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Business review july 2011

  1. 1. The Business ReviewJ A C K S O N V I L L E - JULY-SEPTEMBER 2 0 1 1 In This Issue.... Home Office Trending, Page 4 Success in the City, Lights, Camera, Network! Page 2 Safeguard YourIntellectual Property, Page 6 Cynthia de Lorenzi Page 2 1
  2. 2. S ucess In The City Lights, Camera, Network! Cynthia de Lorenzi Kerry’s Network Woman Of the Year Comments Kerry Heaps, pace since hosting the first President of Kerry’s networking event in 2004. Network, Inc. Which Since then Cynthia has hosts the contest and is added an online TV pro- open to any woman gram to feature successful being nominated. “The local business women. SITC benefits of winning are also has a blog and a numerous. Some of the speakers service on their benefits that Kerry’s website in addition to theirIf I were to describe an Network provides to the numerous events which areelegant, gracious hostess winner is exposure hosted at various times.who’s southern charm through the website and According to the Founder,and eloquent ways can the Business Review Success in the City hasmake almost anyone publication. We also even more reason to cele-feel at ease who would include our winner as a brate, as they are currentlycome to mind? It would guest on our Talk Radio licensing their successfulbe easy to think of some- program with Blog Talk concept and will be open-one in your contact Radio.” ing a location in Jackson-sphere that fits this de- Jennifer Abernethy, who ville, Florida. What does itscription, but for the ones authored the book “The take be a licensee for thiswho are closest to her Complete Idiots Guide fabulous group? Manyand attended her first to Social Media variables are considered,networking bash in April Marketing” nominated besides a strong desire toof 2004, know I am Cynthia & says “Cynthia make things happen itspeaking of Cynthia de champions women helps to have a core groupLorenzi, the Founder of around the world. of successful women toSuccess in the City. Lastyear, Cynthia was nomi-nated by her peers for She truly wants them to start out a new location.Kerry’s Network Woman be successful both in Interested parties shouldof the Year. “What business and in life. Her contact Success in the Citymade me take notice of Success in the City directly. SITC hopes to Network, under her have an active chapter in leadership is bringing the Jacksonville area soon.Cynthia’s nominationwas the clear passion she together a kaleidoscopehad to help other wom- of professional women inen business owners to the spirit of connectingsucceed. She is passion- and having fun.”ate about helping othersand has found a a niche Success in the City hasin the DC Metro area. “ been growing at a rapid 2 Picturesque settings in the Spanish valleys.
  3. 3. system of other successful women that she had enjoyed in Texas. So she decided to throw a one- time networking bash to meet some new friends. Success in the City was born! Meant merely as a razzle-dazzle Texas-style party to say goodbye to the successful "Sex in the City" cable network show, the party inspired the 70 attendees to urge Cynthia to arrange for this type of fun event again and again! Cynthia was joined by other organizers to create an event- driven organization which offers friendship, fun and social opportunities for professional women to congregate and get toSuccess in the City has a strong know each other. For informationobjective, to offer programs and on membership or licensing, pleaseevents that help members develop contact SITC.lasting peer relationships with othersuccessful women. “Trust and humor About Success in the Cityare key elements for women indeveloping lasting friendships and Known for its unique, fun &once those relationships are formed, unconventional networkingdeals-on-heels are sure to follow!” events, Success in the City hasSays Cynthia. We asked Cynthia howshe came up with the idea for such a been creating buzz since itsunique venue within the DC area and premier event in April 2004!now with plans to license her concept, Members are womena unique “National” treasure. She has entrepreneurs, senior-leveltold the story many times, but doesn’t executives & CEOs based in thebegrudge anyone the birth of the Diva DC metro area. For moremovement! Shortly after relocating to information about membership,the metro Washington region from please visit their website atDallas, Texas, Cynthia discovered that www.successinthecity.orgshe was missing the personal support 3
