Social Market Research for Charity         Mission Statement                      ...
Social Market Research for Charity Market PresentationSMRC Reference: SMRC’s Research on Social Media, Gaming, Advertisi...
The SMRC Funding Model – As donations, grants or an optional shortterm (1 year) high interest loan(s) that include three t...
Sponsor Quick IntroductionFrom: XXXXX YYYYY       Company       Address       City, State, ZipRe: A Non-Invasive, User Cen...
NOTE: Header of this letter is:                    Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) – 1009 Tantra Park Circle, Bo...
For Immediate Release: A Non-Invasive, User Centric, Media Monetization & Brand Research Service: Rewarding Sponsors,Follo...
Re: The Supplemental, Non-Invasive, User-Centric, Media Monetization & Brand Research service that [1] continuously pays t...
By publishing sponsor offers with requirements (qualifications) in a database, matched to each person’s opportunity search...
6     INDUSTRY STRATEGY/ Equity Partner Candidate Requirements: SMRC seeks to secure at least several of the major social ...
Member creates                                  Determining                   Analyzed by: emotional linguistics,         ...
Every bit of content and research that SMRC members -- share, give orpurchase -- from sponsors whose philanthropic/social-...
A Paradigm Shift for Marketing & Funding Charity,                                                                       In...
As referenced below and within this prospectus, Social Celebrities hosting popular social not-for-profits, as SMRC Sponsor...
Financials:   Equity:      To be established as (1) a ‘C’ Corporation (report sales/watchdog), (2) a Charitable Trust (fo...
     NOTE 2: The biggest cash flow equivalent returns are for SMRC’s sponsors, advertisers and members - creating daily v...
    User reviews and testimonials of usage in response to in-store sampling, trials and demos – at $1-$10 per instance   ...
Sponsor Requirements (Charities, Celebrities, Businesses, Social Organizations & Authority sites):    Strong Philanthropi...
6. Acquiring Charity media schedules: Select charity and media; Profiles at $0.03 per anonymous profile; free distribution...
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  1. 1. Social Market Research for Charity Mission Statement INVESTOR CAPITALIZATIONMission: Bringing together charities, celebrities, RETURN / IRR: From (1) Grants, Donations, and Highpersonal and corporate social responsibility, social Interest 1 Year Loans (at Prime +7%), that include, Tripleorganizations (including multi-player online gaming), (3X) the value of the monies granted, donated or loaned,social media analytics, social process reengineering as Annual donations (and credit) to the Grant, Donations or Loan Originator’s Favorite 501-c3’s, or at (2) $3, $25 &services and the dynamics of the social web to finance $100 million investment rounds - SMRC will generate:the spectrum of only productive humanitarian causesas a by-invitation-only "social rewards service model for  $210 million in (pre-tax value, after expenses) revenues:charity" (A Passive Social Rewards Service & 501(c)3  Use of $2 Million Funding is for:Social Impact Rating Service creating donations and o Marketing (2/3 – to target 15-20 million members,member rewards for social content, social 500+ charities, 1000+ sponsors & go public w/6market/media research, feedback or sales) months) o 1/3 for the up-scaled cloud based services toGoals: retain (as business intelligence) the on-going 2 yrs+ social/emotional web activity history of 20+ Capture & analyze the web’s everyday social million. conversation (& persona profiles), to (1) create a  Upon Launch, SMRC will be self-supporting; Thereafter, 25% is to be reinvested [Net $55 ‘social credit’ system, (2) broad/deep collective million/year] as facility - development - resource funds. social wisdom, (3) an economy of charity to (4) finance the spectrum of only SMRC INTERNAL RETURN productive humanitarian causes as a by-invitation- Direct Percentage of 8% processing/mgmt. overhead: only social credit-generating web service for (processing, storing, analyzing/reporting, nd charity... while also supporting the market and un- accounting/credit & 2 services) bias value of our most treasured social capital  Creating the most competitive edge for Charities 1. Empowering the social webs "Follower"  7+ million prospective subscribers in the pipeline markets w/major charities 2. Creating donations and valuable social/tax  $2.2 billion for charity & member rewards (based member rewards on the social content before research & 3. Stimulating 200%+ free and honest feedback commerce revenues) 4. A 20% minimum increase in loyalty, more and  $220 million from Awards of donations & new business for non-501(c)3 sponsors rewards for public good (1/2 issued by sponsors) 5. 200%+ in sponsor goodwill reinforced on a daily  $110 million in sponsor donations and sponsor rewards (deductions) basis  Stimulating $20-40+ billion for the USA economy 6. A 100%+ increase in new supporters for each (at 15-20X the value of charity) 501(c)3  Alternate Funding Opportunity: For the $2M 7. While promoting worthy 501(c)3 Partner-Investor, w/45% equity in Founder charities, w/un-bias profiling & social impact Shares, this will generate a (35%) $606,000 reporting annual dividend, while increasing the market 8. Creating Social Intelligence value of your investment by $69 Million per year, 9. Offer $0.03/ profile noninvasive personal if SMRC doesn’t go Public before that. advertising – the next ‘google’ for advertising Page 1 of 34
  2. 2. Social Market Research for Charity Market PresentationSMRC Reference: SMRC’s Research on Social Media, Gaming, Advertising Audience & Cause Marketing o SMRC Charity/501-c3 Market Report, Leveraging Mega-Trends  (Social Media and Charity) o SMRC Presentation – Your “Social/Philanthropic Credit Rating”  (anonymous social content for charity) o The Best of Cause Marketing Research– Cone Inc. Highlighting their Cause Evolution Study,  Social Impact Analysis Research – BCG (Boston Consulting Group) ‘Creating Charity, Goodwill, Rewards, Deductibles, Response, Education, Advocacy, & Personal Fulfillment’ – by monetizing the value of social content and audience research, as donations and rewards, that doesn’t require a purchase’Table of Contents: Page: CREATIVE FUNDING SMRC’s Creative Funding Opportunity: 3 (1) Grants, Donations and/or 1 Yr. Loan/$2.15 M @ Prime+7% + (starting 1 yr. after launch, forever thereafter): Annual Donations to the Grant/Donation/Loan Originator’s favorite charities with social rewards - Equal to three times (3X) the value of the monies loaned per year OR (2) $3, $25 and/or $100 million partner funding/investment rounds . MEMBER-FOLLOWER INVITATION TEMPLATES SMRC small Sponsor invitation letter 4 SMRC Sponsor Press Release / Social media notice 6SMRC Sponsor Invitation letter as reference 7 SERVICE – RESEARCH DESCRIPTIVE SMRC Process / Flow 10 SMRC Research – types and rates by type 11* SMRC Sponsor Flyer 12 Sample of a SMRC Funding Projections 13 BUSINESS – TERMS, PROSPECTUS, NDA, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, BUSINESS PLAN SMRC Term Sheet / Prospectus/ Plan Overview 14-18 SMRC/Investor Bi-Lateral NDA 19-22 SMRC Executive Summary 23-24 SMRC 12 month Income (Cash Flow) Projections – Click HERE to download 25-26 SMRC Business Plan and Founder BIOS 27-30 SOCIAL WATCHDOG SERVICES – SOCIAL IMPACT DUE DILIGENCE SMRC Sample Social Impact Rating Report 31 Sample SMRC Funding Projection Template 32 SMRC Equity Finders Fee Agreement 33-34 Page 2 of 34
  3. 3. The SMRC Funding Model – As donations, grants or an optional shortterm (1 year) high interest loan(s) that include three times the value ofthe monies donated, granted or loaned as annual donations w/rewards-credit in the name of the donation/grant/loan originators, for life.Creative Funding for a Most Worthy Service for Sponsors to optimize their follower’s social energiesfor charity and the economy:(1) The funding of the SMRC research for charity model, will not be based on any transactions of stock or investment/funding return. Rather we are seeking up to $2.15 M in donations, loans or a grant that if it be a loan, we will borrow for 1 year (whereupon the balance will be paid in full) along with generating annual donations (starting the first year after our market launch, and going forever thereafter (i.e. for the life of the service), equal to three times (3X) the value of the monies loaned, to the favorite charities of the loan, grant or donation originator, along with the SMRC social reward points for those donations (Redeemable as taxed prizes, games, contests, awards of charitable receipts, or trade/exchange). If it be a loan, we will make monthly payments at an interest rate of Prime +7%, secured by an immediate revenue stream of $500K per day after launch, based on 2 years+ of anonymous social history (time/location/activities), cross referenced to charity, lifestyle and demographic data (w/no personal/identity data) – on over 10+ million minimum socially active followers of charity (championed by many of the largest social organizations today – including major universities, major children’s health centers, and national youth groups - whose memberships will comprise the first 7+ million followers of charity).