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HDR FX Intro - JellyBus

★★★★★ HDR FX – Sky and Scenery
HRD FX will change your lifeless photos into living and impressive moments.

HDR FX allows you to have Single-Photo HDR Effect on your photos and at the same time to experience special functions that HDR FX provides. It helps you make photos look more impressive and gorgeous than what you experience in a real world.

A magical experience will be shown on your phone. Sceneries in travelling, beautiful sky around sunset, first snow near daybreak and so on…No matter what is taken, the magic promises more beautiful and breathtaking photos.

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HDR FX Intro - JellyBus

  1. 1. HDR FX JellyBus makes you happy
  2. 2. HDR FX Sky & Scenery HDR FX Features (English, Korean, Japanese)  HDR technology improves photo quality than before 42 FX presets make your photos more attractive!  2 different types of HDR technologies (Unique!)  Easy to use professional HDR options  Specialized FX for sky & ground (Unique!) iPhone users take numerous photos with various photo apps and spontaneously HDR gets popular in view of practicality ※ Planning to build Android Version 
  3. 3. HDR FX Case 1  Balance exposure of photos captured in extreme situationOriginal HDR FX
  4. 4. HDR FX Case 2  Naturally enhancing detail of ordinary photosOriginal HDR FX  Dull texture of brick wall and wooden windows  Enhanced detail of brick lines and texture  Clear detail of wooden windows and plants
  5. 5. HDR FX Fascinating presets for varied scenery conditions[ Star Mark ]• Analyzing Histogram of your photo• HDR FX recommends suitable presets for you
  6. 6. HDR FX Specialized FX for sky and ground  Select color tone of sky and ground area  User can control indicator to specify sky and ground area (Unique UX)
  7. 7. HDR FX Sky FX, 8 types from clear sky to sunset
  8. 8. HDR FX Ground FX, 8 types for various environments
  9. 9. ① Original ④ HDR + SKY + GROUNDHDR FXReal Examples① ④ ② HDR ③ HDR + SKY
  10. 10. HDR FX Fully customizable HDR editing features• HDR Pro-level control functions / Full-featured color curve control functions• 5 textures & various borders for finishing editing• HDR detail enhancement (Available for every preset with On/Off toggle button)
  11. 11. JellyBus.. Mobile Photo & Video Services 2012 New!
  12. 12. Hello, JellyBus The Next Web – Korean Startup JellyBus forgoes … MBC Newsdesk Interview – Remarkable mobile venture company in Guro Digital Valley Hankyung Magazine, Wonki Lim‟s Korean Start-up series - (45) Sejoong Kim, CEO @ JellyBus ZDNET, Korean Innovative Venture “Conquering global app markets with photo apps” ETNews, [Future people] Sejoong Kim, CEO @ JellyBus MoneyToday, „App of the month - May…qbro·Paladog·Birzzle E-Today, CEO Sejoong Kim “Android market is blue ocean” Edaily, Awesome photo app.. `More popular in global market`
  13. 13. Thank You Hi !We Need you!