The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington 2012 Annual Report


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The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington 2012 Annual Report

  2. 2. Table of Contents8 Guiding Principles........................................................................................................ 2-3At Federation You Can... Network................................................................................................................................... 4 Be a Leader........................................................................................................................... 5 Secure a Vibrant Jewish Tomorrow............................................................................. 6 Leave a Legacy.................................................................................................................... 7 Make a Difference in Our Community................................................................. 8-11 Make a Difference Around the World................................................................. 12-13 Travel to See Federation’s Impact Overseas................................................... 14-15 Experience Israel in Your Own Backyard................................................................16 Connect with Your Community................................................................................... 17 Volunteer........................................................................................................................ 18-19Financials.......................................................................................................................... 20-23Executive Committee....................................................................................................... 24Board Listing.......................................................................................................................... 25
  3. 3. Dear Friends,The Jewish community of Greater Washington is a special place, offering uscountless ways to connect and be a part of a vibrant and diverse Jewishcommunity. With more than 90 congregations, 11 college campuses andHillels, 66 preschools and congregational schools, seven day schools and43 agencies offering hundreds of events and programs each month, wecan all find meaningful ways to connect to our community every day.Last summer, we drafted and rolled out “8 Guiding Principles.” Thispast year, we have used these principles to focus our work and vision,fulfill our mission, prepare for our future and inspire our donors andsupporters. The pages in this Annual Report reflect the year’s highlightsand accomplishments. We are proud to share pictures and words from GoodDeeds Day, the Create a Jewish Legacy program and mission trips to Israel,Argentina and Ethiopia to name a few.At The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, we are proud of the role we playin raising funds to support those in need and to build and strengthen Jewishidentity. We are proud to connect members of our community with relevant andmeaningful opportunities to participate in Jewish life. And we are proud to leadthis community into the 21st century with innovative ideas and thinking.We hope you enjoy the pages that follow. We believe they inspire possibilitybecause at The Jewish Federation you can be more and do more. You can grow as aleader, develop into a philanthropist, commit yourself to charitable giving andvolunteer. At The Jewish Federation, you can take the first steps on a journey to arobust and more meaningful Jewish life. You can do all this through Federation.We believe in people who make things happen because there is a need to be filled,a hand to hold, a life to improve and a vision to actualize. The Jewish Federationis the place to make good things happen for those who can’t make ends meet, theplace to support Jews in our community, in Israel and around the world and theplace to belong in order to show you care about the world around you.At Federation You Can!Thanks for making all things possible.Stuart S. Kurlander Steven A. RakittPresident Chief Executive Officer 6101 Montrose Road • Rockville, MD 20852-4816 1
  4. 4. Guiding Principles... To fulfill our mission, 1 prepare for our future 2 and inspire our donors, we follow 8 Guiding Principles: The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington strives to create a vibrant and purposeful Jewish community by caring for those in 3 need, deepening engagement in Jewish life and strengthening the bonds among Jews in the Washington area, in Israel and around the world. We are empowered by a sense of arevut (solidarity), tikkun olam (repair of the world), and gemilut hasadim (loving kindness) and a drive for excellence. 4 The Jewish Federation OF GREATER WASHINGTON2