(2) $3, $25 and/or $100 million working Partner-Investment rounds, respective to: (a) $3 Million objectives & returns: Objectives: based on 10 million people’s content at launch, growing at 1 million members per month  $2+ Billion in Charity + Rewards  $100+ Million in Sponsor Charity + Rewards, PLUS $100+ Million in Sponsor Awarded Donations +rewards (pure gifts)  $200 Million Net Operating Profits, PLUS $100+ Million in SMRC Awarded Donations +rewards (pure gifts)  2/3for Marketing, 1/3 for Development Returns:  40% of Executive Founder Shares (8% of total shares)  Net annual increase in value of 15 to 1  35% Dividend  All Benefits of being a SMRC sponsor (at double rates for pre-registering) (b) $25 Million objectives & returns: To achieve 3 year projections in 2 years Objectives: To achieve the 3 year projections in 2 years  $137+ Billion in Charity + Reward  $5.96+ Billion in Sponsor Charity + Rewards, PLUS $5.96+ Billion in Sponsor Awarded Donations +rewards (pure gifts)  $200 Million Net Operating Profits, PLUS $5.96+ Billion in SMRC Awarded Donations +rewards (pure gifts)  2/3for Marketing, 1/3 for Development Returns:  40% of total shares (Executive/Founders + Preferred or Common)  Net annual increase in value of 10 to 1  35% Dividend  All Benefits of being a SMRC sponsor (at double rates for pre-registering) (c) $100 Million objectives & returns: Objectives: ‎ year plan in 2 years + To own most of the bank‎ 3  $166+ Billion in Charity, stimulating $1+ Trillion in Cause Mkt. Revenue  $166+ Billion in Rewards, to Sponsors, Followers, and Awards  $11 + Billion in SMRC service revenues Returns:  40% of Executive Founder Shares (8% of total shares)  Net annual increase in value of 15 to 1  35% Dividend  All Benefits of being a SMRC sponsor (at double rates for pre-registering) Page 3 of 34
  4. 4. Sponsor Quick IntroductionFrom: XXXXX YYYYY Company Address City, State, ZipRe: A Non-Invasive, User Centric, Media Monetization & Brand Research Service: Rewarding Sponsors, Followers and Prospects [for their interaction], to Drive $137BB to HumanityDate: December 8th, 2012Mission: A Supplemental, Non-Invasive, User-Centric, Media Monetization & BrandingResearch service‎that‎[1]‎pays‎to‎learn‎precisely‎what‎each‎person‎‘WILL really like’‎from‎the custom ‎heme(s) that link what they have REALLY Liked & share in the PUBLIC social t& web media, matched w/ [2] REWARDING opportunities to learn more. NO purchaserequired: As highly ‎ ualified leads, incentivized by the triple+ rewards of creating Social qGood w/ the sponsors who support their favorite causes - by invitation only.‎‎Dear XXXXX member, (Linkedin, Slideshare, Facebook, Twitter, YYYYY)Please see: (a social paradigm shift), (for the details of our process, including 5 opportunities for you), and your invitation at Behold the inevitable interactive future of social media monetization, unleashing the full potential of research that ‎ nows precisely what (& why) each person “will like”, matched k to rewarding opportunities to learn more, with no purchase required, supporting the causes they each care about most.‎If you like what you see, please consider the following, and then share it with your professional business & social colleagues(like what you find at TED: Its an Idea worth spreading): * The service ONLY monitors Public social media content (e.g. what is already available w/o passwords). * We create value for all passively monitored, public, social content, positive or negative, at "day rates". * Driving 2X+ the response from the 46% that normally never respond to invasive advertising. * Privacy and identity are assured, reinforcing a more effective personalized-noninvasive environment. * Matching/fulfilling everyones individual interests, co-branded with their favorite humanitarian charities, creating incentivized, qualified leads (based on sponsor socio-demographic requirements). * Member monetization: $1.80 per day (for content) + $5-10 per hour in their free time, rewarding their personal interests, as donations to their favorite humanitarian causes + rewards (minimum daily average). * Sponsor monetization: $39+ per year per follower (as sponsor donations +rewards); 2X+ the business profits and response/traffic influencing $5000+ per year per follower in general revenues (all sponsors). * The service is capable of establishing the value of any social topic (and the influence of charity on that topic). * Promoting business, influenced by the 60%+ of people that will try or switch brands, based on the support of their favorite charity - anywhere, anytime, using Open Source interactive mobile video & SMS shortcodes. * Creating sponsor goodwill + sponsor rewards, for every followers social content & research activity. * Justifying every noninvasive, promotional research dollar to social goodwill and response (e.g more & new business). * Driving millions of new SMRC visitors to every sponsor site, co-branded with the visitor’s charity. * Theres no cost to register as either a sponsor or follower to this by-invitation-only service. * All 501-c3s (social charities) are monitored with regular reporting of their social impact and funding. * All profits from content or research become sponsor/member donations +rewards. * What makes this all possible is our emotional analytics, along w/ in-depth qualifications in the sponsor listings.With 7 million prospective followers in the pipeline, projected to easily deliver over $137 Billion per year within 3 years - to501-c3 charities and member rewards ($2+BB year 1), we are currently entertaining prospective partner start-up funding at$3, $25 and $100 Million rounds. Partners are selected based on their social / charity profile and cause marketing interests.By this notice, all followers of the Slideshare link above, will be invited to become SMRC sponsors. You may use "SMRC.SS" asyour host code when applying. Pre-registering sponsors & members receive double the donations’ +rewards’ value, for life!Sincerely,XXXXXXX Page 4 of 34
  5. 5. NOTE: Header of this letter is: Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) – 1009 Tantra Park Circle, Boulder, CO 80305SMRC Small Sponsor Introduction/invitation – (and doc) Page 5 of 34
  6. 6. For Immediate Release: A Non-Invasive, User Centric, Media Monetization & Brand Research Service: Rewarding Sponsors,Followers & Prospects, for their interaction, to Drive $137BB to Humanity. Summary: A Supplemental, Non-Invasive, User-Centric, Media Monetization & Branding Research service model that: [1] pays to learn precisely what each person ‘WILL really like’ from the custom ‎ ulti-key theme(s) that link what they have REALLY Liked & m share in the PUBLIC social web media, matched with [2] humanitarianly REWARDING opportunities to learn more, no purchase required. Members become highly ‎ ualified leads, incentivized by the triple+ rewards of creating Social Good with the sponsors q who support their favorite causes - by invitation only.‎‎Boulder, CO (SMRC) December 13, 2012 - Social Market Research for charity (SMRC), a new, by-invitation-only, supplemental,noninvasive, user-centric social media monetization & branding research framework, offers to learn precisely what each person willlike, determined by relationships between what they’ve shared & the feedback they receive, in their authorized, public social media.By offering people the rewarding opportunity to support their favorite humanitarian causes with no purchase required, preciselymatched to what they will like, for multiple weighted reasons, & qualified by sponsor requirements, sponsors will be able to harnessthe previously untapped potential of unbiased, passive & structured, behavioral research covering thousands of emotionally ratedpersonal & social characteristics & correlations. This is a scientifically proven method to hyper stimulate everything from brandretention and loyalty, to bolster any company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, many times over. SMRC’s revolutionary,and unprecedented models, create the inevitable, 2-way, interactive future of social media monetization, research, and promotions,which Chief Business Officer, and former IBM CTO, Phil Nakata says, “Like TED, it’s an idea worth spreading.”The main features and benefits of SMRC’s service models include:- ‎ MRC only monitors public social media content (e.g.‎Content‎that’s‎already‎available,‎without‎passwords).‎ S- ‎ MRC creates value for all passively monitored, public, social content, positive or negative, at "day rates".‎ S- ‎ riving twice the response from the 46% that normally never respond to invasive advertising.‎ D- ‎ rivacy and identity are assured, reinforced‎by‎SMRC’s‎more‎effective‎personalized-noninvasive environment.‎ P- ‎ atching/ fulfilling everyones individual interests, co-branded with each person’s‎favorite‎humanitarian‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ M charity(s), creating ‎ncentivzed, qualified leads (based on sponsor socio-demographic requirements).