  4. 4. H ome office TrendingIncrease of Americansworking from home has have childcare for small By: Lindy Spencer For efficiency, do not place work surfaces fac- children, if she is seriousbeen on a steady rise about making money. ing a blank wall with nosince 1999. Estimates Noise pollution may be ambient light or win-vary greatly, but, it is the greatest challenge. A dows, if at all possible.upwards of 25 million child care worker may Remember, motherspeople. The home office need to take children used to put children inhas become an integral and pets out of the home the corner as a punish-part of the home. It’s until it is understood, they ment. Looking at blankworth taking a look at must be quiet, and are walls does not stimulatehow to be successful old enough to have that production or inspire cre-working at home. capability. Until then, ativity. Adequate sur- they must be cared for far face work area isThere are preconceived enough away from the important, but, evenideas needing to be home office that noise more crucial are win-addressed & corrected does not encroach that dows & live plants! Ideal-about working at home. area. ly you will face a windowMothers thinking they will or have one parallel tonot need child care, The home office must proj- the work area. If no win-friends thinking they can ect a professional image, dow is available, studieschat or visit anytime, meaning no dogs barking, have shown that plantsand family expecting crying babies or television are even more essentiallunch, rides and errands blaring in the background to work environmentjust because you are at when on the telephone! than a window. Livehome all take re- plants lend more to theeducation! The home work process than oneworker must look at may think. The color ofwhat they do as a real Particularly if live plants adds vibrancyjob and the place of children and pets are in and provides a calmingwork in the home as a the home, it is ideal to visual cue, as well as be-real office, training have an area where a ing air purifiers. Accord-others to think this way, door can be closed. If ing to a recent researchalso! that is not possible, the ar- workers with plants are ea needs to be set apart happier than those with-Here are some of the as a “no entry” area. out them. Think of a largeimportant considerations Putting tape on the floor plant as a piece of art.when setting up and around the office sectionworking from home: with an inexpensive free Using art and plants for standing screen help to color accents is a goodIt is absolutely necessary designate the work area. way to add contrastingfor a mother working color to the home office.with a home office to 4
  5. 5. Contrasting colors are an importantqueue to the brain signaling a be-ginning and ending which trans-lates to beginning and ending intask orientation. Factories that add-ed contrasting colors saw a signifi-cant rise in production. Whateverpredominate colors you have inyour work area, make sure you add the more you will enjoy produc-pops of color, with plants, art and ing and enjoying the benefits ofaccessories. If you find yourself not having to negotiate trafficstarting many projects and not fin- jams.ishing, add more contrasting colorsto your surroundings. 1The number of Americans working out of their homes increased from about 9.5 million in 1999 to about 11.3 million in 2005, from the U.S. Census Bureau. 2 Horticultural Science, researchers at Texas State University in San Mar- cos, May 2008. Enough surface area to maintain files and supplies is essential. An 3 Tina Marie Waliczek Cade, author of the study & the happy steward of a “L” arrangement of surface work variegated philodendron & an ivy space is ideal, rather than one geranium,Texas State Universitys Ag- long area. No longer is it accept- riculture Department. able or efficient to shove a laptop on a small surface in a corner. Lindy Spencer is a color consultant with A well lit work area makes it easier to stay alert. If you have room, a bulletin board for notes to self, calendar and reminders are very helpful. You can buy corkboard A part of Image Essentials tiles that are easy to to place on www.ImageEssentials.Info the wall serving great function. All rights reserved by Image Essentials© The more pleasant and well de- signed your work area is, Acknowledgement & thanks to DeLisa Huff for editing. 5 Picturesque settings nthe Spanish valleys.