  5. 5. 5Adapt to changing realities in the Jewish Communicate broadly and clearly whatand philanthropic worlds by enhancing we do well and what we’re going to dohigh-impact programs, implementing new, differentlycutting-edge initiatives and services andeliminating duplication 6Energize, motivate and reconnect with Create strong partnerships with agenciesour community through a well-articulated and synagogues as a community leader,vision for the future convener and catalyst so that we can plan strategically and effectively with a strong, collective voice 7Create personally meaningful Elevate our customer service to beconnections between members of our highly responsive and welcoming tocommunity, Israel, Jews around the all our stakeholdersworld and organizations we support 8Reduce barriers to active participation Expand our donor base and motivatein Jewish life: financial, geographic, current donors to increase their givingdemographic or social impact through opportunities that make a meaningful difference in our community 3
  6. 6. At Federation you can... Network Connect with like-minded business professionals, stepped up through d who share common Jewish values. No matter Women whohilanthropy were invite Women’s P at Saks Fifth Avenue your profession, The Jewish Federation offers to celebrate ria. professionals numerous opportunities to mix Tysons Galle and mingle while doing a world of good. Jerry Greenfield, Co-Founder of Ben and Jerry’s, addressed l a crowd of more than 300 Jewish professionals where he talked about social responsibility in the business world. A special l op level executives shared their expertise and insights T thank you to The at a series of lunch time programs, emphasizing the Meltzer Group for connection between business and philanthropy. their sponsorship l witter, Facebook and YouTube helped young leaders to T of The Network. share their collective impact on the Greater Washington community at the first ever Impact DC. l omen’s Philanthropy, a diverse group expanding W Impact DC Co-Chairs Morgan Greenhouse, across all generations, came together to strengthen their Brad Buslik and Jen Goodman helped inspire connection to their community and Jewish people around more than 250 young adults to make their the world. impact on our community. Rick Zitelman on The Network Event “It was wonderful to spend quality time with so many friends and to also see so many new faces involved in the Jewish community. It was a great event and there is clearly tremendous enthusiasm The Network and momentum in the DC Jewish community” Leopold KaplaEvent Co-Chairs, Ann share their ex n and David Waghelstein Zitelman, president, The Zitelman Group, spon hear how theircitement over getting to David Falk and Bruce Levenson are just got started. favorite ice cream brand two of the esteemed business leaders The Network Event. “Not only that, but we got Jerry field who shared their professional insight quality networking done at the same time.”4 Green Jerry’s during a Federation Executive Forum. of Ben
  7. 7. ConnectGens Fellowship...More than 50 community members served as coaches and mentors to support the venture development of this year’s ConnectGens Fellows. Emily My Birthright Alumni experience was an opportunity for me to benefit from t he generosity of another generation and made me realize the importance of p aying it forward. Birthright Alumni Leadership Mission... Alumni Leadership participants enjoyede a scenic bike ride Be a Leader through Federation’s partnership region of Beit Shemesh/Mateh Through training courses, leadership Yehuda. opportunities and immersive educational experiences, Greater Washington’s leaders are being prepared with the tools necessary to shape the future of our Jewish community. The Jewish Leadership Institute facilitated customized l training programs for local agencies, which included professional coaching, workshops and retreats that developed and strengthened agency leaders in their leadership roles. Birthright Alumni, with a desire to make a change in their l community, returned to Israel for an immersive leadership training program that prepared them to make an impact in the Greater Washington area upon their return. Local social entrepreneurs partnered with professional l coaches and mentors that equipped them with the expertise needed to launch social ventures that benefitted Jews locally and in Israel.” said Rick Join a committee, lead a programnsor of Jewish Leadership Institute (JLI)... or mentor a future leader. Dr. Erica Brown inspired communityt some leaders during a JLI workshop. 5
  8. 8. At Federation, through our United Jewish Endowment Fund you can... Secure a Vibrant Jewish Tomorrow The United Jewish Endowment Fund (UJEF) connects philanthropists with opportunities to meet Jewish needs and to engage in tikkun olam (the repair of the world). Together, we strengthen and advance Jewish life in Greater Washington, in Israel and around the world. l UJEF proudly granted more than $1.2 million with distributions to include: The Jewish Federation’s annual campaign, a new local engagement initiative, programs for senior citizens, scholarships for Israel teen travel, and employment programs for individuals residing in Israel’s geographic periphery. l Women’s American ORT Foundation invested $15 million “Do what is just with UJEF’s investment experts, raising the total funds and right.” managed by UJEF to $150 million on behalf of trusted —Genesis 18:17 fund holders. l We have implemed a new “Investment Policy Statement,” that will protect precious resources and increase long- term performance. l We have begun to elevate the importance of multi- generational family philanthropy by engaging our community’s multigenerational families in discussions about philanthropic issues in the community and educating the next generation of philanthropists. l We have begun a new partnership with Israel Venture Network (IVN) and The Morningstar Foundation that will support innovative new businesses in their quest to run successful social start-up ventures in Israel.6