‎ i- ‎ ember monetization: a minimum of $1.80 per day (for content) + $5-10 per hour in their free time, rewarding their M personal interests, ‎ ith both as donations to their favorite humanitarian causes + rewards (minimum daily average).‎ w- ‎ ponsor monetization: $39+ per year per follower (as sponsor donations +rewards); 2X+ the business profits, S response and traffic, influencing $5000+ per year per follower in general revenues (all sponsors). ‎- ‎ he service is capable of establishing the value of any social topic (and the influence of charity on that topic).‎ T- ‎ SMRCpromotes business, influenced by the 60%+ of people that will try or switch brands, based on the support of their favorite ‎ harity - anywhere, anytime, using Open Source interactive mobile video & SMS short codes.‎ c- ‎ MRC creates sponsor goodwill + sponsor rewards, for every followers social content & research activity.‎ S- ‎ ustifying every noninvasive, promotional research dollar, to social goodwill & response (e.g more & new business).‎ J- ‎ riving millions of new SMRC visitors to every sponsor site, co-branded‎with‎the‎visitor’s charity.‎ D- ‎ heres no cost to register, as either a sponsor or member, to this by-invitation-only service for humanity.‎ T- ‎ ll 501-c3s (social charities), are monitored with regular reporting of their social impact, and funding.‎ A- ‎ ll profits from content or research, become sponsor and/or member donations, with equal rewards.‎ A- ‎ hat makes this all possible, is our emotional analytics, along w/ in-depth qualifications, from the sponsor listings.‎ WSMRC has 7+ million people in the pipeline (to launch with 10+ million), including major universities, major childrens health ‎ enters, cnational youth ‎ roups, and community churches, whose content will already generate a minimum ‎ 2.4 billion in custom charitable g $donations and ‎ ponsor and member rewards, year one. Conservatively, within 3 years, SMRC can generate $137 billion in charity, swhile stimulating over $1 trillion for cause marketing supported revenues. Funding by prospective, working sponsor partners,qualified with a 5+ million follower base and/or similar sized cause marketing interests, is currently under negotiation as $3, $25,and $100 million funding rounds.When asked how one can get involved, Nakata responded, “Please refer to our materials, and then share it with your professionalbusiness & social colleagues. Qualified, candidate sponsors, will be contacted directly, if they “share” [left hand column, of theSlideshare] the presentation.” Nakata also noted, “Pre-registering sponsors, and members, receive double the donations’ andrewards’ value, of their content and research, for life.”To visualize the monetization process: parties, please view: R. Nakata, Chief Business Officerdba Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC), phillip.nakata@socialmarketresearchforcharity.org720-569-7703 (cell); 720-432-5470; Page 6 of 34
  7. 7. Re: The Supplemental, Non-Invasive, User-Centric, Media Monetization & Brand Research service that [1] continuously pays to learn precisely what you ‘WILL like’ from [the custom theme(s) that link] what you [have REALLY Liked &] share in the PUBLIC social/ web media, matched w/ [2] REWARDING opportunities to learn more NO purchase required: [As highly qualified leads, incentivized by the triple+5 rewards of creating Social Good w/ the sponsors who support your favorite causes] - By invitation only.Dear prospective SMRC Candidate Sponsor: (See our Founder’s message =>; Our differences in blue)If‎you’re‎savvy‎enough‎– like we think you are - to see the cycle of incentives, fueling the self-evident future of user-centricmedia monetization & research fulfillment models, which mirror the benefits & synergies in our title (& more), and if youthink it has a well-founded bottom line (Cell U-64 in this link), could you please pass this invitation to your CMO (or thoseresponsible for monetization, research, or CSR strategies)? Your organization’s (a) ‘community-goodwill & member-rewards’‎ to‎ (b) ‘organization-goodwill & member-rewards’‎ (c) to‎ ‘organization-goodwill & organization-rewards’‎potential, per responding social follower, is (a) $219-$657 / (b) $73-$219* / (c) $11-$33 / per year, as custom donations ‎ / w deductible rewards, for their social content. We are looking to‎strategically‎partner‎with‎you‎and‎1000’s‎of‎other‎sponsors,‎in‎order‎to‎generate‎a‎conservative : [a] $137 Billion per year to 501-c3 charity & member rewards, [b] $6.85 Billion / year to sponsor charity & sponsor rewards, [c] $11 Billion / year each, to (i) awarded donations (w/ rewards) & (ii) SMRC services, and [d] $1+ Trillion / year in related sponsor revenues, by year 3. Sound impossible? Be 2 assured‎it’s‎not.‎‎I‎was‎the‎IBM‎Sr.‎World- Wide Business Architect Auditor , responsible for introducing‎Open‎Source‎and‎“e-Business”,‎and‎ the numbers are very conservative* with this model.SMRC’s‎ supplemental, non-invasive, user-centric, media monetization & brand research platform: (1) Monetizes allanonymous & authorized, public3 social follower traffic (every Tweet, comment, etc.), sponsor content and all feedback,(positive or negative), by monetizing each followers’ on-going anonymous [will like] search themes: [a] at $10.95/yr./ userto your charities + your deductibles; while [b] generating a minimum of $219+/yr. in goodwill/ user for‎ each‎ follower’s‎ charity(s)‎ +‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎personal rewards, along with [c] increasing response to‎ your‎ client’s,‎ sponsor’s,‎ and‎ your‎ business by 100%+. SMRC services then(2) charitably co-brands4 your‎ client’s‎ promotions to‎ each‎ person’s‎ favorite‎ charity(s), matched to precisely what eachperson will really like** (from their top interests, common search themes, correlations with sets of 3+ prior), whileincentivizing documented response of promotional retention, through increasing levels of custom donations + rewards: 4Consider that 50%+ of people will switch brands, if a companys favorite charity matches their favorite charity (Cone says 80%, 2010). Knowing each‎person’s‎favorite‎charity(s),‎social/‎demographic‎profiles,‎&‎top‎interests (personal search themes over 2 years), as anonymous group data, SMRC creates a social game, noninvasively matching each person’s on-going custom search ‘themes’ (their‎‘will‎like’‎topics,‎demographics‎&‎ charitable profiles) with relevant sponsor (same theme) preview opportunities & requirements registered in a database. Matching people’s to sponsor’s search themes, co-branded to‎ each‎ person’s‎ favorite‎ charity(s), creates an extremely effective, noninvasive lead generation & promotional research program (a game-like‎“interests‎to‎opportunity‎match”), with eager prospects (waiting for days), that are qualified by the themes of their historical interests & current social discussion, which matches the themes/ offerings, requirements, and charities of sponsors. Please take 10 minutes and review our process & video story, that will save the world, one byte at a time: Review NOW SMRC’s Process flyer (How it Works):  See (SMRC’s social/mobile VIDEO showcase w/ TED videos on page 14); & SMRC’s 6 3_year income sheet; OR SMRC’s HOT Equity Partner PowerPoint - IF your organization qualifies (e.g. social media publishers, 5+ M followers or a cause marketing advertiser).  See a sponsor flyer here:  See a sample member invitation here: SMRC’s 3 simple media, research/lead, & networking monetization models (invitation-only by sponsors; 7+ M &growing): 31. Public Content: Imagine your followers receiving donations and rewards for (a) every bit of their everyday anonymous public 3(what’s already available to the public) personal social content, as well as for (b) listening and interacting with your editors, and other members, without requiring any purchase. That’s Goodwill at “day rates” for all public (grouped, no identity) social mediums content, made valuable by asking people’s permission to analyze all public 3 content or feedback, for its’ emotional character (via context based linguistics, AI & social influences), indexing all topics, and its’ affiliation with charities & time. Learn how much a person likes each topic, and the new topics they’d like, are directly associated with those common search theme(s) linked to the largest number (sets of 3+) of each person’s favorite topics and their active social discussion; & optionally to what their friends, and others w/ similar profiles like (each person’s doppelgangers).2. Individually Fulfilling Research, mobile enabled: Imagine your customers’ and followers’ noninvasive (viewed in free time) response to content offers for preview, supporting each member’s favorite charity(s) with rewards, based on the social, product, or service topic themes each prospect really “Likes” & is actively talking about, across all media(s) - web/mobile. SMRC matches up (searches) each member’s documented interests over time (as compared to just what people tag they like), with a sponsor’s relevant offering - as compared to what sponsors think they want, or want them to “Like”. No purchase is required, with increasing rewards based on recall to promotional detail. Page 7 of 34
