti zing ( a) y our * follower’s everyday PUBLIC -social ‎c onten t and ( b) their PRECISELY ‘m atched ’, s pon so r researc h fo r mo re cust om 50 1-c3 donatio ns +r ewards, without requiring a purchase .‎ 3) Destined to become the most valuable supp or t app/model on the market; Outpe rfo rming ev ery user side and enterp rise side ‎b ased app – E stablis hing an EXPLO SIVE ‎c ause ma rketpl ace of * spon sor s ( fr om the an alyzed co ntent) knowi ng, matc hing, qu alifying an d p recisely fulfill ing each per son ’s ‎“WILL -LIKES” – co -b ran ded w ith cu sto m ch arity , promoting noninvasive , o n- demand listings of research, p recisely matche d per per son, that o ffe rs pa rticipation rew a rds .Join us in this most worthy service for humanity, sponsors and followers, made possible by evolving ‎ ocial technology into a snoninvasive sustainable cycle that matches people’s interests precisely, co-branded with their favorite charity, and withoutrequiring purchase, as ‎ ompared to invasive promotion based on what sponsors think people want, or want them to like.‎ c • SMRC has 7+ million people in the pipeline (to grow at one million new sponsored followers per month), including major universities, major childrens health centers, national ‎ outh ‎ roups, and community churches, whose content alone will deliver y g $2BB+ in charity & rewards, year one. • Projected to easily deliver over $137 Billion per year within 3 years - to 501-c3 charities and member rewards, we ‎ re a currently entertaining prospective partner start-up funding at $3, $25 and $100 MM rounds. Complete details for qualified ‎ ponsor and partner candidates can be found at the link above.‎ s  And this all is just the tip of the iceberg. Please feel free to contact us anytime.Best Regards,‎Phillip R. Nakata, Chief Business Officer and Group Program Director, SMRC (dba Social Market Research for ‎ harity)‎ C‎ 720) 432-5470 (Voice/SMS/Message); 720-569-7703 (Cell); 720-263-5036 (Fax); ‎ ‎( w;; ‎1 Social media content that is available by URL un-restricted (e.g. password not required), or by authorized request for group access. Members register, generate everyday content & feedback, respond to precisely matched promotions, and invite others to register. NOTE: a copy of this letter is at or (DOC)