  9. 9. “Who occupies himself with the needs of the community is as though he occupies himself with Torah.” —Talumd Yerushalmi, “I did not find the world desolate when I entered. Berekhot And my parents planted for me before I was born, so do I plant for those who come after me.” —The Talmud Leave a Legacy What will your Jewish legacy be? Jewish tradition teaches that it is our responsibility to make the world a better place for future generations. Each of us has spent a lifetime creating our own meaningful traditions and community relationships. How will you ensure that “What they will continue into the future? pass on twill you I n an effort to secure a vibrant Jewish future, the l o generati future Create a Jewish Legacy (CJL) program brought together ons?” 17 local agencies, synagogues and organizations to build a foundation for the Greater Washington community. l uring its first year, CJL has identified 60 new planned D gifts and bequest commitments with an estimated impact on our community of more than $3 million.* * mount based on an estimate of $50k per planned gift/bequest A commitment. 7
  10. 10. At Federation you can... Make a Difference in Our Community Building a community and helping to make Greater Washington a better place to live and work is what we do every day. Federation’s annual campaign and special designated gifts support programs you care about most including: career services for the unemployed; stimulating adult day care programming for the elderly; both formal and informal Jewish education programs and identity-building events such as Jewish camping, youth groups and Hillels; and support services for the most DCJCC...Members of the DCJCC’s GLOE, vulnerable populations of our community. sponsored by the Kurlander Program for LGBT Outreach Engagement, march in the Capital Pride Parade. Continued on next page Without Jewish Council for the Aging’s Misler Adult Day Care and ElderBus programs, I would be stuck sitting at home doing JCCG at the nothing...this program keeps me going, it’s wonderful! Bertha B.8
  11. 11. Jewish Community Relations Council Executive Director, Ron Halber, represents the Jewish community at the City of Washington, DC’s commemoration of the holiday season with Mayor Vincent Gray. h Life and Partnership for Jewis endees listen Learning ...ROUTES att bassador Stuart to a lecture from Amure of Jews. Eizenstat on the fut At such a difficult time in my life, being able to receive help where I was always understood religiously and culturally encouraged me to seek assistance. I probably would not have sought help, at least for a long time, had it not been in a Jewish setting. The help I received from JewishGW...Smiles, pink tutus and ballet Coalition Against e JCC of Greater Washington. Domestic Abuse Jewish Foundation for Group Home ultimately saved residents make matzah covers in Reston my life. during Good Deeds Day. 9
  12. 12. At Federation you can... At The Jewish Make a Difference Federation, we kn we can’t do it alo in the Community Thank you to th The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington is more than 13,00 proud to support 43 local agencies, 12 national contributors wh organizations, four overseas partners and more recognize that than 60 congregations. together, we ca change the worl Hillel...Jewish life comes alive for students at 11 college campuses Greater and Hillels. l Society of Jewis h Historica th graders start a n...Six n and Washingto lking tour at the Lillia JHSGW wa ll Jewish Museum. Albert Sma Capital Camps... Days filled with ruach (spirit) makes being Jewish fun for hundreds of overnight campers each summer.10
  13. 13. The untimely passing ofh my husband Kevin left menow a single mother. I willone. always be appreciative of the compassion and support shownhe to our family by Jewish Social 00 Service Agency during the mostho difficult time in our lives.tan Amy ld. Youth Groups...BBYO DC Council leaders lobbying Congress. JCCNV’s Camp Ac Northern Virginia hva, Jewish day cam ’s premier p. Day Schools...Seven day schools in our community make Jewish learning fun. 11