  8. 8. By publishing sponsor offers with requirements (qualifications) in a database, matched to each person’s opportunity search (custom search themes), we remove the need for invasive ads, while perfectly matching people’s interests (themes) with sponsor matching themes, w/ no purchase required. As a result, SMRC’s research will incentivize at least 2X+ the interactive response to all content, and promotion with prospects qualified by their history of interests & current social discussion on common themes, for promotional research co-branded with charity & rewards as sponsor goodwill.3. For Social Good: Imagine (for no additional costs), the social & personal (3X+) goodwill & personal value of a custom donation & the equal $$ value in redeemable rewards, for honest feedback (+ testimonials, reviews) as compared to the value of a non-custom donation, discount or cash-back, by itself. 5Each bit of content or research also generates a small donation to the favorite charity of the member’s host. Where all charities are held accountable for their impact (w/ regular reporting); equal value/credit is always awarded for positive or negative feedback (credibility/honesty/reality check); content identity is never compromised (by design); Only public (already available) data is used.What do you think this will do for your clients’/sponsors’ business (and ultimately yours)? SMRC is the ultimate “CSR/ CauseMarketing/ Self-Tax” vehicle that works sustainably (e.g. Sponsor benefits that fund charity, buy Goodwill/ Loyalty, and bringmillions of monthly new visitors).Best Regards, Phillip R. Nakata, Chief Business Officer and Group Program Director, SMRC (Social Market Research for Charity),(720) 432-5470 (Voice/SMS), 720-569-7703 (Cell); 720-263-5036 (Fax);;; 2 (See my 35+ yr.profile)INTERACTIVE MOBILE VIDEO: Providing extensive (no cost) reference and support for interactive mobile feedback (based on Google’s Open Source HTML5 video alternative to Mobile Flash that is no longer supported by Adobe), SMRC will turn web- enabled cell phones into the new social portals for creating social good (from content, feedback or research response). See 9 demos of alternative implementations.COSTS: There are no costs to register as a sponsor or a follower – creating donations w/rewards for everyday social content. A sponsor’s only costs are: (1) registering their rewarding research opportunities (on their site or in the social media) associated with the key themes (keywords) of the audience (targeted by a specific charity in each person’s profiles) for $0.03 per anonymous profile and for (2) rewards for sponsor research quizzes rewarding attention to promotional detail (averaging. $1-$2 for 10 minutes of un-divided attention). Prospects, by their charities, receiving advance notice in their personalized reports, will be literally waiting for their opportunity to respond.TRACTION: SMRC currently has 7+ million people in the pipeline, including major universities, major childrens health centers, national youth ‎ roups, and community churches, whose content will already generate a g minimum $2.4 Billion in custom charitable donations and ‎ ember rewards, year one! mTHE INEVITABLE FUTURE REALITY - The fundamental (underlying) value principles that SMRC is promoting (helping people findwhat they will like, and matching them with rewarding and fulfilling opportunities for learning/interacting more): (1) Public (what’s already available to the public) Social Media Content & Traffic Monetization e.g. the analysis of each person’s historical search themes [their “will likes” from what’s common in each person’s “likes”]; offering the previous anonymous search themes to cause marketing sponsors (below) by charity affiliation - establishes the value for each bit of each person’s authorized public social content (4% value/Networking), (2) An Opportunity Listing Database where sponsors list search themes that match (as appropriate) each person’s custom search themes, accessed by each person’s on-going opportunity search, that people refer to in their free time. This removes the need for invasive advertising, creating personal fulfillment with people qualified by their historical and current interests ($0.03/profile/charity => $0.60/day as donations + rewards for public content), (3) A Sponsored Attention Research Service: Fulfilling personal & sponsor research, co-branded with each person’s most important social causes and personal rewards, w/o purchase & w/ rewards for attention and recall to a matching sponsor’s promotion ($1- $2/instance; $5/testimonial; 5%/ purchase review, as custom donations +rewards). These models are the inevitable future – as the supplemental noninvasive media monetization models of every company’s future social monetization strategy (co-branded with charity), whether you use (a) SMRC’s in-depth and sophisticated emotional analytics, (b) the “Likes, Tweets or Stars” type rating used by Facebook, Twitter, etc. (provided they use a minimum of 3 common correlations/set), or (c) firms whose integrity and value models give equal value for positive or negative data (ex: Reddit, Angie’s List, etc.). Respectfully, SMRC will become the world’s most noninvasive and ethical personal/ social fulfillment and lead generation system – based on finding what each person will like. Page 8 of 34
  9. 9. 6 INDUSTRY STRATEGY/ Equity Partner Candidate Requirements: SMRC seeks to secure at least several of the major social media investments and/or companies with the largest social followings, in a pre-IPO, as co-founding executive partners. By signaling 6 the market about a coordination of major social investments, each with 5 million+ subscribers (to 750 million), established at ~$20-25 st Million (1 round), will increase market confidence and re-investment in each leading social media investment. Open to Public nd investment will increase the offer value, securing ~$100 Million in a 2 round – respective to driving a minimum first year pre-tax return of ~$200+ Million, and a projected pre-tax return of $11+ Billion by year three. Prospective equity partners should view => (5-15 to 1 Return, 35% dividend; PPTX Link). 1 Per ZZZZZs 1,000,000 direct subscribers, and 5,000,000 secondary subscribers (under affiliates – as potential SMRC sponsors under zzzzz) this has the potential to easily generate (note: multiple all figures (except d) by 300% for research and commerce in addition to content value): (a) $ 13,140,000+ annually (or 1M X $10.95 + 5M X $0.438) in zzzzz donations and (trade-able) deductible rewards, * Estimate $ 73 M (= 1/3 X 1 M X $219) as additional no-cost sponsor’s donations to their favorite charities (with rewards to followers) (b) $ 54,750,000 annually (or 5M X $10.95) in donations with rewards to zzzzz’s network affiliates, (c) $ 1.314+ Billion annually in Goodwill (as subscriber custom donations with rewards; $1,314,000,000 (or 6M X $219) of that for zzzzz’s direct subscribers), while (d) Stimulating 10X as much ($13+ Billion = $1.314+B X 10) revenues in ANNUAL cause marketing business (by all SMRC sponsors).Note that this is based on inviting all followers & visitors/prospects, as compared to just registered subscribers/ member/customers; turning every sponsor into a social beacon; giving people personal, social and business value for the power oftheir ‘voice’ and willingness to respond, self-funding social change, each in their own way. Furthermore: Pre-Registering Sponsors and followers get 2 years of social credit and double donations and rewards for life. *In a recent review by a major private investment firm, their comment was that as big as the figures appear to be, it was the most realistic proposal they have ever seen. As just one example, while many of the prospective sponsors can invite more than a million of their followers, our projection to acquire 100 new sponsors per month, is only related to inviting 10,000 members from each new sponsor. **SMRC’s Secret Sauce: (1) Technology that extracts the emotional character for every topic in all formats of everyday social content, and associates it with the charity of the contributor and non-private socio-demographic data (assigning equal value for positive or negative comments), (2) Using that in-depth profiling to match people with sponsors that support the member’s favorite charity w/rewards, qualified by their history of common interests along with the common interests each person is talking about / sharing with others (as a noninvasive personalized real-time opportunity search/report that people view in their free time), and (3) Enabling interactive mobile video, turning web-enabled cell phones into the new social portals for generating social good (bridging the social on-line and physical worlds). In addition, (4) We keep all charities accountable to report their impact, (5) promote honest responsible feedback/social proof (for positive or negative content), (6) Get everyone’s permission/authorization to use & make their “public” (already available) social content valuable yet anonymous & (7) Guarantee privacy/ identity protection (by design being more effective).NEXT STEPS: Do one of the following after viewing the collateral and SMRC presentation(s): 1. Using this sponsor invitation, the graphical collateral and the SMRC market presentation (or SMRC’s web site presentation) as a strategic guides to SMRC, Click the link below:  2. Register today for Double Donations Value + Rewards for Life – for yourself and your followers – at no cost. Our On-line Pre-Registration forms are available on page 67 of SMRC’s Partner/Market presentation (above) or this link. You may register with SMRC’s host code of “SMRC.Corp”. Please note that this is a by-invitation-only media ‎ onetization and m custom branded research service, that also manages a 501-c3 social impact rating service; as such, SMRC reserves the right ‎ o deny supporting the monetization of content and research for any 501-c3 charity, celebrity, company, social t organization or individual who ‎ ctively promotes/supports non-humanitarian or unprofessional conduct.‎ a Page 9 of 34
