Veeam + Nexsan: Overcome the Storage Bottlenecks in Virtualized Environments


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Because today’s IT managers are faced with increasingly complex environments and ever-growing data volumes, they need simple and affordable solutions to solve critical business challenges. Nexsan E-Series storage systems and Veeam® Backup & Replication™ software provide a joint solution that’s perfectly tailored to meet the challenges of mid-market organizations’ data protection within virtualized infrastructures.

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  • Patented Instant VM recovery changes the way we think about recovery. Traditionally, recovery means that data must be restored to the desired location before recovery can occur. In legacy solutions, this means creating a VM, reinstalling the guest OS, reinstalling the applications, and reinstalling the agent before any restoring of data can begin. With Instant VM recovery, we skip the restoring process and go straight to recovery, this allows us to have the VM up and running in a matter of minutes! Once the VM is operational, we can proceed with the restore by migrating the VM back to it’s permanent location on production storage. The difference is, by leveraging Storage vMotion or Live migration, the entire restore process is live and users experience no additional downtime, saving a company lots of money by minimizing downtime!
  • Visibility into Exchange 2010 and 2013 VM backups.
    Browse, search and restore mailboxes and mailbox contents.
    Export, email or restore directly back to Exchange, or even Office 365.
    Recover from hard deleted items (that were both created and deleted since last backup)
  • Veeam is built from the ground up for virtualization, currently supporting both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. Veeam’s enterprise scalability allow the IT admin to scale the data protection solution to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s requirements. Our agentless architecture means less management and lower impact to your production infrastructure. A 2-in-1 solution provides a cohesive data protection solution that allows you to meet the 3-2-1 rule with options like Backup Jobs, Backup Copy Jobs (with optional WAN acceleration), Tape Jobs and Replication.
  • Being able to restore is great, but forrester research shows that up to 20% of recovery attempts fail. We conducted our own research of 500 companies and found that only 2% of those companies actively test their backups to ensure recovery, the other 98% find out if they’re able to recover when they have to perform one. To help with this comes another Patented technology called SureBackup. SureBackup enables automated recovery verification, so you can rest assured that your backups are 100% recoverable. How does this work? Veeam is able to created a completely isolated environment, called a Virtual Lab, inside of your production environment. And because we can run VMs directly from our backup files, we can power them on in our Virtual Lab for testing, we then run through a series of test to ensure the VM comes online, the OS comes online and any specified applications come online before powering it all off and generating a full report with audit trail. Better yet, when this environment is not being used by SureBackup, admins can leverage this environment as their own On-demand Sandbox, allowing for testing, patching, service pack upgrades, etc. They can even break it without fear, as this entire environment is read only, so once it is shut down, all changes are wiped out and their backup files remain unaffected.
  • Virtualization introduces a layer of abstraction, a layer which can make visibility an issue. A host server now houses multiple VMs running their own applications, so identification of problem areas become a challenge. Veeam offers two options for monitoring and reporting, Veeam ONE is a standalone solution providing full visibility into the virtual infrastructure, for those that have System Center Operations Manager Veeam MP is a fully integrated option that allows for this visibility within the Ops Mgr console. Both solutions include reporting, providing valuable insight like capacity planning and resource optimization.

  • Instant VM Recovery
    Restore an entire VM from the backup images stored on SATA drives while utilizing SSD for performance, exceeding the performance of the original VM residing on primary storage
    Near-Continuous Backup
    Automated incremental backups run as short as every 5 minutes and create near-lossless restore points onto the dense storage provided by the Nexsan storage system.
    Cost Efficient Scalability
    Nexsan minimizes SAN infrastructure costs by utilizing both high-performance Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity for intelligent scaling. SAS-connected expansion chassis allows for capacity growth up to 360TB, without the cost of additional controllers.
    High Density and Reliability
    Nexsan storage supports a mix of SATA, SAS and SSD drives in a single chassis to meet the performance and reliability requirements of your data and applications.
    Recoverability Verification
    Veeam provides a fenced network environment with a private, isolated network to continuously test the recoverability of key applications, such as the SQL Server and Exchange, each time a backup is run.
    Compression and Deduplication
    Save on storage resources by applying compression and source-based deduplication to backups stored on Nexsan storage systems.
  • Veeam + Nexsan: Overcome the Storage Bottlenecks in Virtualized Environments

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    5. 5. High-speed Recovery instant VM recovery vPower migrate online
    6. 6. Application Item Recovery Veeam Explorers for Microsoft Applications
    7. 7. Data Loss Avoidance 3-2-1 Rule
    8. 8. Verified Protection & Leverage Data SureBackup VM OS App Report Verification job
    9. 9. Verified Protection & Leverage Data SureReplica & On Demand Sandbox VM OS App Report Verification job
    10. 10. Complete Visibility monitoring and reporting
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    12. 12. or
    13. 13. Nexsan
    15. 15. AssureonE-Series V NST
    16. 16. Backup & Recovery Secure Archive Business ContinuityMixed Applications
    17. 17. • • • • • • • • • •
    18. 18. NEXSAN .3% HGST .6% INDUSTRY 1 - 4% DRIVEFAILURE RATE • • • • • • • • • • •
    19. 19. Provider NetworksOPTIIZATION FTP CLIENTS FTP WINDOWS CLIENTS SMB HYPERVISOR CLIENTS NFS/SMB ? iSCSI UNIX/LINUX CLIENTS NFS/CIFS FC INITIATORS FC MAC OSX CLIENTS NFS/CIFS iSCSI INITIATORS iSCSI NETWORK • Provides both file sharing (NAS) and block (SAN) services with no additional licenses • Choose the connectivity protocol that makes the most sense for each situation in a single-pane- of-glass
    20. 20. • Grow with your business and independently scale performance and capacity, non- disruptively • 5PB in a single system PB PBPB PBPB
    21. 21. • FASTier® hybrid caching removes storage bottlenecks by providing high performance when and where it’s needed • NestOS software intelligently optimizes the hybrid storage architecture and resources
    22. 22. REGULARTORY OPTIMIZATION RETENTION Valuable Unstructured and Fixed Content Data Policies & Controls ✓ ✓ ✓
    23. 23. Load Balancing Production Storage Primary Backup Backup Proxy ServersBackup Server
    24. 24. Load Balancing Production Storage Primary Backup Backup Proxy ServersBackup Server
    25. 25. Load Balancing Production Storage Primary Backup Backup Proxy Servers vPower MigrateOnline Back online in minutes! Backup Server
    26. 26. Load Balancing Production Storage Primary Backup Backup Proxy Servers Backup Copy Secondary Backup Onsite Secondary Backup Offsite Built-in WAN Acceleration Backup Server
    27. 27. Come Visit Us! BOOTH #805 BOOTH #2505 Questions? Please use the chat function within the webinar to submit your questions