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FX Photo Editor Intro - JellyBus
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FX Photo Editor Intro - JellyBus

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★★★★★ The best photo editor ever! …

★★★★★ The best photo editor ever!
110 Presets are set to help you make your photos look more spectacular and memorable
FX Photo Editor contains 110 presets and all editing features which allow you to express the best moment of your life.

Photos of your daily life and travelling can be depicted as the most memorable moment.
FX Photo Editor is easier and more convenient than any other editors. Touch and touch! With few taps your photo will be amazingly changed. You can be a professional photographer 

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  • 1. JellyBus makes you happyFX Photo Editor
  • 2. FX Photo Editor FX Photo Editor Features (English, Korean, Japanese)  Anyone can make awesome photos with 110 FX presets in 10 specialized effect groups  Save photos with max. 2048 px resolution (Best!)  Provide essential editing tools & color controllers  Go back to photos of past by Time Matrix (Unique!) There are few professional photo-editing apps supporting high resolution saving option in Android Market Samsung‟s pre-installed basic photo editor offers merely an option of 1280 px saving  ※ Developed with „Juliet‟ – JellyBus‟ Image Processing Engine Planning to build versions of iOS & Windows mobile platform
  • 3. Juliet : Image Processing Engine (1) Image Processing Engine for Mobile Platform - Import Photos & Process up to 5 megapixel images - Export max. 2048 px high resolution images (Samsung‟s basic photo editor offers merely 1280 px size) - FX Photo Editor by Juliet Engine! (2) Varied Functions for Image Editing - Provide basic features & cutting-edge technologies - Involve new HDR technology by JellyBus (3) Overcome Memory Heap Size of Android - Overcome memory heap size limitation and deal with high resolution images - Optimization for Samsung, HTC, LG, SKY and Motorola‟s Smartphones
  • 4. FX Photo Editor 10 types of specialized filter groups ( by JellyBus )  Each filter group provides specific filter effects to satisfy users‟ various desire Scene Scene modes like digital camera‟s shooting modes HDR Improve balance & details Blur effects & miniature effects like professional SLR Blur cameras Art Special artistic effects Vintage Vintage mood effects Grunge Grunge effects with strong textures Beauty Effects make your portrait more bright & beauty Represent film-like color tones for professional Professional photographers Color Splash Play with colors Black & White Various mono tone effects
  • 5. FX Photo Editor Basic features Essential editing tools & color controllers for professional editing  FX studio with 110 presets, Time Matrix, Rotate, Crop  Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Color Temperature  Color Curves, B&W Curves, Histogram, Texture, Vignetting, Borders
  • 6. FX Photo Editor Filter groups, Time Matrix UX• Complementary Photo Editing : Specialized filter groups and Time Matrix• Best UX design everyone can use photo editor easily Specialized FX Filter effect control Time Matrix Time Matrix (recommended an index by year) filter groups (Default)
  • 7. Editing Tools forFX Photo Editor Beginners & Professionals• Basic color & exposure control functions for Beginners• Pro-level color curves & histogram functions for Professionals
  • 8. FX Photo Editor Special features complete your works• 13 high quality textures you can adjust• 4 types of vignetting and 9 useful & stylish borders
  • 9. JellyBus.. Mobile Photo & Video Services 2012 New!
  • 10. Hello, JellyBus The Next Web – Korean Startup JellyBus forgoes … MBC Newsdesk Interview – Remarkable mobile venture company in Guro Digital Valley Hankyung Magazine, Wonki Lim‟s Korean Start-up series - (45) Sejoong Kim, CEO @ JellyBus ZDNET, Korean Innovative Venture “Conquering global app markets with photo apps” ETNews, [Future people] Sejoong Kim, CEO @ JellyBus MoneyToday, „App of the month - May…qbro·Paladog·Birzzle E-Today, CEO Sejoong Kim “Android market is blue ocean” Edaily, Awesome photo app.. `More popular in global market`
  • 11. Thank You Hi !We Need you!Contact@jellybus.com