  10. 10. Member creates Determining Analyzed by: emotional linguistics, * conversational/media topic, likes/everyday social content, what each dislikes (how much and why), related toon any public media1 they member WILL topical trends across multiple media/ similar members. This creates precise authorize. like: custom themes for every social topic / Inspired by: (posts, tweets, likes, SMRC non-invasively keyword in each person’s everyday analyzes public, public social & sponsor media. feedback, etc.) historical (2yrs), and Analogies: Amazon or Pandora’s current social activity, suggestions, on steroids (except in associated with all topics, not just music). *All monies in the system are donations member’s registered 1 Scope: w/ trade rewards. All humanitarian favorite charities. All social media formats are supported. 501-c3’s can be registered & receive donations. Creates Custom Search Themes from historical No Identity Revealed. Sponsors in everyand current social activity, social topic & tied to member’s charities. Determines opportunities related to member’s keyword theme. Custom Search Themes & then non-invasively (add qualifications**) (encouraging 2x response from the 46% who never respond) promotes opportunities to: Justifiable Value for Every Member’s Opportunity 25 sponsors/day purchasing Marketing $: Report - database listing @ $0.03/member profile = Promotes goodwill, $0.60/day/member ($219/yr.). loyalty, traffic, rewarding research game (after service fee, host benefits., and **100’s of parameters. More brand acceptance, opportunities & diverse, and accurate than any on awards. Hosts receive 4% of invitee’s retention & hard value for their content & research **requirements. the market. (see below). behavioral(only in topics they are about & will like & are ***61% of people will try a new brand when co-branded. research. talking about.) 80% will switch brands. 83% want more cause marketing. Study sample size: 248M. Monetized for member’s/ (Cone 2010) host’s charities & rewards as compensation for Sponsor’s AuthoritySyndicated Social website or OEM: participation & research. website AdWords / storefront AdSense/ Interactive HTML5 Mobile Video compatible. OpenX 4% of the on-going donations’ & rewards’ value of Open Source In-line Video alternative to Mobile Flash. hosted sponsors/members. Minimum of $10.95/year/invitee.
  11. 11. Every bit of content and research that SMRC members -- share, give orpurchase -- from sponsors whose philanthropic/social-responsibility profilematches their own, creates extreme business/social value and sales, at verylow costs for SMRC Sponsors. SMRC Sponsors in turn, fund the rewardsprogram from their marketing and promotional savings -- which influences aminimum SUSTAINED 20% increase for their business -- stimulated in largepart, from the 200-500%+ increase in traffic each sponsor receives -- and thehard proof that they also receive, of each members full attention to each oftheir promotions. Members, thus generate donations and rewards for: 1. SHARING: How much of their everyday social content (and feedback) they are willing to share (that generates media research worth a minimum of $0.60 per day per member, for scheduling SMRCs online market research) with sponsors whose philanthropic/social- responsibility profile matches their own? (i.e. with sponsors supporting their favorite charities). 2. SHARING: How many of friends, family and social associates are they willing to share this opportunity with? "Research Rewards for Charity - No Purchase Required" - that shares their content or allows them to respond to games of attention research, with sponsors whose philanthropic/social-responsibility profile matches their own ("hosts" receive 4% of the invited partys on-going donations value and rewards, for life). 3. GIVING: How much of their attention are members willing to give to SMRC Sponsors, whose philanthropic/social-responsibility profile matches their own, responding to SMRCs no-cheating research game of attention and recall, where the more answers they get right, the more donations and rewards it generates (at $0.10 - $2 per instance). [NOTE: By asking 6-8 questions, each w/2-3 answers, and changing the questions after 2 incorrect submissions, people cannot cheat. It should be challenging enough so that few can get all the answers right. The REAL VALUE for Sponsors and Followers of these Audience Research Games for Charity (and for the 501-c3 markets) – for donations instead of for cash, is that Audience Research can assess and give insight about what modifies behavior, as compared to market surveys that ask opinions (and are much less reliable), because SMRC Audience Research is based on understanding scientific stimulus & response, for the goal of Social Charity.]] 4. GIVING: What is the value of a user review or testimonial? Until now there has not been a socially acceptable way to compensate customers, that doesnt taint the value of the testimonials (as a donations and rewards would not do). As an alternative to providing market research, this generates $2 - $10 per instance for a members testimonial or review (as a valuable sales aid for any sponsor). 5. PURCHASES: Sponsors give 5-10% of the sale as donations & member rewards (the effective value of a receipt for the donation, as a promotional bonus), upon receipt of market research -- that validates the customer purchase experience (most important factors & market comparisons made) and the influence this charity rewards program had on their purchase (from a sponsor, whose profile matches their own). Perhaps more importantly, this becomes the ultimate CSR / Goodwill tool for building new business. 6. AWARDS: In recognition of services performed in the benefit of the Public Good. Four percent (4%) of the on-going total "donations and rewards value generated by a sponsors members, is designated as "Award" monies - to be issued by the sponsors as pure philanthropy. Knowing what you know today, if you could have invested in Google early, would you have done it? How about if you saw something destined to be even greater? What would you think about a similar but more socially valuable service that gave 92% of its profits to charity, and the equal value in social rewards to its members, advertisers, publishers and other sponsors? The solution is at hand and its called "Social Market Research for Charity" - Were Changing the Social Web for Good - Join Us. Page 11 of 34
  12. 12. A Paradigm Shift for Marketing & Funding Charity, Inspired turning anyone into a Philanthropist, and Advertising into a Personal Opportunity—Socially, Personally, & Pervasively. By: Additional Research Target your actual audience Benefits: (no guesswork) by matching your brand to your audiences Incentivize Your  Gauge the effectiveness and personal charities, intelligently. Audience; Increase absorption of your promotions. Optimized by: Conversions 100%+:  Stimulate massive Real-Time Conversational No longer are ads invasive goodwill and loyalty Topic/Emotion (like/dislike), (a nuisance). Now they are through charitable opportunities for incremental rewards for increased City, Time, Media Location, etc. attention, incentivizing –all related to personal charity*. donations, and personal rewards for documented Educate Your brand commitment. *61% of American’s say they will try a NEW brand if the brand matches their promotional attention/recall. Audience w/ Incentives:  Game structure creates charity. 80% will switch brands. competition amongst (Cone Inc, 2010. Sample: 248M Americans) If you were awarded $1-2 to SMRC’s “trivial pursuit-like” friends, increasing $0.03 per anonymous profile for ad / your favorite local charity research game stimulates and referrals to your research registration. promotions. (plus rewards), would you pay incrementally rewards your attention to an ad/play a game? audience for the attention and  Positively benefit yourHow does SMRC compare to AdWords? How much more loyal would retention to the details of any audience by stimulating, rewarding and improving you be to that brand? *85% of of your promotions. American’s say so. (Cone Inc, 2010) their awareness & perceptual intelligence. 