  14. 14. At Federation you can... Make a Difference in Israel and 60 Countries Around the World With our four overseas partners, The Jewish Federation addresses social challenges facing Israel and Jewish life around the world through The Jewish Agency for Israel... programs that close education gaps, provide supports lone immigrant soldiers defending the Jewish homeland. welfare relief and strengthen Jewish identity. JEWISH AGENCY FOR ISRAEL (JAFI) The Jewish Agency for Israel works in partnership with world Jewry to strengthen the people and State of Israel through facilitating the aliyah and integration of Jews in their ancestral homeland, connecting the next generation of Jews to Israel and their heritage and shaping an Israeli society of opportunity and development. AMERICAN JEWISH JOINT DISTRIBUTION COMMITTEE (JDC) Working today in more than 60 countries, JDC rescues Jews in danger, provides relief to those in distress, supports the renewal of self-sustaining Jewish community life and helps Israel overcome the social challenges of its most vulnerable citizens. WORLD ORT JDC...meets the welfare needs The largest Jewish education and training organization in the of the poorest Jews in the world, World ORT operates in 50 countries and provides the World. skills and knowledge that empower our students to become contributing members of society. THE ETHIOPIAN NATIONAL PROJECT (ENP) ENP identifies the most pressing needs facing the Ethiopian- Israeli community and takes action to address and overcome these challenges through strategic and effective programs.12
  15. 15. Through the Nativ program, I’ve come to understand my family’s roots and what it means to be a Jew. I’ve spent time studying about Israel, about the history of the Jewish people, about the Jewish holidays and more. I now understand Andrey who is around me, what is Working with important to them...and what the children in is important to me. Youth Futures touched me deeply. I decided to devote my life to helping children at risk before it is too late. ShlomitWorld Jewish n-Israelischildren access to a ENP...helps Ethiopia obstacles cant overcome signifi ll potential.cutting-edge education. to realize their fu 13
  16. 16. At Federation you can... Travel to See Federation’s Impact Overseas Across the globe, Federation supports Jewish populations to live dignified lives filled with hope and possibility. Participants on Federation missions experience firsthand the impact their contributions make in improving the lives of Jewish people everywhere. A modern day Passover story is experienced everyday by Jews in l Ethiopia, who dream of making a new life in Israel. Participants on the Completing the Journey Mission joined these Ethiopians on their miraculous journey to the homeland. Israel is constantly making advancements in the areas of l technology, medicine and defense. The Business of Israel Mission exposed participants to developments that have the potential to change the world. Politicians, philanthropists, businesswomen, athletes and others l in Israel inspired women from around North America as they journeyed through the homeland exploring cultural sights and the important programs that Federation supports in Israel during the Heart 2 Heart Mission. l e Jewish community of Buenos Aires, one of the largest Th Jewish populations in the world, welcomed participants on the Experience Argentina Mission with Latin flair. Climbing Masada, floating in the Dead Sea and connecting l with Israeli peers were just a few of the experiences had by Taglit-Birthright Israel participants on their free 10-day trip to the homeland.14
  17. 17. Planting trees in Israel during the Heart 2 Heart Mission. Creating some arts and crafts at a Moscow summer camp during theCampaign Chairs and Directors Mission. One of the many examples of Israel’s high-tech innovations seen during the Business of Israel Mission. For most of these Birthright participants, after traveling to Israel for the first time, they returned inspired, connected and more committed than ever to their Jewish identity. This unforgettable Participants on the Completing Mission to Argentina the Journey Mission joined allowed travelers to Ethiopians on their miraculous immerse themselves journey to the homeland. in Jewish and Latin culture, people, food, art and wine. 15
  18. 18. At Federation you can. Experience Israel in Your Own Backyard You don’t need a passport to connect with the homeland! Federation provides opportunities to experience Israeli culture and our Jewish community throughoutIsraeli Rock ‘n Roll legend the year.Danny Sanderson and 6 pieceband performed in Rockville l A bit of Israel came alive in the Greater Washingtonas part of our annual IsraelFestival, which brought area through programs, events and celebrations thattogether more than 7,000 gave people the opportunity to experience the music,people at several locations art, culture and people of Israel.across the region. l Through the community network of Israel shlichim, Jewish professionals learned how to integrate modern and diverse messages about Israel and learned how to apply them to a wide variety of educational frameworks including early childhood classrooms, youth movements and Hillels. l A visit by Jewish and Arab Israeli girls, who are building friendships on the soccer field, showed Walt Whitman High School students and our community that a peaceful coexistence is possible between Arabs and Jews. Israel Scouts Friendship Caravan entertained the crowd at “I hope in the Northern future to haveVirginia’s Israel Festival in peace in the worldFairfax Corner. and between Palestinian girls and Jewish girls.”16 Anod Romman, a participant of the Peres Center for Peace’s Twinned Sports Program delegation that visited Washington in March 2012.
