Seattle 2013 wnc awards application [dhl]


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Seattle 2013 wnc awards application [dhl]

  1. 1. AIESEC SEATTLE (full member) Ong Wan-Jun, LCP 347.766.3586
  2. 2. AIESEC Seattle video platform:
  4. 4. CHALLENGES When we started the year, there were 2 main obstacles that we had to work on as a organization: 1) LACK OF BRAND PRESENCE IN THE UNIVERSITY We had a market reach of less than 0.1% on a campus of 30,000 and as we have no expertise in the technical know-how of brand management, and marketing, all of our efforts were completely reliant on word-of-mouth. When we started in 2013, we set a vision to ‘be the best-kept secret no more’. We expanded our marketing department to 15 people (¼ of organization), each with specific responsibilities, formed targeted partnerships with 5 school departments, and amped up our social media presence that achieved an average view per post of 10,000. We ended 2013 exhausted but utterly happy. We have successfully delivered 50+ events and projects that increased our marketing reach to 3000 people on campus and won the ‘Most Collaborative Student Organization’ Award from the University. AIESEC Seattle is definitely a rising force on campus now.
  5. 5. CHALLENGES 2) LACK OF ENGAGEMENT WITH AIESEC US As geography will have it, we were the most isolated Local Committee in the country, sitting on the northwest most corner of the country. The closest Local Committee to us was 1,000 miles away, making conference travel very taxing on the average student budget. As a result, our members became very disengaged from AIESEC US. This fuels the vicious cycle in which national initiatives and education were very hard to transmit down to the Local Committee, which furthers isolates us. As such, to break the cycle, we started funding members to these conferences. Overall, in 2013 we paid $12,000 (26% of total investments) to incentivize our members to attend conferences in 7 domestic locations, and even international locations such as Panama, Ukraine, Singapore, and the Netherlands. In addition, we also hosted 2 national conferences, bringing the leaders of AIESEC US to our very own backyard. With every other organization, there are inherent threats and challenges to solve. In AIESEC Seattle, we strive to embody an indomitable, can-do spirit to overcome them to create better structures, better people, and ultimately a better AIESEC Seattle.
  6. 6. LEARNINGS We learned to be innovative. Because of organizational structure weaknesses, and geographical threats, we were not reaching our potential. In both situations, we were pushed to be innovative and pioneer initiatives that then went on to be adopted by AIESEC US. Our problems were not new to the network, but we decided to tailor better solutions that fit our current reality and culture. Innovation happened because we were not afraid to take risks. We learned to fail, and move on. In one year, we hosted 50+ events and projects, relying completely on our volunteer base of students. In our quest for a culture of innovation, we have taken risks and fallen down time and again. But we have learned not to dwell too long on our mistakes. There was that one time we had an important Vice President step down from his position in peak sales season; within a week we have elected his successor. There was the other time one of our events had a turnout of zero; we went back to the drawing board and worked out a better marketing strategy within the day. We learned that failing is important. But getting back up is more so.
  7. 7. Increase brand presence at university: 50 projects and events In collaboration with 5 school departments 3000 market reach Campus of 30,000 1 excellence award Delivering impactful change on the grounds of the University of Washington Most Collaborative Organization Increase presence in AIESEC US: 2 12,000 hosted national conferences dollar amount in conference incentives Bringing AIESEC US to Seattle Exposing members to AIESEC US 8 % revenue contribution Amongst 29 other Local Committees Leading AIESEC US on a platform of innovation
  8. 8. AIESEC Seattle our home, our pride