92% of all moneys in the system goes to Additional Benefits: charity (8% service upkeep, unlike AdWords ~32%). Networking Rewards: Why Register Now? Much higher conversion rates & brand  Every member you invite allocates 5% of their content/research/purchase review generated donations to your charities, and your deductable rewards. (min. $10.95/yr./ Double Your Rewards for Life!: retention, education, and loyalty. invitee from content + infinite additional value from invitee’s research & commerce. No cost.) Since the service is currently in development, pre-registered Documented brand education through Content Monetization: sponsors & members receive double their donations & research games.  In order to incentivize up to date analytics from social interaction, SMRC creates rewards for life (but hurry, we are launching soon)! donations & rewards, at “day rates,” (min $0.60/day) for every piece of authorized, Complimentary w/all promotions, across all Receive Rewards for 2 Years of Previous Social Content: anonymous, public content produced by our members, and sponsors. (No cost. medias (internet, mobile, print, TV, radio, Funded by sponsors registering anonymous profiles, for $0.03/profile.) etc.), including AdWords, w/ a only a logo. Our system functions the best when we can accurately Feedback: analyze trends in data. Since SMRC compensates everyone for SMRC’s $0.03/target, non-invasive  Increased feedback to your content (Facebook, Twitter, website, store-front, etc.), everything they do, it’s only natural we’d reward for this too. advertising opportunities (+ analytics) with incentivized from our content monetization. (No cost. Funded by other sponsors acquiring targeting data). Help Enable Billions of Dollars/Year to Charity: $1-2 research, loyalty & goodwill . *$0.03 cost monetizes target’s social content/feedback. Traffic: SMRC currently has a pre-registration pipeline of 7 million pro- Vs.  Massive crowdsourced traffic to your media, from people looking to leave you spective members. Their content revenues (in order to build their feedback, and convert research for charity +rewards (No cost). opportunities) will produce a minimum of $219/year/member to AdWord’s $1-$40+, INVASIVE, bid their favorite charities per member. Registering today will allow Testimonials & More: you to source your follower’s value to your favorite local, brand structured advertising with no goodwill, research, or incentives.  Incentive system can be applied to acquire testimonials, product demonstrations, associated charities . There is no limit for accelerating and post purchase reviews, creating brand champions. humanitarian progress with SMRC. Context based Emotional Algorithms which Mobility: apply broad emotional tagging to users  Completely compatible with all mobile devices, allowing for on-the-go response actual conversational interests, across to in-store demos (hint, hint), billboards, fliers, QR Codes, etc. SMRC provides multiple media, related to charity. complete instructions for full mobile enablement. (No cost.) (720) 204 –3569
  13. 13. As referenced below and within this prospectus, Social Celebrities hosting popular social not-for-profits, as SMRC Sponsors, can easily influence ten (10) times as much in donations for their programs (and the equal value in social rewards), as the investor partner (who will be making a $606,000 Annual Dividend, along with their net value going from $2 Million to $69 Million??? See for yourself, and then continue reading.This projection is limited to only the value of social content for media research, as compared to the value of SMRC for research ormarketing; Net Funds Rules for THF Source (What to tell Specific to THF THF Detail other Sponsors) 1) Net $102.47 # Followers by  4 Million TH (4 + 5) Million X $10.95/yr =  5 of 8 Million Million $10.95 each per $98.55 Million per year in THF Followers annually for year w/Rewards Donations and $98.55 Million in THF (as ($10.95 = $0.03/day (skate- Rewards boarders) $98.55M + X 365) $3.92 M) Direct Influence: # of Influence to 1/3 of w/Rewards Followers Followers X .33 X each member’s 2) Influence to $219/yr. charity profile for (4 + 5) Million X .33 X $219/yr = $650.43 ($219= $0.060 X THF as their Host $650.43 Million for THF with NO 365) where each Million/year Rewards (owned by members) w/o Rewards member’s $.060 per for THF day X 365 = $219/yr w/o Rewards NET: NET: To  3 of 5 Million $752.9 Million LA Followers for THF, with # of followers of  3 of 6 Million $102.47 Million other sponsors BestBuy in Sponsor your organization Followers (3 + 3 + 3) Million X $0.438 = Rewards Indirect invites X $0.438 $3.92 Million/ year for THF and  3 of 5 Million Followers /yr. Followers $3.94 Million/ year in Rewards “Rewards” good for ($0.438 = 0.04 X spread among prizes, deductions $10.95) Other Sponsors or trade/exchange w/Rewards (GoPro & with for-profit X-Games) sponsors) Influencing a total of (4+5+3+3+3)Million X $219/year = That stimulates 20X that much in Cause Market $3.942 Billion/year for the 501-c3 Charity Market Revenues of $78.840 Billion/year for the USA Economy Note: The projections above are based on (1) being the first Sponsor/Host to each of the three (3) referenced prospective Follower/Sponsors listed above and (2) the donations and rewards value of each member’s everyday social content (i.e. it does not include additional (in fact the bulk) of Donations and Rewards value for (a) Market Research, (b) user reviews/testimonials, or for (c) purchase experience research – these are what also motivates extreme response to any SMRC branded Sponsor content or Advertisement/Promotion. Above: Best Case for THF (i.e. including 5 of 8 M THF (skateboarder) Followers. SAMPLE of the 2nd Half of SMRC’s Social Impact Report (See Addendum for Impact Report) SMRC Terms Sheet and Plan Overview Page 13 of 34
  14. 14. Financials: Equity:  To be established as (1) a ‘C’ Corporation (report sales/watchdog), (2) a Charitable Trust (for Donations), a (c) Pending 501- c3 Foundation (in preparation for SMRC’s Exit Strategy), (4) a ‘S’ Corporation (maintaining IC/IP of Founders and key nd principles for: 2 research, JV development, IP/IC Co-Ownership, business continuity liabilities) o Executive (founders) representing 30% of total shares; remainder as 30% Preferred and 40% Common Shares;  13% of Executive Shares are pre-allocated but not all assigned (Phil/Aaron:5%, Scott/Lance/Chris/PhillipB:6% and balance in reserve as award options);  9% Additional Executive shares are to be awarded to the nine techno-social TED celebrities (or their charities) featured on the front page of SMRC;  24% remaining Executive shares in reserve for ‘friends and family’ investors (including new partner’s friends and family investors) or for SMRC Spokespersons Awards; o All Preferred and Common Shares are unassigned: Unallocated Preferred and Common Shares to be reserved for Public Offering (< 1 yr.)  Partner-Investor in for --- $800,000 for 18% --- to --- $2,000,000 for 45% --- of SMRC Executive (Founders) shares. o To 7% (6% Finders and 1% original bonus) as equity finder’s fee (exclusive of 6% standard finder’s fee)  Summary: [45% + 7%] assigned to the $2 M investment and to finder’s fees; [13% + 9%] assigned to pre-allocated shares and social-celebrity awards (with a “pre-money” market value of $846,000); NET of 74% Executive shares with a market net value (after investment) of $2,846,000. NOTE: The “pre-money value of $846K is based on (a) 2+ years of reengineering, marketing [staff 3] and (b) 3,000+ programming hours invested [@$525K for a + b] + (c) the value of the nine social celebrities that SMRC will ‘award’ them [or their charities] for their social contribution which inspired the SMRC Reward models for Charity (@$325K in value which was the increased pre-money market value associated with the awards). o In a 100,000,000 share company, with 30,000,000 assigned to Executive (Founders) shares, 74% of the net Executive shares issued would be 22,200,000 shares; the net price per share would be $0.128205 per share ($2,846K/$22,220K) o Although the SMRC MOU / Purchase Agreement offers the full range of standard investment options, the significant ROI ( >25:1 after taxes), and the very conservative profit projections (based only on the value of media research vs. the value of media research, sales aides and purchase bonuses), along with the high yield of SMRC Executive dividends, makes these options seem respectively unattractive.Returns:  Net Media Research Revenues (Only): $21.19/member/year (or $0.60/day) X 10,000,000 members = $219,000,000 per year; 25% minimum reinvestment in facilities and growth overhead; Expenses top out at ~$10 million (to $5 million budgeted) o SMRC to return in total value (after operational expenses) = $209,000,000 (with $156,750,000 taxable after reinvest), resulting in NET $154,137,500 (The Value of SMRC after taxes)  In 100 M shares company w/30% as Exec: 18% = 5,400,000 shares; 45% = 13,500,000 shares; $0.128205 / share  Respective partner profits: 18% of $154,137,500 = $27,744,750; 45% of $154,137,500 = $69,361,875 o Of profits – we expect to set a 17.5 % dividend on Preferred shares ; a 25% dividend on