  19. 19. ... Jconnect Everything Jewish in answer yo staffers Greater Washington everythingur calls about Greater W Jewish in ashington . More than 10,000 events posted online Jconnect tables are located at many local events to educate and provide you with resources. More than 1,000 called Federation’s Jconnect for Connect with Your Community resources in 2011 Whether online, over the phone or in person; new to the area, beginning a new stage in life or researching something new to you; Jconnect is your resource for everything Jewish in Greater Washington. More than 1,200 registered users online Visit today! More than 300 High Holidays Aging families were Israel Schools welcomed by Volunteering Careers Federation’s Events Classes Jconnect in 2011 Everything Jewish in Click to Greater Washington Connect Special Needs Interfaith Everything Jewish in Greater Washington LGBT B’nai Mitzvah And so much more! 17
  20. 20. At Federation you can... Volunteer Cleaning up a park, making food packages March 25, 201 for a local shelter, making blankets for 2 hospital patients and hundreds of other hands-on volunteer projects across the GOOD DEEDS community enable us to reach out and support those in need. DAY l On Good Deeds Day, an international day of service, 1,500 volunteers throughout the Greater Washington area participated in a variety of community service projects. l Social action and a strong desire to repair the world A Communit y inspired Women’s Philanthropy of The Jewish Federation Day to focus on social action projects that improved the world of Ser vice around them. l e true meaning of tikkun olam (the repair of the world) is Th Give yourself being fulfilled by an inspiring group of women and young leaders, who are repairing the world one project at a time. as a gift l connect’s volunteer matching program helped find over J gooddeedsd 3,800 meaningful volunteer opportunities last year. aygw.org18
  21. 21. Women’s Philanthropy Gives Back Painting a homeless shelter, hosting a Chanukah party for residents at a group home and making care packages for Ethiopian-Israeli children are just a few of the social action projects Mitzvah Mavens took part in this year. A total community effort, Good Deeds Day included projects such as meal preparation at B’nai Tzedek, Montgomery County stream clean-up and tree planting in DC.“I was very happy to have the participate in an outdoor parkopportunity to participate in clean-up, including children, whoGood Deeds Day. Federation did enthusiastically helped us collecta terrific job of making a whole about 40 bags of trash. Wegroup of worthwhile really made a big impactactivities available to in a small area in a verypeople in the Greater short period of time.Washington area. I Thanks to Federationhelped organize a for helping put thisgroup from The Kemp together.”Mill Synagogue. We hadabout 20-30 people Gary Winters 19
  22. 22. The Jewish Federation Funding Allocation Financial Snapshot United Jewish Unrestricted Annual Direct Gifts Endowment Fund Special Campaigns Government Grants Total Resources Raised By $30,411,300 $19,335,400 $3,153,200 The Federation United Jewish Endowment Fund Total Resources $52,899,900 Thanks to the generosity of many, The Jewish Federation and United Jewish Endowment Fund raised a total of $52,899,900. A large portion of which was allocated to programs and services locally, in Israel and throughout the world. 10% 36% National Building Global Connections 32% 58% 24% Israel Local Caring for Overseas Those in Need Allocations by Geography of Allocations by Priority $17,988,700 Funding Area 40% Deepening Jewish Engagement Through your generosity, $17,988,700 will be distributed from The Federation’s Annual Campaign ($15.7 million) and the United Jewish Endowment Fund grants process ($2.3 million) to programs and services locally, in Israel and around the world. An additional $3,153,200 will be distributed from generous directed gifts and government grants enabling a total of $21,141,900 to go into the community to help those in need as well as build strong Jewish connections for members of our community.20
