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  • 1.  Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Bin September of 1998. Their goal was to invent a search engine to organize the different information and websites.
  • 2.  Yahoo was founded in Santa Clara, California by Jerry Yang and David Filo in March 1st, 1995. It was made for its web portal, search engine, Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! Mail, news, and social media websites and services.
  • 3.  Meta search sends requests for information to several search engines simultaneously and compiles the results. As the results are compiled, duplications are eliminated, thus yielding fewer results. It is a time- saver compared to a regular search engine
  • 4.  Boolean is implied in many search engines, but still a valuable method for narrowing. Boolean searches use operators to include or exclude terms used in a search. A. AND narrows results by searching for pages that contain both  keywords B. OR expands results by search for pages that contain either of the  keywords C. Quotations marks narrow results by searching for phrases  D. NOT does not include a specific word in the results 
  • 5.  Search for maps  Search for videos  Search for images  Search for News  Search for Books
  • 6.  Google makes money off of these types of search by advertisements made by other businesses. Companies make deals and contracts with Google to promote their business. These advertisements cost money and are presented to Google users when searching.
  • 7.  A web browser is a software application which enables a user to display and interact with text, images, videos, music, games and other information typically located on a Web page at a Web site on the World Wide Web or a local area network. Examples include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari.
  • 8.  Google browser is called a Chrome. A chrome is advantageous for its fast speed, private browsing, and a tab showing the most visited sites.