Common Shares; and a 35% dividend on Founders Shares; Payout in order listed (Preferred first); Payouts To be applied only to outstanding shares  17.5% Preferred Dividend = $0.0224 / share (.175 X $0.1282/share); 25% Common Dividend = $0.0320 / share (.25 X $1282/share); 35% Executive (founder’s) Dividend = $0.04487 / share (.35 X $0.1282)  Partner-Investor Returns: o 18% Exec. Shares/$800K investment to return $27,744,750 as equity, minus the => 35% dividend rate returning $242,460 annually ($0.0449 X 5,400,000 shares); o 45% Exec. Shares/ $2M investment to return $69,361,875 as equity, minus the => 35% dividend rate returning $606,150 annually ($0.0449 X 13,500,000 shares);  Best/Worst Case: This is already the worst-case scenario. Subsequent analysis to include revenues (and lesser expenses) for market research, paid reviews and testimonials, and purchases (in each case increasing the basic business story unit)  NOTE 1:The returns above reflect only revenues from networking and media research on charities, gathered anonymously from everyone’s everyday social content and feedback. Additionally, sources that create increasing levels of donations and member rewards include (a) market research, (b) reviews & testimonials of usage, and for (c) purchases. Together they will produce a magnitude of order of donations and member rewards over the projections above. Page 14 of 34
  15. 15.  NOTE 2: The biggest cash flow equivalent returns are for SMRC’s sponsors, advertisers and members - creating daily value for social content and market research, stimulating a gaming response and the full attention of the audience, for the rewards of charity – directly associated to the $2.19 Billion in funding created for 501-c3 charities. This is directly related to the number of followers and other sponsors that each sponsor invites and the respective amount of social content and sponsor research (for charity) they all generate – see the projections tab on for more information – in addition to the donations and rewards, generated by the market research and sales.Status:  Some of largest youth sports, boys/girls, children’s medicine, green, performing arts, musical and religious,501-c3’s along with mid-sized social sports and small celebrity sponsors – have expressed interest in pre-registering ~7 million followers  Part-time (currently unpaid) promoters are generating ~4-6 501-c3 social impact reports daily  Significant updates to website, and marketing collateral  In addition to investors as well as several software developers who are planning on using SMRC to fully fund or supplement the funding for their application that would otherwise need to receive donations or work with a subscription modelRisks:  For Sponsors and Members: Virtually none – see SMRC FAQ  Only Partner-Investor risk is that another party would establish the same before SMRC get launched or loses leverage o Risk mitigated by (a) start-up traction w/sponsors, (b) minimal profits make being a partner more profitable than being a competitor, (c) Interfacing to ALL social media, (d) scaling to support 10 million, (e) business justification for all design and all contingencies, (f) A Sponsor assimilation strategy to close 7:10 prospective sponsors and (g) finding the right partner – in this case banks – that can both take advantage of being a sponsor and assist in managing the $2+ Billion for charitySocial Market Research for Charity - Service Description:  Funding Member Donations & Rewards: Invited by sponsors, SMRC is a free "by-invitation-only" service, that super-funds charity and a rich member rewards program, primarily from (1) the value of everyday social content (every Tweet, Post, Comment, etc., in every web & social medium) and (2) an OUTRAGEOUSLY FUN social market research rewards program (where no purchase is required) - which MOTIVATES 2-5 times or more the regular market response for every SMRC BRANDED SPONSOR AND EVERY FORM of ADVERTISEMENT (who/that always reward: a viewers: feedback, or proof of their full attention/ recall to detail, or for their evaluation / testimonial of usage - with more donations to the members favorite causes, along with the equal value in member rewards).  Responding to the Rewards of Charity: While significantly lowering every SMRC sponsors advertising and market research costs (by increasing their effectiveness & receiving proof/sales-aides), the game-incentive of SMRCs branded "donations and rewards" (no cheating; more rewards for more attention; no purchase required), dramatically increases visibility, goodwill/CSR, response rates, registrations, referrals, customer loyalty, sales, and sell-side ad revenues. This supports the well-documented and growing social trends that consumers are:  Willing to pay more for products from companies whose philanthropic/social-responsibility profile matches their own  More likely to attend an event which is hosted by a celebrity or social organization whose philanthropic/social-responsibility profile matches their own  Willing to allow some of their social activity (as well as be willing to answer research games of attention & recall) to create super-funding for their charity - from sponsors whose philanthropic/social-responsibility profile matches their own  SMRC makes market research questions fun: SMRC’s market research offers a ‘no-cheating’ game of multiple questions with multiple responses, that requires you answer a few correctly (or the questions change), while providing more rewards and donations’ value, based on the total number of correct responses you supply (i.e. More rewards based on your level of attention and recall). SMRC’s brand logo and their social research game, rewarding attention and recall, but not requiring purchase, are the special theme that will stimulate mass response for EVERY advertiser’s promotion (in every media), that includes for your marketing dollar, hard proof of each members full attention to your promotion. Imagine the value of getting the majority of people (each supporting their own favorite charity) to happily respond as compared to the value of bonuses or discounts applied to the few that currently give your offer only limited attention?  Monetizing the value of social content and market research, w/o requiring purchase, SMRC creates member value for:  Every bit of everyone’s everyday social content and feedback to that comment (5 minute registration) – at $0.03 per profile per day creating a minimum of $0.60 per day for the member’s donations and rewards – acquired by SMRC sponsors for social market research games of attention and recall, supporting the member’s charities.  Social market research games rewarding a member’s attention and recall to a sponsors’ promotion – at $0.06 - $2 per instance Page 15 of 34
  16. 16.  User reviews and testimonials of usage in response to in-store sampling, trials and demos – at $1-$10 per instance  For purchases – at 5-10% of the cost as donations and member/consumer rewards  For Awards In recognition of Public Service or Public Good generated  For Networking: inviting others to this opportunity to make donations and rewards for content and interaction (not req. purchase) generates for the ‘host’, 4% of the responding follower’s on-going donations’ value (and rewards) Start-up Value & Followers: SMRCs offer to double each charity followers rewards (and donations value) for life (along with giving them social reward points for 1.5-2 years of their past social activity history), provides all SMRC pre-registered sponsors with the ability, for the first time, to: (1) fully capture the potential of their "social follower" markets (fans, members, customers, and subscribers - at a $0.03 minimum rate per follower per day for the sponsors charity and sponsor rewards), (2) generate invaluable market research and (3) capitalize on the "competitive edge" of the SMRC "brand", before another sponsor invites away those followers with overlapping interests. To date, this triple bonus offer has secured sponsor interest in pre-registering 7+ million of their followers. Value for Sponsors: While Increasing the effectiveness of all advertising to your website by 4 – 5 times, you can now offer “donations to your follower’s favorite charity”, and for themselves ---rewarding your responder’s temporary attention and recall, and not requiring any purchase. In day to day terms, sponsors view SMRC services as:  An Alternative Ad and Market Research Delivery System for supporting everyone’s favorite Charities. (front-ended by the SMRC brand Logo – signifying rewards for your charity, for research games of attention and recall, not requiring purchase) o Incentivize AD Rewards for Charities and Consumers o Watching Video ADS, LOW COST CPC, and Celebrity Ads bringing Millions of followers o Proof of Captivated Audience Response with Quiz games of attention. Pay more attention => receive more rewards. o Increased Ad Penetration and Proof of Audience’s full Attention to Detail o 90%+ Payouts to Charities and Bonus rewards for Everyone: Publishers, Advertisers, and Subscribers  The new Charity Watch Dog, Reporting and Rewarding Achievements, Social Impact & Social Potential  Consumer Member Rewards Program creating Perpetual Charity Advertising Followers  DATA PROVIDER (Social, Philanthropic, Consumer, Media) - Consumer Member Analytics Through Social Media Profiling and Time line Data offered to Advertisers. Profiling is Based on Consumer Philanthropic and Media Activities  All Sponsor’s and Advertiser’s Brands, associated with the SMRC Brand, are recognized as HUGE Charity Supporters: o Generating Donations for each Sponsor’s and Advertiser’s favorite charities and their rewards for:  Every bit of the sponsor’s social content and member feedback to that content (that the member also receives donations and member rewards for),  Advertisers creating member donations and rewards for responding to their social research games, for reviews, testimonials and purchases  4% of the on-going donations and reward value of new members who register in response to their invitation o While influencing a portion of their follower’s charity profile, that generates:  A minimum of $0.60 per day per member (for their everyday content alone)  From 10 million members, generating $2,190,000,000 per year for charity (10M X $219/yr.)  