  23. 23. United Jewish Endowment Fund Funding Investment Snapshot 3% Fee Revenue Funds and Other Invested by Sponsorships 7% Permanent Fund Type Total Endowment Gifts Resources 49% Raised by $16.6 mil Agency United Jewish 33% Investment Endowment Fund General Funds Accounts Life Income $30,411,300 Planned Gifts including Trusts $12.1 mil Annuities Field of Interest 8% Funds Non-Permanent Endowment Gifts $19.0 mil Perpetual Annual Campaign/Lion of Judah Funds 30% $20.7 mil Israel United Jewish 70% Overseas Donor Directed Endowment Fund Local Funds Distribution by Geography $45.5 mil Donor Advised Funds 16% Federation Annual Campaign $12.8 mil 29% United Jewish Non-Jewish Endowment Fund 8% Charitable Gift Organizations Donor-Advised Fund Programs Annuity/Trust Distributions by Sponsorships Type of Recipient 11% $29.8 mil Organization Partner Agency Funds Agencies 36% TOTAL Other Jewish Organizations$156.5 million The United Jewish Endowment Fund proudly supports over 180 donor advised funds of which more than 70% of the distributions go to Jewish causes locally, in Israel and around the world. 21
  24. 24. The Jewish Federation and United Jewish EndowmentFunding Allocation Financial Snapshot Total Allocations Total Donor Directed Total Allocations by Agency/Program from Annual Campaign and Government Funding Distributions from UJEF Total Allocations Campus Security $340,000 $0 $0 $340,000 Campuses/Hillels $150,100 $0 $0 $150,100 Capital Camps and Retreat Center (CCRC) $176,400 $34,000 $0 $210,400 Coming of Age (COA) MD $7,300 $355,000 $15,000 $377,300 Coming of Age (COA) VA $18,400 $0 $106,300 $124,700 Community Crisis Assistance Fund (CCAF) $187,000 $0 $0 $187,000 Community Transportation Project $0 $25,000 $0 $25,000 Directed Gifts Government Grants to Non-Partner Agencies/Other $0 $82,500 $0 $82,500 Federation’s Annual Campaign $0 $0 $180,000 $180,000 Initiative in Congregational Education $51,700 $0 $0 $51,700 Israel Engagement $49,400 $0 $0 $49,400 Israel Fellow at Virginia Tech $0 $0 $20,000 $20,000 Israel Quest/High School in Israel $20,000 $0 $98,500 $118,500 Jconnect $226,400 $0 $0 $226,400 Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington (JCCGW) $774,600 $55,900 $17,500 $848,000 Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia (JCCNV) $345,800 $0 $0 $345,800 Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) $560,000 $7,300 $0 $567,300 Jewish Council Against Domestic Abuse (JCADA) $28,600 $36,600 $0 $65,200 Jewish Council for the Aging (JCA) $285,900 $122,100 $0 $408,000 Jewish Day Schools $1,722,200 $211,000 $0 $1,933,200 Jewish Food Outreach Project $0 $0 $180,000 $180,000 Jewish Foundation for Group Homes (JFGH) $180,000 $57,900 $0 $237,900 Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington (JHSGW) $7,500 $0 $0 $7,500 Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) $716,700 $104,200 $0 $820,900 One Happy Camper (Camperquest) $45,000 $120,300 $0 $165,300 Partnership for Jewish Life Learning (PJLL) $805,200 $90,700 $0 $895,900 PJ Library $0 $16,100 $0 $16,100 Sponsorships $0 $301,500 $0 $301,500 Taglit-Birthright Israel/NEXTDC and Reverse Mifgash $0 $208,500 $0 $208,500 Washington DC Jewish Community Center (DCJCC) $401,400 $25,000 $37,000 $463,400 Youth Group Grants $31,700 $0 $0 $31,700 TOTAL LOCAL ALLOCATIONS $7,131,300 $1,853,600 $654,300 $9,639,20022