  6. 6. T rademarks, Copyrights & Patents.. What is a Business Owner to do??? By: Jo-Anne YauThe success of a business trademark process as Trademark Office, the (R) sym-depends on its unique- early as possible, since it bol should be used. These sym-ness and innovation. As could take about a year bols put the public on noticean Intellectual Property for an application to about the status of the mark asand Franchising attor- move through the sys- a registered trademark, andney, there are three main tem. During this year, al- helps prevent infringement.ways help my clients pro- most all my clients begin Trademarks are vital for a busi-tect their intellectual using the trademark in ness planning to expand andproperty. commerce, thus putting grow. Franchising and licensing it in a position for registra- options depend on protectedTrademarks tion. business methods and regis-Trademarks are a funda- How do you know tered trademarks.mental necessity for a whether another party isbusiness. A trademark is already using a name, Copyrightsany feature that a con- logo, or slogan? A trade- Copyrights prevent other par-sumer uses to identify marks availability is not ties from copying any creativewhere their products or guaranteed, just be- work, and calling it their originate. The cause the business is reg- Copyrights in the business sec-most common trade- istered with the States tor pertain mostly to writtenmarks are the business Division of Corporations. materials, such as Policy & Pro-name, the logo, and the It is also not enough to cedure Manuals, Employeeslogan. However, savvy have purchased a do- Handbooks, and website con-entrepreneurs come up main name. Only a thor- tent.with a number of ways to ough trademark search Copyright registration alsoidentify themselves to can reveal Excellent existing sea view takes about a year to process.their customers, like hav- trademarks Costa Del Renta. from the that are the Thus, for content that is likely toing a unique uniform, or same or confusingly be frequently edited, updated,clever product packag-ing. Even sounds, like similar. While there are or changed, I do not recom-NBCs 3 chimes, can be trademark search com- mend registration. However,trademarked. It is a myth panies that can conduct where the content remains rel-that a company has to this search, only a trade- atively static, and the written mark attorney can give a work has creative value, Iuse the trademark be- legal opinion as to would recommend copyrightfore a trademark appli- whether another trade- registration. Particularly in ancation can be mark is "confusingly simi- era where others can accesssubmitted. The truth is lar." As soon as a digital formats of the work, andthat the business cannot company decides on a "Copy & Paste" the material,claim any rights to a name, logo, or slogan, copyright registration becomestrademark until it has the (TM) symbol should more important to prevent mis-been used. Whenever appear next to it. Once appropriation.possible, I encourage my a trademark is registeredclients to begin the with the U.S. Patent & 6 Picturesque settings in the Spanish valleys.
  7. 7. Get away from it all in this excellent location.PatentsBy far the most expensive of thethree, patents prevent newand useful devices. The mostcommon type of patent is autility patent, which protectsthe way an invention is put to-gether. It is essentially the"recipe" for building the prod-uct. Ironically, I do not recom-mend patents for food recipes.Because patents are availableto the public, it would not bewise to publish a successful rec-ipe for competitors to access.Rather, food recipes are bestprotected by trade secrets. “To keep competitors from exploitingAs opposed to utility patents, your competitive edge, protectthere are also design patents. yourself properly with trademarks,These are much less common copyrights, and patents.”that utility patents, becausethey only protect the functionaldesign of a product. Also, utility competitive edge, pro- During that time, how-patents are valid for 20 years, tect yourself properly ever, the inventor maywhereas design patents are on- with trademarks, copy- claim "Patent Pending"ly valid for 14 years. Despite the rights, and patents. status, and begin tolimited scope of protection of promote and sell thedesign patents, however, they product. A word ofdo serve a particular purpose, About Yau Law Firm: caution, however: with-and offer protections and quiet on Enjoy peace not avail- out patent pending sta-able under utility patents.veranda the excellent Jo-Anne Yau is an attor- tus, if an inventor uses,As with trademarks, a patent ney based in Jackson- describes, sells, or pro-search is essential to determine ville, Florida. motes the invention inwhether the invention has al- public, that inventor willready been disclosed. The Pat- Her primary focus is on only have one year toent Office requires disclosure of intellectual property file a patent applica-even similar inventions, and the laws. The firm also has a tion. After that time, theinventor must explain why the variety of legal services Patent Office will not al-present invention is a new, use- available. You can low an application toful improvement on existing in- learn more about Yau be submitted.ventions. Law by visiting theirTo date, it takes at least a Businesses have many website, or to contactmonth to properly prepare a obstacles to face. It is directly.patent application. Once sub- always beneficial in at-mitted to the U.S. Patent & tracting customers to www.yaulaw.comTrademark Office, it takes offer unique and newabout 25 months before the products and services.inventor should expect to get a To keep competitorsresponse. from exploiting your 7
  8. 8. V iva las Kerry’s Network, Inc. illas Tune in Weekdays at 10 AM ESTOur show offers Business advice from the Smart& Savvy! We want to help you with everyaspect of your business as you reach for thenext level of success in your business. We haveseveral co-hosts that are here to help you:Wednesdays - “New Business” with Beth Andrus,Author of The Essential Business Handbook.Thursdays - “Women in Business” with Cynthiade Lorenzi of Pink Collar Ink.Every other Thursday - “Get Famous!” withDennis Erokan of The Placemaking Group.Fridays - “Intellectual Property” with Jo-AnneYau of Yau Law Firm. 8