Generating enormous goodwill, new and sustained business, benefits to charity and the equal value in charitable tax deductibles: (at a minimum of rate of $10.95 per year per follower plus $0.438 per follower of other sponsors you invite to register as their ‘host’ to SMRC’s ‘by-invitation-only’ rewards and watchdog service for charity) Universal View: Sponsors and Members alike see SMRC as the world’s most valuable social service for (1) its’ financial benefit to charity, establishing strong relations between sponsors, our members and the economy, as well as (2) its’ free benefits for society. For more on this, please see references to SMRC “Social Intelligence Reports” – the anonymous 360 degree social-emotional view of the human ethos, based only what people are talking about. Page 16 of 34
  17. 17. Sponsor Requirements (Charities, Celebrities, Businesses, Social Organizations & Authority sites):  Strong Philanthropic/ Social-Responsibility Profile focused on high-impact 501-c3’s; Interest in awarding social rewards and donations in recognition of service in the Public Good  Strong Social / Popularity Profile (Social and Syndicated medias) – by number of direct social/business followers and/or networking with prospective sponsors who have large number of followers  Strong and active content and/or business-social activity – focused around authority-type high traffic content sites  Many business and social initiatives/ LOBs that can leverage (1) Visibility/Goodwill/Adoption/Response, (2) Media Research by Charity, (3) lower advertising (to website) costs, (4) registrations/ subscribers, (5) Market Research – Attention, Recall, Emotional, Themes, (6) Sales Aides [reviews, testimonials, referrals, (7) Everyday Sales, (8) Sales related to demos and/or (9) Post/On-going support/customer collaboration/AdvocacyMarketing: (in Process)  Sponsors (whose classes include Celebrities, Charities, Businesses, Social organizations [networks, media and societies] and the largest content publishers – invite their hundreds to millions of followers, members, subscribers, customers, employees and other prospective sponsors – to this opportunity to create super-funding for their personal favorite charities, along with the equal value in member rewards – in exchange for: 1. Member’s and Sponsor’s passively observed, everyday social content  Anonymous Charity – media schedules (created from everyone’s everyday social content) specify where, when, what charity is listening; free to charities, or at $0.03 per profile for other SMRC Cause Marketing sponsors 2. For responding to market research games rewarding attention and recall to a sponsor’s content or advertisement.(in the web, social medium sidebar, TV, Radio, Print, or message):  Using syndicated (TV, Radio, Print, Message), social (web, social mediums) and personal channels (chat, SMS) to create market research that funds the member’s, sponsor’s and advertiser’s charities and reward programs  Promoting the “Rewards of Charity” increases the value of all personal, social, and syndicated content (and advertisements) as food/rewards for charity 3. For Reviews & Testimonials (in response to in-store sampling, trials, demos): as invaluable sales 4. For Sales as the ultimate CSR offering of 5-10% plus of the sales price solidifying customer loyalty 5. For Networking (at 4%) or for SMRC or Sponsor Awards in Recognition of service in the Public Good (each offering an additional 4% back to the members)  Sponsor Assimilation through their charities (SECURING SPONSORS FROM THEIR CHARITIES): 1. Contacting a prospective sponsor’s charities with the 501-c3’s social impact report and funding potential, promotes the SMRC ‘Brand’ of social market research for charity to their followers and other prospective sponsors; 2. Realizing the value each follower can generate, but more importantly, the number of ‘followers’ that each celebrity (or business, social organization or other charity) who supports the charity can invite to register for SMRC – often prompts the charity to call those supporting celebrities and organizations – and invite them to register, with the charity as the Host to those celebrities and organizations; 3. Alternately, SMRC contacts prospective sponsors (by requirements, as well as from contact calls to charities) to discuss the SMRC program that has already gained support by the prospective sponsor’s charities. SMRC’s offer leverages every sponsor’s follower market (and the follower markets of prospective new sponsors they know), creating mass consumer response (and invaluable market research) for all SMRC sponsor content and to all SRMC sponsor’s advertisements (seeking the rewards of charity).  Banks are a main prospective partner-investor class. SMRC needs only ONE partner-investor.  Sponsor support: 1. Company/Concept pre-review and meeting notification, 2. Webinars using Authorstream Group PowerPoints, supported by/chat and free Conference call, 3. Custom sign-up URLs, 4. Support for email, social bookmarking, celebrity announcement, 5. Generating social content that promotes feedback, Page 17 of 34
  18. 18. 6. Acquiring Charity media schedules: Select charity and media; Profiles at $0.03 per anonymous profile; free distribution to charities regarding the social media schedules of their charity’s followers 7. Packaging SMRC ‘market research’ or purchase codes/coupons: Each package consists of: i. SMRC Marketing/Purchase Code ii. Advertiser/Sponsor Reference iii. Product Campaign Reference (description, date(s), location(s)) iv. Product presentation (or link to, or link to call from) v. Research quiz questions (6+) and multiple (2-3) answers for each vi. Link to commerce fulfillment (and SMRC code for ecommerce description) vii. Assignment of value (donations and rewards) for: a. market research b. sales aides (reviews/testimonials) c. purchases  Need to Ramp-up marketing to 25 FT promoters; remote office and traveling/meeting expenses  Securing 1.5 – 2 years of historical social activity content on each new member makes our content valuable day one.Operations: Daily Ops, Maintenance, Admin and Coordination: (Status: Support Systems inPlace, Redesign Complete, Rebuild of new features on earlier piloted frameworks)  General: (95% Automated Services)  Monitoring donations and rewards assignments,  Scanning member’s profiles every 5 minutes,  Quizzes and Feedback – Ad and Research delivery service;  Manage assignment of member charity profile and rewards, updated from social content,  Networking (at 4%),  Awards’ in recognition of Public Good/Service  SMRC Marketing/Purchase codes.  SMRC Rewards Redemption and Exchange processes.  Marketing Support: (acquiring sponsors) 1. Qualifying 501-c3s social impact and funding potential, 2. Qualifying Sponsor’s charities, SMRC integration opportunities, and funding potential  Sponsor Support: (for Celebrities, Charities, Businesses, Social Organizations & Content Providers/ Status: Ready) 1. Registration of followers, members, employees and prospective 2nd sponsors, 2. Meeting Pre-Review Webinar with Authorstream and Conferencing, 3. Custom Member/Follower Sign-up URL, 4. Email, Social media and Phone Invitation templates, 5. Charity Media Schedules, 6. Building Social media Research Quizzes, 7. Collecting Reviews and Testimonials, 8. Integrating SMRC purchase bonus codes / coupons.Development: (Boulder, Open Source and off-shore content development team in place)  Maintain Technical Infrastructure, Integrate SMRC Marketing and Purchase codes and coupons,  Increased scalability/ Lower maintenance costs (from Best practices)Management and Staffing:  Marketing, Operations and Development Management in place w/special experience respective to all 3  Seeking CFO (investment and budgets) and potentially CEO roles  A dozen friends and associates (of which 5 are helping PT ready to FT), promoting to charities and prospective sponsors located in Boulder, San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix and Seattle  To increase management to 5-6 Page 18 of 34