  25. 25. Total Allocations Total Donor Directed TotalAllocations by Agency/Program from Annual Campaign and Government Funding Distributions from UJEF Total AllocationsArgentina Day School $0 $19,500 $0 $19,500American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) $351,500 $13,500 $298,000 $663,000Atidim for Ethiopian Israelis $0 $917,900 $0 $917,900Ethiopian National Project $132,500 $23,400 $127,500 $283,400Israel Venture Network $0 $0 $33,500 $33,500Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) $490,300 $256,300 $100,000 $846,600JFNA Emergency Campaigns/Other $0 $69,000 $0 $69,000Overseas priorities implemented through JAFI, JDC and World ORT $2,917,600 $0 $0 $2,917,600Women’s Empowerment Project in Be’er Sheva $0 $0 $18,500 $18,500TOTAL ISRAEL OVERSEAS ALLOCATIONS $3,891,900 $1,299,600 $577,500 $5,769,000Israeli Arab Task Force $5,000 $0 $0 $5,000Birthright Israel National Funding $207,000 $0 $0 $207,000Greater Washington Legislative Advocacy $18,000 $0 $0 $18,000Jewish Communal Service Association $2,000 $0 $0 $2,000Jewish Federations of North America/Israel Office Representative $879,500 $0 $0 $879,500National Alliance Agencies $113,500 $0 $0 $113,500TOTAL NATIONAL ALLOCATIONS $1,225,000 $0 $0 $1,225,000FEDERATION PROGRAMMING ADMINISTRATION $3,485,400 $0 $1,023,300 $4,508,700TOTAL ALLOCATIONS BY AGENCY/PROGRAM $15,733,600 $3,153,200 $2,255,100 $21,141,900 23
  26. 26. Thank You to the 2011– 2012 Executive Committee FRONT ROW Susie Gelman Gary C. Berman NOT PICTURED Stuart S. Kurlander Past President Presidential Appointee Caryn W. Wechsler President Margo Volftsun Marc F. Solomon Vice President for Israel Presidential Appointee Treasurer Overseas Cathy Gildenhorn Vice President for Steven A. Rakitt Joshua Bernstein Ann Bennett Women’s Philanthropy Executive Vice President CEO Vice President At Large Vice President for Leadership Volunteer Development Marcella Cohen Ronald A. Paul, M.D. Vice President for BACK ROW President Irene R. Kaplan Financial Resource Development Paul S. Berger United Jewish Endowment Fund Past President Liza Levy Arnold Porter LLP, Counsel Robert E. Zahler Vice President for Daniel J. Krifcher Vice President for Financial Resource Development Community Planning Allocations Secretary24
  27. 27. Board of DirectorsRabbi Bruce D. Aft Kevin Fishkind Jocelyn B. Krifcher Marissa SchlaiferCherie B. Artz Rabbi Lyle Fishman Allen Kronstadt Rabbi Jonathan SchnitzerAdam August Michael Flyer Rochelle Kupfer Susan L. SchorMiriam Berkowitz Jeffrey Freedman Dina Leener Barry SchwartzMichele Hymer Blitz Orit Frenkel Art Lerner Raanan ShamesA. Robert Bloom Andrew S. Friedlander Mark L. Lezell Allon ShiffFay-Ann Brodie Michael Friedman Robert E. London Ruth Vogel SilbergStuart L. Brown Jeffrey Ganek Rabbi Jack Luxemburg Sid SilverGerald Charnoff Rachel Cohen Gerrol Brian Meister Albert Small, Jr.Jeffrey Lee Cohen Michael S. Gildenhorn Barbara Mintz Adam D. SteinerLisa Reiner Cohen Ronald R. Glancz Lynn W. Morgan Charles M. SteinerDr. Morris Cohen Sarah Goldhirsch Judy M. Novenstein Rabbi Gil SteinlaufScott Cohen Norman Goldstein Marcia Nusgart Mindy StrelitzLaura Cutler Janine Goodman Debra Panitch Stuart TauberEva M. Davis Carol Gordon Irwin Panitch David TopolBehnam Dayanim Diane Greenspun Irwin Raij Robin Hettleman WeinbergRichard Dine Arnie Hiller Harvey Reiter Micha WeinblattThomas A. Dine Emily Hofmann Steven Rosenbaum Rabbi Stuart G. WeinblattYvonne S. Distenfeld Samuel P. Kastner Meryl B. Rosenberg Amy WishAdam F. Ducker Dr. Kay Klass Rabbi Bill Rudolph Cindy ZitelmanRalph S. Dweck Robert Kott Wendy RudolphDavid J. Farber William Kreisberg Deborah Ratner Salzberg The End 25 *Of Blessed Memory
  28. 28. The Jewish Federation OF GREATER WASHINGTON MAIN OFFICE DC OFFICE NORTHERN VIRGINIA 6101 Montrose Road 1720 I Street, NW REGIONAL OFFICE Rockville, MD 20852-4816 Washington, DC 20006-3736 8900 Little River Turnpike PHONE 301-230-7200 PHONE 202-552-5343 Fairfax, VA 22031-3123 FAX 301-230-7265 WEB PHONE 703-425-0066DONOR CENTER 301-230-7239 FAX 703-978-5413 WEB WEB