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API Days: Renewables & Alternative Fuels
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API Days: Renewables & Alternative Fuels


Published on

Using data and APIs to empower alternative and renewable fueling choices.

Using data and APIs to empower alternative and renewable fueling choices.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Renewables & Alternative Fuels Using data and APIs to empower choices API Days Nick Muerdter @nickblah 2014-06-13
  • 2. America spends $1 billion per day to import oil Oil by Patrick Trouvé from The Noun Project! Source:!
  • 3. 70% of U.S. oil demand 30% of U.S. greenhouse gases Transportation Sources:!!! !Car by OCHA Visual Information Unit from The Noun Project !
  • 4. Medical by Alex AS from The Noun Project! Dollar by addylord from The Noun Project!Earth by Johan H. W. Basberg from The Noun Project!
  • 5. Strategies
  • 6. Replace Photo by Justin Pickard!!
  • 7. Reduce Photo by Vit Brunner!!
  • 8. Eliminate Photo by Thomas Hawk!!
  • 9. The Story of An API
  • 10. Alternative & Renewable Fuels
  • 11. Photo by Helga Weber!!
  • 12. Where can I fill up? Photo by Surat Lozowick!!
  • 13. Find nearby stations Location by Sam Vermette from The Noun Project!
  • 14. Find stations along a route Route by factor[e] design initiative from The Noun Project!
  • 15. Mission Accomplished! (Well… Not quite…) Check Box by Katie M Westbrook from The Noun Project!
  • 16. Sharing Is Caring Photo by John Flinchbaugh!!
  • 17. The API •  Download all stations data •  Find nearest stations •  Find stations near a driving route •  Find all stations within boundaries •  Get a specific station
  • 18. Photo by DrivingtheNortheast!!
  • 19. Beyond Points… Photo by Magnus von Koeller!!
  • 20. It’s about the drivers Driving by Alexandria Eddings from The Noun Project!
  • 21. API Version 2
  • 22. Me working on the new API Photo from The Library of Congress!!
  • 23. Electric Charging Is Different Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns!!
  • 24. Charging Station by Nithin Davis Nanthikkara from The Noun Project! Connected car by OliM from The Noun Project!Time by Richard de Vos from The Noun Project!
  • 25. Photo by Adam Melancon!!
  • 26. Very Soon: Transportation Incentives & Laws Truck Stop Electrification Sites Soonish: Light Duty & Heavy Duty Vehicles Maybe? Cost Calculator Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool
  • 27. We Feedback Photo by Nathan Proudlove!!
  • 28. APIs: Everything Else: Me: @nickblah