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    • ron mader ron mader Gracias! 20,0000+ vistas para Mercados de Oaxaca. Los mercados de Oaxaca son algunos de los mejores del mundo y atienden a los lugareños y visitantes. Esta es marcha lenta en su máxima expresión! Esta presentación cuenta con algunas de mis fotos favoritas de 10 años que viven en Oaxaca, más de 20 años de visitar Oaxaca y capturas de pantalla de los canales de la web social. Los comentarios son bienvenidos.  5 days ago
    • ron mader ron mader 20,000+ views for Oaxaca Markets (Mercados de Oaxaca)! Thank you. Oaxaca’s markets are some of the best in the world and cater to locals AND visitors. This is slow travel at its finest! This presentation features some of my favorite photos from 10+ years living in Oaxaca, 20+ years of visiting Oaxaca and screenshots from social web channels. Comments are welcome and so are embeds, likes, clips and shares.  5 days ago
  • ron mader commented on Responsible Travel Week 2016 #rtweek16 Responsible Travel Week 2016 #rtweek16 6 days ago
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    • ron mader ron mader Love it! 6,000+ views and climbing for our preview of Responsible Travel Week, Feb 8-14. Many, many thanks for the likes (hearts), shares and downloads. Looking forward to seeing your contributions and #rtweek16 fan art!  6 days ago
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